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Bray Wyatt / Wyatt Family Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by THANOS View Post
Before I begin I just want to clarify that I'm doing this thread with the hope that I can help open some eyes onto the mystery of a very complicated character, and hopefully provide an easier understanding, and more enjoyment.

To begin, let me highlight the misconceptions on his character.

On the surface, Bray Wyatt and his Wyatt family seem to be not much more than Duck Dynasty castoffs, Backwoods hicks, or Wyatt as a Max Cady (Cape Fear) or Waylon Mercy ripoff...

However, Underneath the surface, just like what Bray would tell you, "There's something else inside..." of him.

I believe his character is that of a cult leader possessed by a demon.The promos I attached below explain it perfectly. In the second one he even says something like,

"I guess there's no sense in waiting any longer....Samael, he's all yours (talking about his vessel)..Hey you wanna see something really scary.."

Now, Samael, when I first heard that mention I didn't really think much of it, until that is, I researched it a bit! Here's what I found:

After reading that I'm certain that my gatherings are correct and the Bray Wyatt character is actually possessed by The Prince of All Demons, The Archangel Samael.

I think his catchphases "Follow the buzzards" and "Eater of Worlds" make sense as well, since Samael, in Christian and Jewish lore, was bent on the destruction of all humans, and buzzards usually flock to death, and I believe Bray Wyatt is a new walking corpse, only his is possessed by a Demon.

In conclusion, I believe, if handled right this could be a more realistic take on the new Undertaker type character WWE sorely needs. Exorcisms and possession are finally becoming more present in our society with the Vatican performing exorcisms lately, and the media eating it all up. I think a walking dead man (Taker) is a pretty tough sell but the gimmick still made him a legend, and I think Wyatt's will do the same for him, and is actually much more believable than it would seem, in our new more realistic era.


EDIT: Here`s some more coal to throw on the fire

Tweets created on 30/07/2013.

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Re: Bray Wyatt: The eater of worlds is coming

That got me pretty excited.

Daddies back.

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Re: Bray Wyatt: The eater of worlds is coming

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Re: Bray Wyatt: The eater of worlds is coming

I'm happy it looks like he gonna keep his theme.

Originally Posted by Brodus Clay View Post
Probably Bray would slap you for saying that, fans this days have no fucking respect for the Undertaker.
Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
As they shouldn't, he hasn't earned it. He took a dump on the face of the best talent on the roster and said "fuck you, I don't have to do SHIT but show up and pin you after you carry the entire program". Disrespect begets disrespect. Undertaker is a selfish, arrogant, broken down old has been who can't give it up, who doesn't give one shit about the next generation of stars and helping the company that made him thrive. It's always all about him.
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Re: Bray Wyatt: The eater of worlds is coming

Can't wait for them to rape Zack Ryder Deliverance style.

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Re: Bray Wyatt: The eater of worlds is coming

Missed it. Link?

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Re: Bray Wyatt: The eater of worlds is coming

Have never seen a match or promo but holy shit did that vignette get me pumped. Can't wait till the Wyatt family come to Raw.

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Re: Bray Wyatt: The eater of worlds is coming

I didn't really like the vignette TBH, it was very tame by their usual standards. Hopefully they ramp things up with future vignettes.

Also not sure about the family coming in, they were featured almost as much as Wyatt in that vignette. I'd have preferred them to bring in Wyatt on his own to introduce his character, and brought up the family when ready.

Extremely excited though either way, I just hope they aren't going to tone him down even though they surely will, there's no way they would have the balls to use his NXT charcter in the current WWE environment.

Originally Posted by wowjames View Post
x78 is a one note gimmick don't engage him.
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They will be dancing with Tons of Funk in 2 months time
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Re: Bray Wyatt: The eater of worlds is coming

Originally Posted by BobEric View Post
They will be dancing with Tons of Funk in 2 months time
We'll see how the crowd reacts to them. I think it's important to get them into a significant feud right away, and win.

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