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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by legendmaker2 View Post
lol at everyone sucking the shields balls you all need to realise that these three guys are not going be champions, roman reigns son of luther reigns, OMG when did luther ever get his big break, what a bunch of nutt huggers.

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Re: AJ Leader of Shield

I'll stop watching if she is the leader of it.

I must say, although I don't think it will wouldn't necessarily surprise me. Anything is possible with WWE creative.

And remember Stephanie is in charge of creative.

And it is as clear as hell...

Just as CM Punk is a Paul Heyman guy...

AJ Lee is a Stephanie McMahon girl.

So, anything is possible no matter how stupid it may be.
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Shield's entrance theme is fucking atrocious.

I'm surprised that lot of people like it

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Re: AJ Leader of Shield

That's what I'm thinking, whether or not A.J is the leader or not. I'm wondering if Big.E Langston is apart of the Shield, after tonights attack.

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Re: AJ Leader of Shield

For the love of god don't give them ideas. AJ sucks the credibility, fun and life out of absolutely everything she touches. She's like a parasite, only less attractive.

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Re: AJ Leader of Shield

Punk and/or Heyman is the leader of The Shield.

The whole "injustice" thing is an excuse for them to protect and help CM Punk without as harsh of a backlash by the management or fans (and yes, I'm speaking in kayfabe terms when I speak about the "management", obviously).

They don't actually shield the WWE from injustice, they just shield Punk from basically anything by attacking everyone who's a threat to go over him. It isn't a coincidence that 90% of their appearances attack people who Punk was beefing with. The only strange one was Orton, which seemed like little more than a chanegup thrown so it didn't solely just benefit Punk and be too obvious.

I don't know what the deal with AJ and Ryblack is though. Hopefully it isn't just what it seems like. . .yet another filler fued for Cena while he waits for CM Punk to conclude his next fued and lose the belt, then Cena will go for the belt again.
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Magsimus View Post
Love that intro to their entrance.

So now that we know Rollins didn't suffer an injury at TLC, how damn good was his selling?
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

SHIELD having interactions with Flair tonight = GOAT.

Enjoyed the beatdown of Dreamer & Rodriguez too. Keeping their unpredictable elements alive. I like it.

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Re: AJ Leader of Shield

Not going to lie. AJ as the leader would pretty much kill the angle for me if that was the revelation.


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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

I hope they make that assisted top-rope powerbomb Reigns' finishing move. That move is killer.

I also think the group would benefit a hell of a lot more by not having a leader. If they have a leader, it becomes all about the leader. It should just be a group of 3 guys beating people up. They could be "working" for CM Punk, but CM Punk wouldn't the leader or the member. They would just be protecting him. I really don't want to see another Nexus on our hands. Hopefully WWE learn from their mistakes and this great faction don't go the way of many others, where the members get jealous and become irrellevent and shit. These 3 guys are the best thing in WWE right now, along with Ryback for me.


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