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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

He needs:
a) another gimmick
b) improve on mic, more promo time given by WWE

Then he could make it.

Definetly one of the best new commers WWE has.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

I hope so, he needs to tweak his gimmick a little but in ring he is probably pound for pound the strongest man in WWE, perhaps second only two Cena. His spring board upper cut was also a thing of beauty. The moves this man is probably holding back for health reasons just for a main event could be epic.

Polly fucking Anna...
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
Again, this.

I kinda actually liked him waving the American flag like that. The problem I have with Cesaro is that I still don't have a clue what the hell his gimmick is. What is it? Is it some sort of "America sucks! Everyone's fat gimmick!" or is it "I'm the strongest man in this company" Combination of both?

I don't know, I don't care. Cesaro just doesn't have the IT factor. I was impressed with that springboard uppercut. That shit looked sick! But what the fans with the "critical eye" seem to not understand is that, that sort of thing only gets you so far.

I'm not high on Cesaro tbh. He comes out, he puts on a match, does some cool looking move, I don't care and more importantly than me, the audience doesn't seem to care. I just don't see Cesaro as a long term investment. Like I said, he just doesn't have that IT factor.
stupid anti-wrestling fans is why we are getting bored with the same cena and shaemus or del rio rematches, how can you say caesaro cant be big? he has potential to be up there, same as wade barret and dolph ziggler, what happends when cena and punk get older and cant do it like undertaker and triple h is like now? brock lesnar and the rock are part time even though brock is only 35 he just hates schedual, but you have to realise wwe need wrestlers coming up , stop down-grading wrestlers so much, its the reason why wwe is getting low rating, and the writers shite story lines, i have high hopes for barret, ziggler and caesaro, and daniel bryan even though vince tried burying him but he is just so much over...
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

I think he has potential to be a star, but he's being held back by his horendous gimmick. He's kind of like Austin in his ringmaster phase. They need to make Antoni Cisaro an international type character, a man who's been around the world with tons of class.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

His Outside The Ring episode on is hilarious. You'd almost think he was a face, just cuz he was funny. (It was total America-bashing)

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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

LMAO. keep dreaming.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
No he won't. I'm not a cynic, but the guy doesn't have the charisma or personality to be the best. I'm not saying he has none, but he doesn't have it to the level that the top-tier needs. I can see him as the #3 or #2 heel for Raw or the #2 or #1 heel for Smackdown! and definitely see a World Heavyweight Championship in his future, but not THE MAN. Maybe a gimmick change will give him the edge that he needs, because he's hardly getting a reaction out there.

Basically, he has charisma, but it isn't all that high of a level. His mic skills are average-above average because of his choppy English. His matches are great and he's extremely powerful. He's got a lot of potential and a gimmick change can possibly propel him into main events, but never top face or even top heel, unless on Smackdown!.
I would have agreed with you on the charisma and Mic skills thing, but I saw this )today which really surprised me, but I think showed that the guy actually has more to offer than just great in-ring work. I think he'll eventually show in more in a live setting...well hopefully.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

He really isn't anything special. Good in the ring, but he looks a default wrestler in a computer game and he's stuck with the most unoriginal gimmick possible. It's not like he's a Cena/Punk type where he can tweak his character and make other things work, he's just too bland.

Future WHC at best. Sandow is better.

U WOT M8??
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

Originally Posted by KO Bossy View Post
I'd be curious to know how many people in this thread saying that Claudio doesn't have 'it' would also turn around and say that someone like Ryback does...

Anyway, I see an extremely bright future ahead of Cesaro. WHCs for sure, and I can see potential for even a WWE title reign or two in there. I can envision him being a top heel someday.
those people have said that, naming no names ofc...

And it's as if people learnt nothing from guys like benoit. You can be a star simply by being an absolute killer in the ring.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

the dudes absurd strength is marketable enough the way the crowd went OOOOOOOOO when he picked up Khali was awesome lol
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