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Re: Bray Wyatt / Wyatt Family Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by x78 View Post
If nothing else they should be used as punishment for people who go against Triple H, like on Smackdown last week. They wouldn't be henchmen like The Shield or anything, it would just be like when Teddy Long used to make people he didn't like wrestle Undertaker every week - pretty much a guaranteed ass-kicking and horrible experience for the other guy. This could build for the eventual Shield face turn and three-on-three match when they decide to go against the Corporation.
Yeah I thought on this week's Smackdown Zack Ryder was getting punished by Triple H. Same with R-Truth before as well. I think they are trying to use Wyatt family for punishing superstars as well.

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Re: Bray Wyatt / Wyatt Family Discussion Thread

The Wyatt family sucks, sorry I gave it time, and I tried to like it.

But whenever they come on, my reaction is "fuck not these guys again". There entrance is kinda cool (except for that stupid mask) then it all goes downhill from there.

So no I do not want to see one of favorites of all time (REY) put them over.

Why not have Del Rio drop the belt, then have them take on Del Rio instead of Rey. Or, take Cesaro away from that tag team, then have Bray Wyatt go up against Culter/Swagger.

cause those guys are more on there level than Rey, and on 2nd though, I don't mind the Culter/Swagger idea, imagine the material Culter could come up with against Bray Wyatt.

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Re: Bray Wyatt / Wyatt Family Discussion Thread

The Wyatt Family could have their own tv series with how deep their gimmick is.


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Re: Bray Wyatt / Wyatt Family Discussion Thread

I never watched NXT.. I learned of the NXT guys when they showed up on Raw forever ago. I never would have dreamed Husky Harris would have turned into something this good. WWE needs another dark element. We all love Kane and Taker, but the Wyatt's COULD be the future of the dark story lines. As a casual fan, I was hooked from day one. I still enjoy seeing them on Raw. A little pick up in momentum, good strong matches.. Bray and the Wyatt Family could go far.

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Re: Bray Wyatt / Wyatt Family Discussion Thread

That segment of theirs on Raw was so utterly pointless. They've been booked horribly ever since Summerslam.
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Re: Bray Wyatt / Wyatt Family Discussion Thread

I didn't watch RAW, what did the Wyatts do this week?

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Re: Bray Wyatt / Wyatt Family Discussion Thread

He just came out after Kofi and Fandango and cut a promo saying he was gonna kill some motherfuckers and then they cut to break without a beatdown, it was bizarre.

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Re: Bray Wyatt / Wyatt Family Discussion Thread

Whaddya mean the Wyatt Family is being 'horribly booked'? Kane is off filming DAT sequel, storyline gets resumed when it's all said & done. Wyatt Family pops up at random times, doing some beat-downs and cutting some promos...reminds people they are still around. Pretty simple and logical if you ask me. Last nights promo was sweet, the line about the bad things happening to him...diving deeper into the tortured or possessed mind of Bray Wyatt. Siiiiick
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Kane is crap anyway, too slow and sluggish

Him vs wyatt is another disaster

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Re: Bray Wyatt / Wyatt Family Discussion Thread

- Bray Wyatt posted on Twitter that "#Battleground begins the revolution". He added "no quarter given" and that "The First Will Fall". Interestingly, when a fan commented on his post saying that he thought Kane was the first to fall, Wyatt responded with, "Kane didn't fall..he was chosen...rebirth."
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