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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

1.Give him his dad's gimmick
2.Buy the US championship from Cesaro who say he is sick of holding US championship
3.Dibiase burns US championship
4.Introduces Million Dollar Championship
5.Gets two enforcers-Mason Ryan and Brodus Clay(NXT gimmick).
Brodus and Ryan fight for Tag Team titles
6.Dibiase becomes like HHH of Evolution(for the lower card titles)
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Considering the fact that WWE are starting to actually build up the mid-card scene with actual talented guys, I wouldn't repackage him in the slightest, there really is no point of it. He's literally good at being useless, and it's rather quite astonishing that he hasn't already made the unemployment line yet.

But if somehow, someway they decide not to release him, I would be generous enough to say that they should really evolve on his character. In that aspect, I think a guy like Ted DiBiase is easily repackageable, there's just so many options they can provide him with. They could give him his father's rich gimmick, give him back the Million Dollar Championship, give him a personal bodyguard, etc. Alberto Del Rio could benefit from something like this also, since his rich gimmick surprisingly hasn't been utilized at all.

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

I wouldn't. The E still needs jobbers.

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Well....I don't know. I guess I would do a gimmick where he intentionally tries to step out of his dad's shadow. Do a thing where he either feels he doesn't deserve it or that he feels he will be better than Sr. Either way use Ted Sr. to establish the gimmick in ring in front of everybody, then go from there and have him be taunted by his dad's legacy. Kind of a reverse legacy gimmick, instead of him feeling entitled, he feels burdened by his dad's legacy.
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

His Dad becomes so dissapointed he disowns/stops giving him money and he becomes homeless and has to wrestle his way to the top to make money and win back his millionaire Dad's respect. He can grow a Daniel Bryan beard or just borrow DB's.

Has their ever been a tramp gimmick before, i remember a dustman before attitude era.

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

I'd probably make him a non-wrestler for a while. I'd say he could be the suit wearin', money flashing type of guy. Make him manage a team possibly that would do his dirty work for cash. Either that, or simply an Otunga type role.

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Duh, turn the Dibase Posse into his entourage at every event he went to. I mean he has a cult following, why not offer them free tickets and have them join him as party goers. At least as a face. His dad was a great heel while Jr looks more like a face
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Send him down to FCW or NXT. Treat him as though he were a new talent who needed help with his mic skills and in developing a good gimmick beyond "I'm a _____ generation superstar." Basically, treat him exactly how they're treating Richie Steamboat and Bo Dallas. Let him learn right alongside them.
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

I wouldn't. The guy's a good wrestler but he doesn't seem to have 'it'. He makes a good midcard babyface with his current gimmick. The only thing I would change is his theme and minitron.

There is one thing I'd do though and it's to put he and Hennig in a tag team together with the whole Dibiase Posse schtick with the tailgating and that. That would also open the opportunity to recreate this 'Fortunate Sons' gimmick in the future, with the right manager.
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

I'm too lazy to think of anything, but I know I'd change that theme song of his.

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