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VILLAIN 10-01-2012 05:41 PM

Don't WWE understand...
Punk was not cheered mainly by casuals, it was mostly by the adults who cheered for him because he produced us a sense of 'Attitude' and spoke for what many of us IWC feel.

The fact that there turning Punk into a confirmed role as a Heel who be-rates the crowd, is annoying for the fact that they know that there will be those smarks in the crowd who will make them loud CM Punk chants. Now I personally as some of you may know were against a heel turn, because I was content with Punk as a top babyface(personally) but they shouldnt of switched him to a full-fledged villian, because it insults to be honest, our intelligence as older fans.

So Punk went from a guy breaking the fourth-wall, anti-hero type of character and a babyface to a typical #Heel. This feels like a step back to early 2011.

What Im trying to say is, Punk was cheered by adults mostly - not casuals (although Punk did win them over) and no matter what they do, especially against Cena - there will be loud Punk chants which could kick-start another mass of popularity which means Punks heel turn could fail.

Honestly I dont know how you can stop Punk getting cheered, because he dissed a home-crowd and still got cheered. They should of stuck him into a tweener role, and just see how it went.

P.S Sorry for another Punk thread, but I promise this is my last one.

DNoD 10-01-2012 05:57 PM

Re: Don't WWE understand...
They don't care. John Cena stays face. John Cena wins. John Cena everything.

If they keep going along like they are, sooner or later they will be stuck without a face of the company. They will try and force one, two, three, etc. Imagine if Cena had to spontaneously retire, like Edge had to, what would he really leave behind? He certainly would have not helped to create a new face of the company. If they were to stay in this child-orientated programming then Punk couldn't be pushed as 'the guy'.

Eclairal 10-01-2012 05:58 PM

Re: Don't WWE understand...
I agree with you but all of this is the WWE's fault because they couldn't make a new star. In the Main-Event, they couldn't find a other heel who would be credible against Punk because of the bad booking so they just turn him heel and put him against the biggest face they could found

Dusty Roids 10-01-2012 06:00 PM

Re: Don't WWE understand...
if cena dies tomorrow, they still have sheamus :vince3

Monterossa 10-01-2012 06:35 PM

Re: Don't WWE understand...
Punk is not a good babyface...

but he got cheer as a heel so he's not a good heel either.

just terminate his contract. this guy can't get over with casual fans and his smarky fans are ruining the show all the time.

Attitude3:16 10-01-2012 07:09 PM

Re: Don't WWE understand...
I prefer Punk as a heel! he was lame as a face, no good promos, no attitude. At least now delievers some good promos, but i don't like his whiny attitude! He bitches all the time! It's sad but cena was right, the only thing we remember of punk in his reign as a champion, is the kiss he blew to vince!

Masquerade 10-01-2012 07:24 PM

Re: Don't WWE understand...

Originally Posted by Monterossa (Post 12082518)
Punk is not a good babyface...

but he got cheer as a heel so he's not a good heel either.

just terminate his contract. this guy can't get over with casual fans and his smarky fans are ruining the show all the time.

Wow just wow.

Bob the Jobber 10-01-2012 07:37 PM

Re: Don't WWE understand...
Cena is so despised by the older crowd that no matter what Punk does or says, it would pale in comparison to the years of insults to our intelligence that has been SuperCena. Punk has zero chance to get Cena cheered over him, barring legitimate real life heat. The man came out in pinstripes in Boston and was still cheered for most of the match. And why? Because Punk is the only chance of a non-Cena dominated WWE, so even the older fans that aren't necessarily Punk fans will still cheer him as the far lesser of two evils. That, and like most heel turns, he has very legitimate reasons for doing so.

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