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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

CM Punk is really over and has great charisma, why is it boring with him being champion?

Honestly i think Wade Barret has great charisma as well and is perfect for the title scene.
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Re: Bare Knuckle Champion

Originally Posted by RevolverSnake View Post
Barret for champion!

2 r's, 2 t's.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Originally Posted by WWE FAN 999 View Post
Hopefully Wade Barrett doesn't win any title cause the WWE will become boring. It's boring enough with CM Punk being champion.
Punk and Barrett = Boring?

Sin Cara and Primo and Epico = Great?

Seek help.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Originally Posted by Max Mouse View Post
That match sucked.. totally didnt care about Wade's returns promos at all... hardly notice he was even gone...
Pretty much.

He's not interested in meaningless matches. He's open for business. What a fucking promo.

Some people need to hop off his johnson, he sucks.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

I don't see the problem with his SD debut, he showed up dominated Tatsu and hit him with something that could legitimately knock anyone out and break their face. If it isn't flashy enough for you, it's ok. For all we know it isn't his only finisher just an add on.

As for the why wasn't the re-debut huge, it didn't need to be and shouldn't have been. Right now, there's too much going on and he won't be the focus. He won't be the focus on Raw, he shouldn't be the focus on SD right now since Ziggler is running around with the briefcase, that needs to be gotten out of the way so Barrett is the sole focus when he gets to that point. Also on SD ADR is the no.1 contender.

His re-debut served it's purpose, Barrett announced himself and said he was gonna be doing something without tying himself into anything too defined. Barrett is not being instantly thrust into the title scene (and that is a good thing), this is an announcement that he is gonna establish himself more before going for it and he gets to add more to his character than manipulative leader figure. He's announced himself, between now and next week he can setup anticipation for what he will do during the PPV and if he initiates his business at the PPV his re-debut would be complete and far more effective than randomly showing up on some PPV.

I feel they need to go the Ryback/Sandow route and have him winning matches whilst cutting promos and doing heelish attacks. No set feuds for now since the face aspect of the roster is so shallow that there are really only 2-4 people to feud with. Perhaps being paid to take out major faces (think contract hitman not bodyguard).

If his interesting thing is being a mercenary, that could work out very well, so long as he gets paid goes out messes up main eventers/faces in an underhanded attack and transaction ends. He should not be some sort of hired thug, kind of like a hitman. Whilst doing all this, he's messing his opponents in the ring and cutting promos. It has potential to get Barrett massive heat if his appearances mean that the feel good moment is gonna be ruined.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Saw him last night at a house show. Didn't get a great pop but whatever. Just some notes from the match.

-Faced Ted Dibiase Jr
-New theme is a remix of his "I don't care what you think of me" just in case you didn't know
-New titantron is him in a dark lit room or alley (looks like a room with spectators), punching out people
-He doesn't grapple much anymore
-For a good portion of the match, he was throwing punches
-Still uses the side slam move (Forgot it's name) as a signature
-Wasteland was not used
-New finisher looks very weak in person and didn't provoke much of a reaction. Will need to wait and see how it plays out.
-A small "lets go Barrett" chant broke out, nothing big though
-People cheered him for the most part while he was on the mic until he did the usual heel thing where he insults the city. Though, he still got some cheers when he said that because it's not a well liked city and many people came from other cities (many of which have "rivalries" with the city"
-His match was kinda boring but the end of the match was good. The start was extremely slow and the middle was slow for the most part but picked up later

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Punk and Barrett = Boring?

Sin Cara and Primo and Epico = Great?

Seek help.
Barrett is incredibly boring.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

I don't like his new finisher. His new entrance song is great though. Way better than his old one.

I accept rep.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Uneventful return, but to be expected because Wade Barrett can be quite boring without the right opponent.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

I liked his mini-promo at the end of that match where he slammed Yoshi and other jobbers. Eradicated the temporary dip in reputation he got from having to face Tatsu in the first place imo. I really hope he gets pushed. I'm feeling optimistic about Barrett's future to be honest.


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