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Re: Randy Orton wants to be a heel...

Originally Posted by Jewicide View Post
Too funny because it's so true.

Punk calls someone a ''homo'' at a house show: "FUCK YEAH! SO BADASS! CM PUNK IS REAL! THIS IS WHAT WE NEED IN WWE!"
Ha ha sad but true. IMO Orton should become WHC or WWE champ soon, he's just too over to ignore right now.

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Re: Randy Orton wants to be a heel...

It was great because you can see that it's really Randy Orton the person, he knows he already had a legendary career, a huge 10 year contract, movie roles and a leading attraction on every brand so he just does whatever the fuck he wants. That's what made Batista's heel run so awesome, he said and did things without caring about the reactions backstage because he was leaving anyway and his spot was locked. Orton is a natural heel and obviously wants to do it on TV, his arrogant Legend Killer run was tremendous because it was just Orton's real life attitude. Orton as an arrogant heel but now as a veteran instead of the young character would be money and Orton would get back his freedom to do what he knows on the mic as the biggest total package on the roster and the Top guy in the business like he was in 2009. He is already the most over wrestler in the industry without even trying for more than a year, just wrestling matches every week purely on his connection with the audience, imagine what can happen when he gets an actual RAW storyline. It's only a matter of time anyway, they're just waiting for Sheamus to get to his level and carry the house shows the same way Orton and Cena are doing now on RAW and SD.
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Re: Randy Orton wants to be a heel...

I really hope they resist giving him it just now. I still think his attitude is suspect and flipping off fans is just another example of it being his undoing.

I get the guy might be frustrated and if he had one strike against him I'd say he was justified, but his repeated cock-ups have put him in a very bad position. If WWE rewards him with his wishes (or a title) when he is coming off a highly embarrasing suspension AND flipping off fans within weeks of his return then they send the message that their policies don't mean anything.

He is where he needs to be, filling that Upper-Mid card till he shoots his movie. Anything else right now would probably dishearten most of the roster.
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Re: Randy Orton wants to be a heel...

Orton just doesn't seem to give a shit anymore
Maybe they should give him Barrett's theme and give Wade a better one? Please?
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Randy Orton turning heel before the end of the year ???

Source: The Wrestling Observer

Randy Orton is very vocal behind the scenes about wanting to work as a heel. WWE officials want to make sure Sheamus is established as the top babyface on SmackDown before they turn Orton. It is believed he will be heel by the end of the year.

As reported Sunday, Randy Orton was caught on camera using the middle finger gesture during his match against Dolph Ziggler at Night of Champions. According to sources, Orton's flippant action stemmed from a group of fans ringside chanting "Orton sucks." Following the match, Orton reportedly threatened a fan that he would "kick his ass" after the show.

I look at this as good and bad in that it is great Randy Orton will return to being a heel which he is a complete natural in being and probably the best heel WWE have had outside of Edge and Chris Jericho since Triple H was at his best. On the bad side though Randy Orton turning heel could potentially hinder the progress of Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes and with CM Punk now heel over on Raw a move over there wouldn't help any of the three either.

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Re: Randy Orton turning heel before the end of the year ???

Orton should be top heel, that's what he's best at being. Fuck the rest, he's better than them anyways.
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Re: Randy Orton turning heel before the end of the year ???

hell yea turn him heel

the best
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Re: Randy Orton turning heel before the end of the year ???

He'll be a better heel than Mr. Respect that's for sure.

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Re: Randy Orton turning heel before the end of the year ???

Orton was born to be heel, He never liked being face but as he was over with the crowd, Now if the WWE changed him to a heel than that would be great that will make him more exciting and he will be more comfortable with his gimmick.

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Re: Randy Orton turning heel before the end of the year ???

Orton should just become a jobber,He's as boring as Drew McIntyre in both the ring and the mic.


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