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Re: Big money cameos are shit

Originally Posted by BillyKidman View Post

Now, John Cena is 35 (debuted in 2002, 11 years ago at 24), Punk 34 (in WWE since 2005, 8 years ago at 28), Orton 32 (debut in 2002 at 21).

Wut? 34-8=28?

All times favourites: HBK, Undertaker, Rocky, Stone Cold, Kurt Angle

Favourites on current roster: Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Y2J
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Re: Big money cameos are shit

Originally Posted by JoseBxNYC View Post
The routine is getting old fast. Especially Brock. At least have the guy wrestle every time he appears. He comes out F5s someone and leaves or breaks their arm. You paying the guy better than probably %95 of the roster to appear for 3 minutes or so?
Brock Lesnar is more entertaining than every single person (except maybe Punk when he cuts promos)
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Re: Big money cameos are shit

Brock lesnar is a beast, when he comes out for 5 mins to attack some one, he is so good at it and legit he makes it so entertaining, the rest of the roster need to follow his example

Current favourites: CM Punk, The Shield, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt.
All time favourites: The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, Scott Hall.

Not removing until CM Punk is back in the WWE.
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Re: Big money cameos are shit

Originally Posted by Johnny_XTREME View Post
Wut? 34-8=28?
Haha damn, my mistake


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Re: Big money cameos are shit

WWE is going for PPV buys, plain and simple. When you have 3 matches that would be a ME on any other PPV, you can tell they're going big.

Of course, it doesn't mean squat for pushing talent and creating stars for the future, but it might get people to watch their product. Look at what Rock/Cena did last year.
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Re: Big money cameos are shit

Originally Posted by Mr. 305 Blaze View Post
Exactly. I don’t get it either and some of these young guys donít know how to carry themselves as a “World Champion”. IWC's Dolph Ziggler isn’t one of them, he screams mid-card material.
Yea we'll continue to run the same program between the same 2 guys for another 10 years because these new kids can't carry a show for 5 years straight. We'll rather have our show suffer than switch it up every now and then over a fake title.

Seriously is no one listening to themselves? Whats the point of carrying a show when that is not necessary in the least? The roster isn't made up of Great Khalis.

If it were up to me, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barret, Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, John Morrison, would all be multi-time world champions right now because they all offer something different. If we're going to do the same fucking storylines, might as well do it with different people. Speaking of storylines, oh right, THEY DON'T EXIST IN THE WWE! A storyline of today is comprised of the same fucking scripted promo with adjectives and names switched around. Throw some lawsuits and bullshit, and you get WWE's direction for the next year.
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Re: Big money cameos are shit

You guys have to remember that WWE is a business. They are obviously going to promote guys who are going to bring them big money.

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Re: Big money cameos are shit

Originally Posted by arnoldlee895 View Post
Well WWE doesn't care about creating new stars, so....
They care about it but it fails (more or less).

Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Miz, Del Rio and also the recent Ziggler or Ryback pushes are pretty good, but so far never totally worked, even if WWE tries very hard.

Probably the only big star coming out of WWE of recent time is CM Punk. And even he is not (yet) on a level of a Rock, Lesnar, Austin, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Undertaker, HBK etc.

I think they just try to hard to create stars instead of giving some wrestlers more freedom and let them connect to the audience.

For me it makes sense that they bring back Rock, Lesnar or Austin, as these are really THE stars that still connect xtremely well with the audience.
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Re: Big money cameos are shit

Originally Posted by Johnny_XTREME View Post
Wut? 34-8=28?
maybe he went with wwe logic XD
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Re: Big money cameos are shit

And do you know what is the worst things ? It's that ALL those guys who left wrestling a long time ago are better than " the future " of the WWE. Look at the intensity Brock Lesnar put into his matches or at how The Rock can manipulate the crowd. None of the wrestlers today do this, same the Main Eventer like Cena or CM Punk
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