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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

They need more mic time. What was a big part of stables and how dominant they were/are is that the leader at least got some serious mic time. We have one of the best mic guys in the company (apparently) in Ambrose and he hardly gets three lines if at all worth of mic time.

For the Shield to move up to the next level, they need some serious mic time. The Wyatt's have been around for about 1/5 of the time the Shield has and Bray has had so much mic time, I would almost put the Wyatt's over them at this stage.

Hopefully this Evolution feud will allow Ambrose the mic time to elevate them to the top tier. Even Barrett as Nexus leader got a heap of mic time. The Shield need more of it, as they are just coming off as these guys that attack others instead of having an actual purpose.
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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

As far as match quality goes, I can't think of any stable that's been as consistently good. Weather they can attain historical significance like the Four Horsemen, nWo and DX remains to be seen, but as it stands I think match quality is their main forte.

Ambrose, Bryan, Wyatt.

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They'd have to do a hell of a lot to crack the ranks with the likes of the Horsemen, NWO, DX, Hart Foundation, Corporation and even the Ministry. They might end up being top 10 in WWE history one day.

Probably top 30 right now. They just haven't done a whole lot.

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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

They are already my favorite group of all time. I think why I think so is because they all debuted and were introduced to the casual fans as newcomers. It wasn't like The Horsemen or nWo where they were already established, or like DX where it was just repackaged superstars. The Shield were two guys I had heard all this talk about and then this huge, imposing dude I was instantly a fan. They cooled off right up until Survivor Series when they exploded again. I love The Shield. So happy they prolonged the breakup. That shouldn't occur for another year, at least.
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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?


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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

Originally Posted by The Main Headliner View Post
Right now they're not top five for me but not gonna lie they've been growing on me over the past 6 months. They're pretty badass at times. I first I thought they were kind of an nwo rip off but they've definitely carved their own niche and those new masks are just awesome. Seth Rollins is amazing, Ambrose is great/unique and reigns does have a great presence.

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I don't know. It's like my brain can't comprehend anything current breaking into all-time great lists, if that makes sense? Not a slight on WWE or the current product, but it's like I was brought up on some things as gospel so it's hard to puncture things I see now and mostly on my own through into those top brackets.

Same reason I suppose why I can pretty much name the Wrestlemania I-2000 cards off the top of my head, but couldn't even tell you what matches headlined 20-27. It's like there's this part of me that sees wrestling from back then as untouchable. It's crazy. (I'm not saying it is, it's just a part of my life that I was brought up on so I'm finding it impossible to compare.)

Thinking logically though, I think a main reason why I think like this is because there is so much content nowadays that instead of remembering one great angle every month I think of the 15 or so regular promos, matches, segments etc.

On-topic though if I had to, I'd say The Shield will be remembered fondly but it depends how fondly when they break away and their solo careers take off. As it stands though, in my eyes anyway, they can't compete with the NWO/4 Horsemen/DX just for the perception of those factions, but I would put them up there with every other.

Think as well I don't see them as a stable as it's 3 dudes on a level plain. There's not really a leader or anything so I see it as a tag team more than a stable, just 3 guys instead of 2.
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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

They are quite possibly top 5 already, only obvious choices above them are NWO, DX and Four Horsemen. Maybe Evolution too.

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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

At best, top 10. I dont really consider them a stable :/

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