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Dr.Shelby's "Balls"

Anyone else think that segment was real great/funny.

I really think this is the types of stuff WWE SHOULD be doing with the PG rating. Double entendres(if you don't know what that means...1.You prob didn't get the joke in the segment, 2.Look it up), which makes for normal television for the younger audience, and for the older audience, gives them abit of a laugh at what's going on.

This was also something I remember seeing alot of in some older PG TV shows. Things said(or done), that the younger audience wouldn't see anything special about, but the older audience catches the reference or joke.

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Re: Dr.Shelbys "Balls"

Best part of the show.

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Re: Dr.Shelbys "Balls"

sexual innuendo / double entendre to be precise. I thought it was quiet funny. I swear ive seen wwe use these before. But also i rlly hope Dr. Shelby sticks around with kane and bryan. like how he made kade hug kofi was gold. i can see the 3 of them going quiet far.
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Re: Dr.Shelbys "Balls"

This anger management storyline is funnier than I intended, ball jokes aside.
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Re: Dr.Shelbys "Balls"

It was pretty good stuff. They need to keep Dr. Shelby as their sponsor and have them accompany them to ringside at the PPV. The end of the Kane/Kofi segment alone shows how interesting their continued interactions could be. WWE is actually being creative with this storyline for once, it's so refreshing.

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Re: Dr.Shelbys "Balls"

Kane and Bryan are more relevant than CM Punk right now
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Re: Dr.Shelbys "Balls"

They use these type of jokes in Spongebob. Never thought about it when I was a kid, now it's funny as hell.

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Re: Dr.Shelbys "Balls"

Dr Shelby for World Heavyweight Champion.

I don't know who this guy is, I'm assuming he's a member of the creative team who they've assigned this role to, much like they've done in the past with Big Dick Johnson and Ranjin Singh, but he's just comedy gold and I hope he doesn't fizzle out. He should be a week to week character from now on.

Originally Posted by Mr. Saint Laurent, MLW Radio - Episode 168: WHO IS THEY
When WWE was struggling, it's Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in the main event going 60 minutes, people are leaving during the main event of WrestleMania, you can check the video tape, and Hall and Nash have both told me that Vince said that night, that he would rather have a half full arena cheering for the guy that he says to cheer for, than a full arena cheering for whoever they want.

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Re: Dr.Shelbys "Balls"

The whole thing is fantastic. I want Shelby to manage Team Friendship from now on.
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Re: Dr.Shelbys "Balls"

Daniel Bryan was the only saving grace of Smackdown.I would prefer Bryan exclusively on Smackdown.He has turned out great since his loss at Wrestlemania
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