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Re: Smackdown 9/28/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

Originally Posted by Situation View Post
no Encore- fuck this company
They were on Superstars taping yesterday
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Re: Smackdown 9/28/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

This show looks like an absolute turd compared to last week. I'll watch the Rhodes & Sandow match and maybe Ryback/Tensai but the rest isn't necessary viewing. So much for the momentum they had last week.

As boring as Sheamus is I can't help but think a lot of that is due to who his feuds have been against. The stuff with Danielson was good, particularly their match at Extreme Rules, but since then he's been dealing with Del Rio the entire time and now Big Show. How can anybody drag an interesting feud out of either of those 2?
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Re: Smackdown 9/28/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

remember when tensai faced sheamus an they beat the shit out of each other? Say what you want bout the big show being slow but his a heavy hitter, his chops to the chest would carve up sheamuses chest something fierce and sheamus hits pretty damn hard as evidenced by his battle with tensai
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Re: Smackdown 9/28/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

Sheamus isn't facing Del Rio again for the championship???? THANK YOU!

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Re: Smackdown 9/28/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

Skipping Smackdown this week, watch what I need to on YouTube.

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Re: Smackdown 9/28/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

the fact that del rio is there demanding another title shot makes the whole show looking like crap


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Re: Smackdown 9/28/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

Another report, more detailed, and something important that was omited on the other reports
-Big Show does a promo where he wants the world title which brought Orton out and then Del Rio came out....who ate an RKO.

-Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino Marella

-Beth Phoenix defeated Natalya (finally they let Beth win in her home town. After the ring entrances, they played the clips of RAW of Kane & Daniel. During this, there were tons of Welcome Home & Let's Go Buffalo chants. Beth tried to ignore them, but she did acknowledge them) This was a good match with some near finishes. After the match Eve came out and suspended Beth indefinitely.

-Backstage, Teddy and Booker T were talking about a tag team tournament when Beth walked in complaining. Booker T overruled Eve who then accused Teddy of setting her up.

-Wade Barrett defeated Zack Ryder

-The Miz TV show with Sheamus as the guest. The beginning was good as Sheamus as channeling The Rock with his "no one asked you" genre. Vicky & Dolph came down. Sheamus attached MIz and Dolph attacked Sheamus who cleared the ring of the both of them.

-Tag Team Tournament....Round One (brackets are at the end of report)

The Rhodes Scholars (Cody & Sandow) quickly defeated The Usos.

-Ryback easily defeated Tensai. Many "Feed Me More" chants.

-backstage- Del Rio attacked Orton

-Big Show comes out for his match and then Del Rio comes out and says that he will fight the Big Show. Orton attacks him from behind. It was an ok match with Big Show controlling most of the match. The end came when Orton tried an RKO but Big Show kicked out of it...Big Show with 2 choke slams for the clean pin. The Big Show left the ring as Orton layed there....Big Show came back in and gave Orton the WMD. Del Rio then came back out and attacked Orton. It took FOREVER for the refs and Booker T to come out for the save...end of taping

-Dark Match- Sheamus defeated Del Rio with the brogue kick.

Afterwards, Sheamus spent a long time with the crowd before Lillian sent everyone home.


-There was the disco ball hanging from the ceiling.....3,897,546 kids were expecting Brodus Clay as they were chanting his name all night. No Brodus Clay...I hope Vince can be happy for disappointing all those kids.

-Tickets go on sale ASAP for Monday Night RAW on March 4, 2013 in Buffalo.

-Daniel Bryan
-Beth Phoenix (home town)
-Ziggler (more face pops than heel)

-Tensai (as in X-Pac heat)

Marella/ Ryder vs Gabriel /Kidd
Kingston/R-Truth vs Prime Time Players
Epic/Primo vs Mysterio /Sin Cara

WINNERS to face Kane/Bryan
So the Rhodes Scholars/Usos match was part of a tag team tournament, that sound interesting. I see the final being Sin Cara & Mysterio vs Rhodes Scholars or The Prime Time Players.

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Re: Smackdown 9/28/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

I'm glad I read this week's spoilers. I couldn't help myself after how good last week's show was and no Team Friendship (Hell No sounds crappy). None. After how good it went over last week, and how prominent they were. They are red hot and not to be booked on the show is pure insanity!

Is Vince trying to sabotage his own friggin' show!

[Vince]Smackdown can't be better than Raw! Remove Bryan and Kane from the tapings immediately![/McMahon]

What a huge let down!
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Re: Smackdown 9/28/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

So Show gets a title shot for no reason what-so-ever.

Makes fucking sense.

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Re: Smackdown 9/28/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

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