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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

He needs mic time badly, they've essentially cut his balls off by refusing to give him a mic. How do they expect him to get over when they castrate him of his biggest attribute.
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
He isn't being protected,
Spoiler for :
Sheamus pinned him on SmackDown
. They squashed what little momentum he did have and made him look like Ziggler.
Shit, didn't read that yet, lol but I just did, and judging by how it was worded, Sheamus could have still won by the involvement of the other peeps. But still, he doesn't have a storline and messing with a ME player should be good for him atm.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

They don't expect him to get over, that's the point, Vince is doing this deliberately so that he doesn't.

But still, he doesn't have a storline and messing with a ME player should be good for him atm.
Nothing short of a world title reign is "good" for him, it's all pointless.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Wade Barrett should be where big show is, he is the only legit heel that should destroy sheamus.
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Honestly vince is senile now, even if your not a barrett fan,young guy like him far better match for sheamus then the over the hill big show, yet vince insists on pushing this over the hill slob, err barrett should be champion period he has mic skills to put over real feuds.

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Wade Barrett vs Sheamus

Well they've went ahead and bitched out Barrett vs Sheamus 3 times now and really over did it. Now when they feud it wont be as good since we've already seen them face off 3 times, plus Sheamus has beaten Barrett now.

I was really looking forward to Barrett and Sheamus feuding but now i'm just not. Barrett the bare knuckle fighter taking on the brawler Sheamus was a really intriguing feud. But now i can see it wont happen since they've had Sheamus finally win. What a wasted opportunity of a great feud. It would have been so much better than the current feud with Big Show.

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Re: Wade Barrett vs Sheamus

I still see them feud soon. I won't complain because I always like their interaction and matches. I think WWE want to see how the crowds & people at home react to them having a mini-feud before they start giving them real material.

it will be interesting when that soon is since its doubtful Big Show and Ziggler involved that stuff will end soon. Unless they add Barrett in the group. Hopefully in the mean time Barrett gets a proper feud and not just squash jobbers.

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Re: Wade Barrett vs Sheamus

I don't get that thought process at all. Sheamus winning, plus two matches ended by disqualification or interference, gives Barrett that much more incentive to feud and get the win at the end of the storyline - if one is scripting from a perspective that makes sense, that is. With WWE, you can never be sure.

So, there's Wade Barrett - at one time, in the near past, the baddest man in the WWE. The leader of the most feared faction. But he's had some downfalls, and an injury. He's returned to his roots as a hard-hitting brawler. He's hungry for some victories.

And then, Sheamus.

He basically has to go back and keep trying for a win, according to all good storytelling and mythologizing ever.
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Re: Wade Barrett vs Sheamus

I can still see them feud, but I honestly don't understand why they would have Barrett lose to Sheamus on Smackdown. I understand that Sheamus is a world champion, but it was too soon for Barrett to lose. Stupid WWE...

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Re: Wade Barrett vs Sheamus

Yup, they've already screwed up this feud. That was fast. They did the same thing with Ziggler. Took what could've been an interesting feud but just decided "fuck it" and fed the guy to Sheamus way too early. It's why Sheamus has been champion since WM and still doesn't have a big-time credible win, because they can't seem to hold off on potential big matches. They just throw them on Smackdown with zero build then are shocked when nobody gives a fuck.

EDIT: And for the people who are like, "Just wait, they will still have a good feud." I'd like to know what show you've been watched. They've fucked up every heel push they've had for years now. I mean I'd love to be wrong, but is there any evidence that this is going to turn out well for Barrett? Didn't think so.

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