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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
"Weak"? Hah, give me a break. You act like it's a fight or something. Only time I red rep you is when you moan about it or make stupid posts which happens A LOT, hence the "30+" reds. And the fact that you name-check me on your sig shows just how much you are bothered by it so therefore, I'll continue doing it just for that, but I'm fair enough so the posts I rep actually deserve it! And you threatened Green Light with "I'm gonna unleash red rep on you every hour". How sad is that? Not to mention since you are in the red, you can't rep anybody!

And "the truth"? Only thing you come out with is mad bullshit, you still haven't proved anything about merchandise sales other than saying "its on google go watch his interview". Like I said, my google search showed me two reports, one from October that says Punk has become #1 merch seller and another from February that says Cena and Punk are "neck and neck".

Only you're willing to prove what you're saying with actual links other than "some old interview", this is the last time I'm replying to you and from now on, only replies I'll hand out are through red reps!
You mean the posts, like one time when I said "Cena has weak ass 5 moves", is that really so shocking for you, and stupid to you. Youre just mad about anything I say about Cena as if I was wrong. You just don't like opinions about your Fav wrestler, as if I was trying to provoke you, no not at all, I just find him annoying and very childish with his promos, and doesnt sell the moves correctly and you get mad about that as if Im wrong. Who cares dude.

As for GreenLight this was my post:

Happy 13th Birthday(Today)for the iconic "Rock - This is Your Life" segment. A magic moment that will live forever.

Give credit to Mick Foley, the guy who created the idea of that segment. You're so obsessed with the Rock that you don't mention the guy who was part of it. To Foley and Rock credit, is that hard to say.
And these two guys agrees with me:

Quote: to Rock316ae

To throw a spanner in the works The Rock is quoted in an interview on YouTube saying Mick Foley came up with the original idea to do This is your life.

+ this:

True, Mick Foley's drawing power is very underrated.
And the only thing Green light said when he red rep me is "No" as if he's Rock316ae or something. Trying to act smart but he's wrong.

As for the prove, you mean when I exposed Orton and Hardy drawing power. How many times should I prove something to you. Really? I just don't have it right now. You can't really find the reports as its freaking old news. But you already said it from october and to February, that's like what 4 or 5 months + from July how much it will give, you just answered yourself, wah stupid. You're just trying to be an Ass, as I said I bought one after February, 20 days after it, and Punk was still the top seller on Tshirts.

And this is the most recent interview it may show why some can't beat Cena on Kids category:


And I'm not gonna waste my time and check his old interviews for you. You will not believe it anyways if he said it himself, you go and check them.
@PHX was with me on this, so he knows its true.

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

That Punk interview:

"I was using the anaconda vise and the office didn't want me to use it anymore. Probably because it was working."

Also, interesting that they don't make his shirt in youth sizes.

I'm watching you...

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by funnyfaces1 View Post
The more that I think about it, the more I realize just how eerily similar Orton and Punk are. Why there is so much fighting between the two fanbases is something I will never understand.
It's like Chicago White Sox fans vs. Chicago Cubs fans. (Which is a pretty sweet analogy on my part because Punk is a diehard Cubs fan from Chicago who detests the White Sox.)

You can brush up on the sociological meaning of the divide between White Sox fans and Cubs fans here: http://northernstar.info/dekalb_scen....html?mode=jqm

Credit to TAR/Stiffy for Bringing This .Gif to My Attention
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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Okay, so anyway, going to post the results from my little experiment regarding Punk. Now I didn't do every segment. Punk is seldom out of the turn of the hour segments anyway. I didn't do everything, as tbh... I got lazy. But this is certainly the vast majority of segments where he's been arguably the biggest draw. I use the 9PM (for 3-hour Raws only), the 10PM, and the 11PM.

There is no perfect way to determine whether the quarter was a "success" (using that loosely) or a "failure". What I did was simple. The first thing I looked at was the rating number and compared it to the average of the show. If it was above the average rating, it was a success. And by success, I mean it did better than the average of the show, which may not be a success to the whole product, but the segment/match held the show up. If it was below the average rating, it was a failure. If there's no rating indicated in the breakdown I got it from, I look at the gain compared to other gains.

It's a fair way to look at it, but I know there's logic in assuming gains are what should be looked at primarily, but I just think the average of the show is what we should look at and compare numbers to. It's the simplest way to do it as well I'd think. But anyway, here it is:

Punk Segment Gains/Losses (Gains have nothing in front of number, losses have "-" in front of number)
5/7: -105,000 (2.94)- Punk/Bryan-Tensai (Failed, lost viewers and average rating 3.01)

1/9: 128,000 (3.0)- Punk/Swagger (Success, overall rating 2.86)
1/30: 219,000 (3.54)- Punk/Bryan (Failed, overall rating 3.55)
2/6: 94,000 (??)- Punk/Jericho (Failed, no rating indicated, very low gain)
3/5: 205,000 (3.20)- Punk-Sheamus/Bryan-Jericho (Failed, overall rating 3.23)
3/26: 132,000 (2.96)- Punk/Christian/Jericho + Clay/Hawkins (Failed. Overall rating 3.05)
4/2: 148,000 (3.6?)- Punk/Henry (Success, overall rating 3.42, though down 150,000 from opener which did a 3.6, so Punk/Henry should only be a little lower and thus still a success)
4/9: 379,000 (3.19)- Punk/Jericho (Success, overall rating 3.10)
4/23: 270,000 (3.63)- Punk/Jericho (Success, overall 3.33 rating for normal two hours)
6/4: 340,000 (2.93-3.02)- Punk/Kane (Success, overall rating 2.92)

9/10: 555,000 (??)- Punk/Orton (Success, highest 9PM gain since 7/23 Raw 1000, no rating indicated)
9/3: 370,000 (??)- Anger Management and Punk/Sheamus (Failed, second lowest 9PM gain)

A one quick note is that Henry, while doing well for SD's buyrates as champion, has underperformed on Raw in breakdowns many times. So I don't put him on the top level as a draw and so that match is included.

