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Re: Damien Sandow interview w/ Soscia

Absolutely love Damien Sandow! They should really give him more time on the mic. I was excited when he debuted but my interest has tapered a bit after he became a tag team competitor though.

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  • Daniel Bryan
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Re: Damien Sandow interview w/ Soscia

it really help that the interviewer played along so well too lol
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Damien Sandow interview w/ Soscia

He sounds like Louis CK! My god this man is the complete package.
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Re: Damien Sandow interview w/ Soscia

That was awesome
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great kayfambe interview both guys really rolled with the punches and made it very entertaining

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Re: Damien Sandow interview w/ Soscia

Originally Posted by Phantomdreamer View Post
You don't have to be a main eventer to be entertaining and have a decent spot on the show, Daniel Bryan is proof of that. Damien Sandow will be in the main event, that much anyone can be sure of, stick him there now and he will be ruined. Sometimes I think you want your favourites wrestlers to end up as a nobody.
Daniel Bryan is a former world champion, he doesn't have to main event 100% of the time like John Cena, he made it to the top. That's all I ask they do for people like Barrett and Sandow, make them relevant, give them the belt for a few months. Don't give me this bullshit about I want my favourites to end up as a nobody, they're a nobody WITHOUT the title, that's my whole point. You don't matter without a world title run, it's always been that way. And "he'll be ruined" if he main events now. Says who? It didn't ruin Sheamus when he got the title within 5 months of his debut, did it? Or Lesnar, or Angle when he main evented his first year. Is Ryback being ruined because he's main eventing PPV's his first year in the company? This is pure nonsense. The only thing that will ruin him is Vince deciding that his push gets cut. Which he can do completely on one of his mood swings, regardless of how much build Sandow gets, whether none or years worth.

So again, I'll say it, he is so overwhelmingly superior to every single person on this roster, with the one and only exception being CM Punk, that he should ALREADY be a main eventer. There's no such thing as "too soon" when you have all the tools to main event.

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Re: Damien Sandow interview w/ Soscia

i seriously love this guy

"A reset, for me, is what I want. I have so much more, like going back to the woods or wherever the new place would be, and kind of recapturing that moment. That was the whole message of those first vignettes. They were shot in daylight on purpose. The idea was that monsters are real and they walk among you in the daylight. We're not hiding in the dark or back alleyways but they're real and they live with you. The real monsters are human. Don't fear the boogeyman, fear your neighbor."-Captivating in every sense of the word.
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2) Kevin Owens
3) AJ Styles
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5) Kalisto
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Re: Damien Sandow interview w/ Soscia

He should have his own TV show.

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Re: Damien Sandow interview w/ Soscia

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Sandow is the most entertaining figure in the WWE today.

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Re: Damien Sandow interview w/ Soscia

Fuck Miz tv Sandow needs that time. I cant think of an appropiate segment title but damn.
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