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Re: I've lost all faith in the Big Show

Originally Posted by satisht View Post
yes, Bigshow is too disappointing these days. We dont see the same power he used to have earlier except that knock out punch
Nice bump.
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Re: I've lost all faith in the Big Show

Originally Posted by tducey View Post
I agree, the guy's terrible. Why he's the world champ I have no idea.
Why Cena is a 10 times champion, I also have no idea... Oh, wait, he sells merch... Now, about the Big Show, is there any wrestler in the company that gets more hate, except The Great Khali? At least he is devoted to the WWE and he likes to perform for the fans, at least you have to give him that...


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Re: I've lost all faith in the Big Show

Big Show is fucking epic right now.

His commentary on Main Event was one of the best things!
Even his promos are nice... he's getting better and better from show to show.
Really, just WATCH Smack Down or Main Event and don't just read the spoilers.
Big Show is one of the reasons why it's worth watching it.

I enjoy him.

Brose > Beast

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Re: I've lost all faith in the Big Show

Awwww, give the guy a break. He's doing an okay job, lets call it a B+ but it seems you're only fond of an A grade.
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Re: I've lost all faith in the Big Show

Show has been garbage for a long time, yet they continuously throw him pushes.

One of the few times he has been relevant is when he was with Jericho, and that is only because people gave a shit about Jericho so they had to stomach Big Show.

They need to stop trying with this guy, he is passed his prime, no one gives a shit about him.

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Re: I've lost all faith in the Big Show

Yep, Big Show has been rank for years and has never really fulfilled his potential in WWE.

Here are the reasons why I think he's shit now, from Noyk's terrible thread:


The guy is so unmotivated that any time he pushes himself to the level of being average it seems good for him. That doesn't deserve praise just because he's working so far within his abilities that an average match comes across as a masterpiece from him.

Go watch his work in WCW from the 90's, that was The Giant when he was motivated, in shape and could put on an athletic match. Ever since he signed with WWE he has ballooned in weight (which has fluctuated from overweight to obese) and not given much of a fuck about fulfilling his potential. I want to like the guy, but I've seen the decline. The wrestler that we see today is garbage.

None of that is being biased, it's about realism. Some of us expect a hell of a lot more from our wrestlers. If Show had been performing to the same levels as someone like Kane over the years then fine, but the sad truth is that he hasn't.

By the way, you don't understand the meaning of the word biased. It's a word that is linked to having an agenda or propaganda, I in no way care what others think of Big Show, yet YOU are the one putting positive spin on everything about Big Show in order to portray him in a positive light so that others agree with your outlook, therefore YOU are biased. All I'm trying to do is defend those who have their own minds.

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Re: I've lost all faith in the Big Show

Took you too long to realise this. This is why I want Orton/Ziggler to win the title ASAP, Sheamus and Big Show do not do well as champions.

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Re: I've lost all faith in the Big Show

Don't worry, Big Slow is just a transitional champion.
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Re: I've lost all faith in the Big Show

i'd say he went down hill steadily after he returned at the 2001 rumble, before then he was a 7ft beast who was also in pretty good shape and could sell a move really well for a big guy. Long story short, he stopped taking his health and diet seriously, decided to rely soley on being a big guy to the point we're him doing a chokeslams basically the other guy doing all the work by jumping as high as he possibly can and then later ditches that finisher for a punch you could see coming a mile away. Hes just an attraction, hence why his title runs are never long lasting.
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Re: I've lost all faith in the Big Show

He's never been as good in WWE as when he was in WCW. The Giant > The Big Show


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