Let me know if anyone knows the ratings for the segments missing them, and let me know if anything is incorrect/should be adjusted as far as ratings, gains, and who was in the segment. I took these right from the breakdowns and I'll post them if people want me to.

I know this doesn't really prove anything, but I was just interested in seeing it. And what do you know, I was right in that half the time he does well without a major draw, half the time he doesn't (at least by how I did it).

I'm watching you...

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

What in the name of fuck is happening in this thread lol? REP IZ SRS BIZNUS. Holy Jeebus.

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

LOL I love mark wars
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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by DesolationRow View Post
It's like Chicago White Sox fans vs. Chicago Cubs fans. (Which is a pretty sweet analogy on my part because Punk is a diehard Cubs fan from Chicago who detests the White Sox.)

You can brush up on the sociological meaning of the divide between White Sox fans and Cubs fans here: http://northernstar.info/dekalb_scen....html?mode=jqm
Trust me, as a fellow Chicagoan, I know how ridiculous the century-long feud is.
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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Just read the replies and I see no point in continuing this discussion further with The Sandrone especially when it's come down to the point of questioning whether or not Randy freaking Savage has "It" factor. Thats just ridiculous and very disrespective to one of the greats in the industry IMO. Besides like someone said we're going in endless round-about arguments anyway. But, I wanted to respond to this part in particular

And amazingly enough, he impacted business when he was being booked correctly those first few weeks going into MITB. But then everything goes downhill besides merchandise sales, which if I'm not mistaken falls as well eventually. He comes back too soon, loses his title to Del Rio, goes into a feud with Nash which leads to nothing. Then has a feud with HHH that leads to him losing and apologizing for everything and then becoming nothing more than an alternative to Cena who's very identical to Cena. Once again, bad booking costs Punk.
See, here's the problem with it. Its highly questionable whether it was really punk who impacted the business, or it was just the shock factor of the shoot promo that lasted for a few weeks. Punk moved business for One PPV, just one, with absolutely no effect on ratings. He wins the title at MITb and leaves chicago with the WWE championship, kissing Vince goodbye. In theory, he was the biggest and the hottest act in the wrestling industry at that point, so now he returns to RAW with the title with all that momentum, goes head to head with the top guy John Cena at Summerslam, one of the big 4 PPVs and the buyrate.... DROPS. Note that he was still the very edgy "pipe-bomb" punk here, and was treated as the biggest main event attraction even over the top guy Cena at this point. So really whats the excuse for the poor Summerslam buyrate? All this time, Ratings stayed the same, even went down a bit for the Go-home show iirc.

In my opinion, The MITB 20k bump was merely just the aftermath of a shocking *shoot* promo which I certainly will give him credit for. But I dont understand why the booking post Summerslam is used as an excuse by his fans, whenever punk fails to draw? You gonna have to explain the lack of increase in summerslam buyrate and RAW ratings even at his hottest, before you can claim things like "booking is what ruined him, otherwise he would have become the Stone cold Steve Austin of this era" etc..

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

-Skullbone- makes a lot of valid points, especially about the push-timeframe issue when conceptually discussing the success of wrestlers push, I understand that but you try to make it as if the guys back then had it easy compared to now, which is not true. Lets not forget the competition in that era which was much stronger in terms of talent/skills and the fans expectation, the behind the scenes political environment was ten times worse and nasty back then compared to now and thats not even debatable. One more thing people tend to forget is the wwf title at the time was thrown around back and forth so frequently that it barely had any credibility, it was often treated as a joke and at one point even Vince Mcmahon was the world champion.

CM Punk as of right now has been the WWE champion for 310+ days with the most focus of the show put on him, which quite frankly he doesnt deserve it at all. He clearly does not draw, barely gets the intended reaction from the crowd unless he's dissing them and is not reliable like Cena when it comes to representing the company as its champion in the public media. Dont get me wrong, he certainly earned the title when he first won it against John Cena at chicago, but this 310+ reign so far? Totally over-pushed and an undeserved one.

Another thing is the starpower available to help establish guys when comparing different eras. As it was discussed before, CM Punk had some of the biggest stars, well established babyface characters readily available to work with like Jeff hardy, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, batista, John Cena, Triple H, Chris Jericho etc.. but that was not the case in the attitude era, guys established themselves by extensively working with each other, they didnt have this luxury of top guys giving them the rub and putting them over, the biggest example would obviously be Rock and HHH. Chris Jericho, Kurt angle, even the tag teams like the hardys made themselves stars for the most part. Point is, Punk has had too many pushes and opputunities handed to him in the last 6 yrs, even after all this he has showed no signs of being a reliable draw for the company on his own. There is something fundamentally flawed with him or his character that people refuse to see him as a top guy. You can blame the booking all you want, come up with all sorts of excuses but its useless because the problem lies with him.

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

How can one person affect the ratings.
Look at the breakdowns, every single segment loses viewers but 2 or 3.
For Punk to increases the ratings his segment/s would have to gain on average 1.1 million viewers.
No one can do that weekly. NO ONE.

His momentum dropped as soon as he came back. I swear to god I am the only one that noticed this but this forum went from Punk is the best to Punk sucks one week before Summerslam, What happened.

BTW this years summerslam only did 40k buys better than last year.
That is very weak considering it was THEGAME vs UFCPPVGOD.
If a big UFC superstar that was drawing 1million+ buys can only bump your 3rd biggest PPV of the year by 40k, the problem lies elsewhere(BOOKING YOU MARKS)

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