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Re: Ryback a draw?

Originally Posted by kingfunkel View Post
A draw? Apart from what you find in a dresser/wardrobe there is no such thing. How can 1 man draw ratings? Will he draw people who currently aren't wrestling fans? Is he gonna make people love wrestling? No!

The reason wrestling ratings are so poor is because wrestling isn't cool. Most people grow out of wrestling and it's not interesting enough to attract every single kid like it used to. Between that and the Internet, it's all but killed wrestling from the ratings aspect. That's why the ratings are down. Not because 1 man is champion or getting a push.
Somewhat this.

The only way you can see if someone is a draw and see how the ratings are.

Without Cena I feel people would slowly tune out.

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Re: Ryback a draw?

u got that right

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Originally Posted by Striker View Post
Somewhat this.

The only way you can see if someone is a draw and see how the ratings are.

Without Cena I feel people would slowly tune out.
Maybe some of the kids might but there has to be a reason they turned the TV on in the first place. They just happened to gravitate towards Cena, if he wasn't there it would of been someone else, just like if he left.

Most adult who watch it and not because their kid wants to, watches it because they love wrestling not an individual person. Sure they like someone better than someone else but I doubt they'd stop watching because someone they dislike is champion.

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Re: Ryback a draw?

he'll draw me towards the remote to change the channel, for sure.
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Re: Ryback a draw?

i find ryback to be extremely entertaining. when he is in the ring im glued to the tv. everything he does looks like total destruction. no one on the current roster comes close. too many people on here have the attitude that just because a guy is a monster, he sucks. he is the future and the man to kill "the streak"
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Re: Ryback a draw?

If WWE continues to push him, and not make him a jobber. Then he will continue to be a draw. I didn't like him at first. But after a while, I am really starting to like Ryback.. I'm hoping that he'll face Miz at hell in a cell, for the I.C title. This would be a great match for both wrestlers. Where Miz could win by some kind of antic, and start a mini feud between the two, and at the TLC ppv, they could have a ladder match for the title. And Ryback can get his first title in the WWE.

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Re: Ryback a draw?

Well so far he seems to draw people who like to call him another "Goldberg".
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Re: Ryback a draw?


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Re: Ryback a draw?

I don't know if Ryback is a draw (or can be a draw), but the McMahons have to take a chance on someone.
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Re: Ryback a draw?

Right now he's on a hot streak and if they keep this up with him he will have some drawing power. I don't see him having a long term draw though and WWE usually does a good job of making things stale, he does have some present value though it seems I'll give him that.
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