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Re: Anyone else sick of JBL?

He's been away from the commentating booth for almost 5 year so screw you. I'm going to enjoy his play by play as long as I can!

- Vic

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Re: Anyone else sick of JBL?

You've got to be kidding OP, JBL returning back was the best thing to happen to Smackdown.

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Re: Anyone else sick of JBL?

Anyone else sick of threads starting with "anyone else" or "am I the only one who"???

No JBL is a breathe of fresh air and brings knowledge outside of WWE that for once is getting acknowledged

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Re: Anyone else sick of JBL?

Fuck no, he's the sole reason I ever watch Smackdown.

Best commentator in the game. It's just a shame Booker's not there, Cole, Booker, & JBL in the booth would make me tune in every week.

Imagining the banter between Booker and JBL is legitimately mouth watering.

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Re: Anyone else sick of JBL?

Hahaha, no. He's by far the best thing the WWE has going for them, they fuck up everything else. He's the only reason I watch SmackDown now, I've essentially given up on it completely. If he hadn't re-signed I would not be tuning in this week, that's for damn sure.

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Little Poppa Pump
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Re: Anyone else sick of JBL?

First they hate Booker now bring back Booker.Theres nothing wrong with
JBL he has his style of commentating and its way over with the fans so
get use to JBL and save that energy for someone like Cole.
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Re: Anyone else sick of JBL?

Wow, the guy has been back on the road for like 8 weeks and already people are turning on him. God forbid we get an intelligent commentator who actually tries to educate fans on the history of the business.
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Re: Anyone else sick of JBL?

I aint sick of him,Like many here I too like JBL on commentary.

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Re: Anyone else sick of JBL?

god I thought the OP was trolling Booker T over JBL that is some atrocious thinking
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Re: Anyone else sick of JBL?

No way. JBL is gold. His zinger on Cole tonight for example: Southpaws do tend to throw left hands, Cole...

He's the man.

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