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Re: Antonio Cesaro speaking different languages

Originally Posted by Brisbayne View Post
Well, it's quite obvious whatever program you used for translation didn't give you the correct one. It's 'veraltet', 'alt', 'abgestanden' in German.

That can only come from someone who has never heard a Swiss person talking. Trust me - it might have roots in German and it might even have been German some time down the road, but it's far from it now. Technically, it's just a dialect, but get a true Switzerlander to talk like he'd talk to another Swiss person, and any German or even Austrian would be hard-pressed to even remotely follow what's being said.
It's not just pronunciation, but words being used quite differently.
I know it's a kind of dialect.I'm from Romania and Romania it's also divided in Oltenia,Muntenia,Banat,Ardeal,Dobrogea and Moldova which are regions.I barely understand what people from Moldova talk because I'm from Oltenia.The dialect of Romanian language is differrent.
I'm not saying the German language is the same German language spoken from Switzerland but it's stupid to call it Swiss language since there is not an official thing.Your country may have their reasons to not call this way or they can't because it's a dialect.WWE have no power to do this because they only create confusion.The kids that watch WWE will learn a wrong thing.This is what I meant.

About his finisher,I don't mind seeing the Gotch Style Neutrelizer but the Ricola Bomb preceded by a Swiss Death was better.


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Re: Antonio Cesaro speaking different languages

He was good on commentary and anybody who watches Castagnoli knows he can work a mic. I'm waiting for the day he opens a promo with "Heyyy!"

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Re: Antonio Cesaro speaking different languages

I love it, it's a great little bit of his arrogant gimmick.



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Re: Antonio Cesaro speaking different languages

American audiences dont like foreigners...Thats why they are going with the whole five different languages because they're hoping that it will really annoy the crowd and get him heat.

It does suck, but it's got him on TV atm and he has captured the US title. Somewhere down the line if things work for him, either it will evolve into something a bit more complex and interesting, or he will break out into another direction completely.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro speaking different languages

I lol'ed at the OP, but yeah, this gimmick sucks. It's become stale already and it shows how awful the creative team is when this is all they come up with for the guy to do. Stale is the perfect term to describe it and I suppose that's fitting with how boring Cesaro is as a character.

Originally Posted by DoubleDeckerBar View Post
I must stress once again how absolutely BOSS his theme music is though. Thank you.
His theme song sucks. The whole foreign rap thing doesn't go with his serious character at all.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro speaking different languages

Originally Posted by JihadJake View Post
Anybody else getting sick of his bit where he comes out and says something in 5 different languages? Well guess what Antonio.. I have babelfish too!

Now I will describe his act in 5 different languages

In Dutch: Oude

In German: Veralteter

In French: Périmés

In Spanish: Rancias

In English: Stale
I don't know where you got that word, but it's definitly not the German word for "stale". "Veraltet" is "dated" or "out-of-date". The proper german translation would be "uninteressant", "langweilig" or "fad", depending on the context. Just sayin

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Re: Antonio Cesaro speaking different languages

WWE is just being lazy and presenting a standard foreign heel to get the crowd to boo. The problem with Cesaro is that his mic skills aren't that great. He plays the foreign heel character well, but he's not connecting that well with the crowd. Maybe putting him in a tag team with another foreign heel is a better solution as that will solidify his character more.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro speaking different languages

Its a decent gimmick but they should have given him an MVP type gimmick if they really wanted him as a former rugby star. He needs to add some ruthless aggression. Plus yeah that uppercut he used would be a better finisher than whatever he calls that thing he uses. Something Rubgy related lol maybe The Pounce would have worked. If not give him that awful Overdrive

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Re: Antonio Cesaro speaking different languages

I'm not entirely thrilled about what he's been given so far (on the mic, as a gimmick), but it's a foot in the door. I'm just biding my time because Cesaro can be a great heel. He just needs something to talk about, and an actual feud wouldn't hurt either. It's kind of ridiculous that the current US champ hasn't even had a feud in the company yet.

I find it funny that Sandow always gets mixed into conversation with Cesaro, just because they debuted around the same time. They're such different performers, and they're both going to the top. I'm really looking forward to seeing The Swiss Sensation (and Sandow) mix it up in the main event. Anything less would be a missed opportunity.

Originally Posted by Hit-Girl View Post
It does nothing for me. I would like for it to help me get into him as a heel but it's just generic to me. It's not as bad as his crotch crab finisher. I hate that even more. The upper cut he used at the PPV should be his finisher.... or Barrett's.
Well if that's the case, Barrett might as well adopt the "Kings of Wrestling" moniker as well. He already stole Ohno's elbow. The uppercut should be his finisher though. It's much more impressive than the Gotch, I agree.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro speaking different languages

He's great, the five language thing is unique. And his theme song is BO$$.


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