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Re: CM Punk has surpassed Jericho...

good one.

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Re: CM Punk has surpassed Jericho...

Lol, not even close.

Jericho might have been a transitional champion and a jobber to the stars but he's had his fair share of legendary moments and achievements which Punk has yet to surpass. And I think others will agree when I say that I'd much rather be in Jericho's position as the #5 or #6th guy in the Attitude Era than #2 guy today when wrestling is more irrelevant than ever.

Jericho's career highlights;
- Wrestled everywhere from Japan to WCW, ECW and WWF/E.
- Legendary debut speech in WWE
- Beat The Rock and Steve Austin in the same night to become the undisputed WWE Champion
- The most Intercontinental Championship reigns ever (9)
- 6 time World Champion
- Wrestled pretty much every big name available for him from the Attitude Era onwards
- Reinvented himself with different characters

I don't think Punk can compare his career with that. Sure, he's been in ROH, has had a lengthy irrelevant title reign and a shoot promo that gives the internet fans an erection but I think that's nothing compared to Jericho and his legacy.
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Re: CM Punk has surpassed Jericho...

Punk should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Chris Jericho as far as entertainment value and all round ability. Jericho is quite simply one of the best ever, Punk is only on his way to becoming one of the best ever, still has a way to go imo. I say this as a Punk fan too, sorry OP, I just don't agree at all.

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Re: CM Punk has surpassed Jericho...

Jericho works with the stars

Punk is a star.

Look at the WM 28 program between the two. Jericho came back to put the star over like he always does.

Nothing wrong with that. Jericho's a great talent and is more of a versatile performer then Punk (great at being both a face and a heel) but Punk is the bigger star now.

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Re: CM Punk has surpassed Jericho...

Originally Posted by Blake"Pure"Holyman View Post
Punk WILL NEVER be big as Jericho. NEVER.
Yeah because he was behind Jericho until 2011 and then he was way ahead and won't fall back down to the level Jericho is on, so in a weird way you're right, despite the obvious way you were implying to make that statement as a put down, and thank God, he deserves better than Jericho status. Hell, Jericho himself deserves better than Jericho status, he should've been a real main eventer like Punk.

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Re: CM Punk has surpassed Jericho...

Nostalgia rules again I see with people saying Jericho is bigger than Punk. He's not.

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Re: CM Punk has surpassed Jericho...

In 15-20 years if Punk is still on top of his game then we can talk who is better. Jericho has been around and consistently brilliant for a long, long time. Punk's great and all but he will have to be around the top for a good while yet before he can be compared to Jericho.
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Re: CM Punk has surpassed Jericho...

Punk is the number 2 guy in an era no one gives a shit about. Jericho was one of the biggest stars in the Attitude era, and was the first ever Undisputed Champ, defeating the Rock and Stone Cold in one night. More people know who Chris Jericho is than CM Punk.

Kayfabe and popularity wise, both inside and outside the ring, Jericho is bigger than Punk. Hell, Punk couldn't even main event PPVs most of the time as WWE Champ.
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Re: CM Punk has surpassed Jericho...


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Re: CM Punk has surpassed Jericho...

Do not understand all these useless dullards with their 'LOL JERICHO OWNS PUNK' bullshit as yet again, it's mostly different eras. Jericho got to work with the cream of the crop when he was around (Rock, Austin, HHH, HBK etc) while Punk arrived after all those stars left or got older. I'd say their ring work and mic skills are on level pegging but Jericho beats Punk as far as accomplishments are concerned. In a pre-determined 'sport' however, that means little.

Overall, at the moment I'd say Jericho is still ahead, but Punk isn't far behind at all. Again, it's all about different eras, it's nearly impossible to compare the two.

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