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Re: 500 days of Punk?

Originally Posted by Ryan93 View Post
A lot of work has been put into Punk's run, he reigned for like 8 months as a face champ, now 6 as a heel.. I'm pretty confident he'll lose to The Rock at Mania.

But I also got this scary feeling that he'll hold it until Wrestlemania, and WWE will go full circle with the longest title run in our modern era.. Ending with Punk tapping out to the STF to end the show and Superman Cena overcoming the odds yet again and saving the people from the evil champion of 17 months.
Honestly though, idealy, Cena vs Punk at Wrestlemania would be the perfect place to finally end their great feud.

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Re: 500 days of Punk?

Part of me sees Punk losing to The Rock at RR, but another part sees Punk defend the title against Undertaker at Wrestlemania, that would be awesome tbh. it'll be believable.
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Re: 500 days of Punk?

Originally Posted by wilbo1994 View Post
cm punk has now held the title for 420 days.
IF he wins at RR, EC & WM the night after wrestlemania he would of held the title for 499 days, do you think its possible that he will loose the title on this episode of raw, just 1 day shy of a 500 day reign?
Actually if Punk makes it to Wrestlemania 29 as WWE Champion, he would have held the title for 504 days.

November 20th 2011- April 7th 2013 = 504 days

I hope he does get to this milestone, but I have my reservations about the Rumble.

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Re: 500 days of Punk?

Make a movie about Punk's love affair with the WWE Title and then crying after the breakup? Did he name the title Summer?

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Re: 500 days of Punk?

I would love to see Punk be the first WWE Champ to make it to 2 WMs with the same reign for the first time since 1990. Not likely but also not impossible.

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Re: 500 days of Punk?

I'm thinking Punk drops the title at the Rumble. Then Rock obviously drops it at 'Mania to Lesnar or, wait for it, Cena (groan). I don't hate the idea of Punk dropping the title, even though he's been the best thing around for quite some time, but I certainly don't want to see Punk vs. Cena at WrestleMania for the strap, either. Constant build-up with Punk saying how Cena can't beat him, blah blah blah. Just not worth seeing again. Then again, neither is Rock/Cena II
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Re: 500 days of Punk?

Originally Posted by Jotunheim View Post

Ideally a cenaless scenario would involve Punk winning the RR and going against the rock at WM
Here, here. I think this would be an almost Brock like Scenario where he loses to the Rock in an amazing match, then comes out to win the Rumble. Hell, I could see it coming down to Punk and Ryback in the final two spots with a boost from the Shield to take out Ryback. That gives us our Ryback versus Shield, and our Punk versus Rock at Mania for the title.

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Re: 500 days of Punk?

whether he gets to 500 or not, i dont mind either way. all i want is that he DOES NOT drop the belt to cena or rock. just NO

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Re: 500 days of Punk?

Wrestlemania 29

WWE Championship

CM Punk (C) vs. The Undertaker

Streak vs. Championship. It's been done before, but this by far will have much more meaning than the match against Sycho Sid at Wrestlemania 13 or against Edge at Wrestlemania 24.

Thank You Punk.
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Re: 500 days of Punk?

Alright, here's the deal. I'm a huge fan of Punk and his title reign. I'm absolutely ecstatic to see a WWE Championship reign last as long as this one has. I would be even more ecstatic to see Punk get to WrestleMania XXIX as champion, passing the 500 day mark. Whether he would be going in to defend it against The Undertaker or in a triple threat against Rock and Cena, it would be incredible to see him walk in as champion. And I say that it would make one hell of a story for the longest WWE Championship reign of the last twenty-five years end at WrestleMania. It's an absolute dream scenario for me, personally.

But it's not going to happen.

The scenario that WWE is aiming for is more than obvious. Cena wins the Rumble. The Rock wins the WWE Championship from Punk. Cena/Rock rematch. This time, for the WWE Championship. The championship has to be there this time, to raise the stakes. I think to everyone's surprise, The Rock won last year, but Cena will win the bigger match between the two of them, finally getting back the WWE Championship. And, for the umpteenth time, Cena will be on top of WWE. The story writes itself.

No way WWE passes that up in order to continue Punk's reign. I still say there is a possibility that Punk squeaks away with title at Royal Rumble, through some sort of shenanigans involving The Shield or some other type of interference. But if he retains there, he will most definitely lose it to Rock at Elimination Chamber.

Doesn't matter how or when, though. All roads lead to Rock/Cena II for the WWE Championship.
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