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Re: Ryback How Would You Turn Him Heel?

Joining Punk and Heyman would be a terrible decision (I said this before when it was mentioned too).

Ryback has big potential as a solo wrestler, whether as a face or a heel. Joining someone who beat him (and cheated to do it), honestly makes zero sense even if it wasn't someone like Ryback.

It'd make anyone who did it look like a total bitch.

Ryback shouldn't turn heel because A: He needs to destroy The Shield before anything significant can happen, otherwise he will remain having little credibility as a dominant character (which he needs to be booked as to be successful). and B: He's too popular as a face to throw away that sales potential with a heel turn.

Heel turns are for wrestlers who fail to get over or sell as a face, or have hugely diminished merch sales numbers after selling big as a face. Ryback both is over and sells well as a face. Heel turn for Ryback is entirely pointless.
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Re: Ryback How Would You Turn Him Heel?

they show him sitting on a couch with one of the Bellas

he says "feed me more" the other bella joins them, ryback starts laughing proudly

camera cuts to cena wearing his dumb hat peaking in the door, a tear on his cheek
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Re: Ryback How Would You Turn Him Heel?

Originally Posted by RetepAdam. View Post
Have him lose at WrestleMania. Then, the next night on RAW, have a legend out in the ring like Ric Flair or Roddy Piper talking about whatever. Ryback's music hits. He comes out and without saying a word just destroys the person in the ring. He can continue doing this for another show or two before they finally have Josh Matthews or someone ask him about it. Then, he can explain how he feels disrespected or this or that.

But honestly, having him pull a WCW Sid Vicious/3-Minute Warning/early Brock Lesnar would probably be the most effective way to turn heel.
I don't think having him lose AGAIN, at WM no less, is a good move regardless of where they want to take him.

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Re: Ryback How Would You Turn Him Heel?

Give him a bit longer as a face. If creative handles him correctly (and they probably won't) then in maybe two years he'll be poised as the number one heel in the company if he attacks Cena or Sheamus.
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Re: Ryback How Would You Turn Him Heel?

Its simple: Don't.
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Re: Ryback How Would You Turn Him Heel?

There is an option for me...either turn Ryback heel or John Cena Heel. In my eyes John Cena Heel turn would create a much more creative storyline.

edit: have Ryblock come down and challenge Cena, have Ryback seem like an new god like character in WWE.
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Re: Ryback How Would You Turn Him Heel?

He is a heel. He's a monster heel.

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Re: Ryback How Would You Turn Him Heel?

After Cena talked about his WrestleMania Match with The Rock, Ryback's Music hits. Ryback joins the Ring and says"Feed me the WWE Title" Cena"What"? *Ryback hits an clothesline and then an Shellshock.


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Re: Ryback How Would You Turn Him Heel?

Have him join Heyman. Let Heyman be the Bobby Heenan of this generation with his stable.

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Re: Ryback How Would You Turn Him Heel?

"Feed Me More". Eats an immigrant; joins Zeb & Swagger.

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