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Re: Impressed with The Miz

It was weird when Hunter was saying he could fly the Mizanins over to witness another beatdown and it didn't happen, more papa Mizanin please.
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Re: Impressed with The Miz

Originally Posted by x78 View Post
Miz is a pretty good talent when he's given chance, certainly on the mic. He's been feeding off scraps since that horrible burial by Cena at OTL'11, but before that he was cutting some really solid heel promos and getting a lot of heat. Even in the fall/winter of 2011 he was still probably the most over heel despite being buried over and over again. IMO he should turn heel again since the fans don't seem to want to accept him as a face, the only problem is where he'd fit in since the roster is already pretty heel-heavy ATM.
This x100.

People like to shit on Miz around here because it's one of the cool things to do, but he's working with the stupid shit they're giving him.

When given the chance he's a pretty good talent.

Originally Posted by IWCMember View Post
I was impressed with Miz a few years ago but now he sucks
So was the majority of this forum.

I wouldn't say he sucks now. More like he's become uninteresting, but that's only because they're not giving him anything to work with.

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Re: Impressed with The Miz

Originally Posted by markedfordeath View Post
anyone notice the show sucked without Bryan? and all those people wearing his merchandise and the Yes signs, they fucking were disappointed that he wasn't there probably....This week only Smackdown was the B show...lately its been equal with star power.
It was the J show for the jobber show. 90% of the talent there were jobbers.
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Re: Impressed with The Miz

I disagree a lot. His current work does not click at all for me and is the Worst Miz I've seen since "HOORAAH!"

What I like to do on my free time.

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Re: Impressed with The Miz

He is the only man to retain the WWE belt twice in one wrestlemania.

But it has to be said, Ive always been a fan of his and I hope this anti corporation style story gives me a bigger stage to shine than in recent times.

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Re: Impressed with The Miz

Originally Posted by Lumpy McRighteous View Post
Jericho's quiet, suit-wearing evil mastermind gimmick ended barely 2 months before Miz mimicked it to a tee when he won the WWE Title. Miz's shit in-ring ability also didn't help his case of being a poor man's knock-off, either.
Plenty of heels have worn suits when they cut promos. I don't really see the connection other than that. Miz isn't that bad in the ring, he's pretty decent.

Originally Posted by SonOfAnarchy91 View Post
Jesus between this [WWE confiscating Daniel Bryan signs], forcing the people in the front row to change and under stocking CM Punk Merch WWE is officially run by Nazi's who hate money.
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Re: Impressed with The Miz

You're easily impressed OP. Miz is shit on the mic. Constantly stumbling over his words and trying to remember the script when he should just make it up as he goes along, like guys like Punk and Jericho do.

He also sucks in the ring and doesn't look threatening in the least. Miz is the worst wrestler in the company. I can't believe this guy has been wrestling for 9 years and main evented Wrestlemania as WWE Champion. Someone backstage must have a huge hard-on for this guy.
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Re: Impressed with The Miz

Originally Posted by Delaney 3:16 View Post
Plenty of heels have worn suits when they cut promos. I don't really see the connection other than that. Miz isn't that bad in the ring, he's pretty decent.
You really didn't see him using a promo delivery that was very reminiscent of suit-wearing Jericho? Because if not, then I wish I saw what you saw since it would've been less insipid and lame compared to what I saw. And Miz is indeed poor in the ring, bruh. You certainly don't have to be a technical wizard to thrive in the WWE, but having a moveset made up of just punches, kicks, a Macho Man axe handle, a backbreaker / neckbreaker combo and a finisher gets really old really fast.

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Re: Impressed with The Miz

Miz has always been good on the mic and for those who are saying he's shitty in the ring the guy has drastically improved in the ring just look at his matches with sheamus and believe it or not his match with heath slater was decent too.

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Re: Impressed with The Miz

I been impressed with the Miz since his spat with Orton started, I know alot of people cant stand the Miz, so I do feel in the minority here to say he has really impressed me lately. Its a shame the audience still doesnt give a crap about him, but I actually do. You can tell the man is putting 100% into the work he does he is really trying. (Still think he is a better heel though)
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