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Re: 5 potential matches for WM 30 leaked?

Undertaker Vs. Lesnar = NO! I've seen this match like a 100 times and at it is going to be is a finisher fest that we all know Taker is going to win! At the very least, a match between Taker Vs. Cena is a finisher fest that I at least don't know the ending too. Or even Taker Vs. Bray I'd take. Taker would win for sure, but at least the promos would be awesome.

CM Punk Vs. Randy Orton: WWE Title = Meh...

Daniel Bryan Vs. Triple H = I actually wouldn't mind that one. It would be great as long as Bryan went over.

John Cena Vs. Bray Wyatt: WHC Title = This is a joke, right?

Ryback Vs. Goldberg = Uh, yeah, OK, I'd have taken this match if Ryback was still red fucking hot and a legit force in the WWE, but the dude has been a directionless, insignificant, and just all around mishandled. If they had done this at Wrestlemania 29 when he still had SOME momentum, sure, but now? Ryback is just damaged goods and I don't think he'll pan out at this point. Instead of being Goldberg Vs. The 2nd Coming of Goldberg, it would be Goldberg Vs. His Lesser rip off.

Except for Bryan Vs. HHH...none of those are really interesting.


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Re: 5 potential matches for WM 30 leaked?

I want to see an actual source first before I flip out over what the card might potentially be like.
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Re: 5 potential matches for WM 30 leaked?

If the card was done something like this
WWE Championship with Stone Cold as Guest Referee
Randy Orton(c)with Vince vs C.M Punk
Winner: C.M Punk
Time: 22:34

Hell in a Cell
Triple H with HBK vs Daniel Bryan
Winner: Daniel Bryan
Time: 21:07

The Beast vs The Streak
Brock Lesnar with Heyman vs The Undertaker
Winner: The Undertaker
Time: 20:47

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena(c) vs Bray Wyatt with Rowan & Harper
Winner: Bray Wyatt
Time: 17:55

Ryback with Heyman vs Goldberg
Winner: Goldberg
Time: 04:46

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes(c) with Dusty vs Goldust
Winner: Cody Rhodes
Time: 09:42

Sheamus vs Kane
Winner: Sheamus
Time: 08:27

TLC V for the Unified Tag Team Championship
Seth Rollens & Roman Reigns(c) vs Primetime Players vs The Usos
Winner: Primetime Players
Time: 16:32

United States Championship
Dean Ambrose(c) vs Big Show
Winner: Dean Ambrose
Time: 04:52

Scramble Match for Sandow's Money in the Bank Briefcase
Damien Sandow(c) vs Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam vs Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio
Winner: Damien Sandow
Time: 20:00

It wouldn't be that bad, much better than this year's show by a mile

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Re: 5 potential matches for WM 30 leaked?

Nothing is set in stone yet IMO, its all up in the air. They don't even know who is turning up yet, Goldberg? Sting? Taker? Stone Cold? No-one lol?
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Re: 5 potential matches for WM 30 leaked?

Originally Posted by itsstillrealdammit View Post
ok, so this is just according to a guy from the steel cage podcast, but he seems to be right a lot of the time. he says the current plan is as follows:

undertaker vs lesnar
punk vs orton (c) for WWE title
hhh vs bryan
cena (c) vs bray wyatt for the WHC
ryback vs goldberg

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I listen to the podcast all time but haven't heard the newest one yet. I'm sure it is just a prediction. These guys don't work with WWE or anything like that so they would have no idea on what matches will take place.


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Re: 5 potential matches for WM 30 leaked?

Originally Posted by zep81 View Post
Nothing is set in stone yet IMO, its all up in the air. They don't even know who is turning up yet, Goldberg? Sting? Taker? Stone Cold? No-one lol?
I agree. As long as they haven't defined who are going to be the "special attractions" nothing can be set yet.
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Re: 5 potential matches for WM 30 leaked?

I'll only be against Cena vs Bray if Cena wins.

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Re: 5 potential matches for WM 30 leaked?

So am I seriously the only one that could see Cena-Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WM30 working?

I picture it like this: Bray, for now, keeps doing his "stalk the faces" thing. After Miz he moves on to a Returning Mysterio or Sheamus, a Big E, whoever, just slowly but sure moving himself up the Faces Foodladder, though never for a title.

Meanwhile, Cena has a nice feud here and there with a returning Barrett, del Rio, whomever. Or maybe he loses it for a bit, but regains number one contendership and gets it back, whatever.

Anyway, at some point Wyatt FINALLY targets Cena as he's the pinacle of the faces, and the last one left that hasn't met Sister Abigail. The mindgames start, and eventually Cena seems f'd, as both Wyatt AND Harper qualify for the Elimination Chamber (can you picture Harper pacing in the Cell ready to be left in? Or Wyatt that looks on in glee at Harper manhandling Cena, while Wyatt is still stuck in his cell later on in the match?). However, Cena being Cena, he escapes with Title intact, it's a Chamber Match after all, anything can happen.
SO, a one on one for the title follows (we can have Bray win a Battle Royal for #1 contendership, with the Rumble winner targeting the other Championship). Wyatt v Cena for the WHC Championship. Wyatt wins his first title EVER at WM 30, vs Cena. A top heel is born. Follow the Buzzards!

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Re: 5 potential matches for WM 30 leaked?

Said this before and I'll say it again. Cena vs taker would be good. But cena lost to the rock so it's not completely unpredictable. Cena vs taker in a you're fired type of match or buried alive match would be beyond crazy. Have rumors of takers last match. No one would expect cena to lose and get fired and with takers streak on the line, is that how they'll really go out? Have cena lose to give him time off but keep that low profile so there are no rumors of time off.

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Re: 5 potential matches for WM 30 leaked?

Cena vs Undertaker
Daniel Bryan vs HHH

That's all I want
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