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Survivor Series Match

It starts at HIAC. Orton beats Bryan for the title and Triple H comes out telling Orton to attack Bryan again. Before he can do that. Shawn Micheals superkicks Orton then the board of directors creating a survivor series match the next night on raw

Team Micheal's:

Daniel Bryan
CM Punk
Rob Van Dam
Cody Rhodes

With Shawn Micheals as Manager

Team HHH:

Triple H
Brock Lesnar
Alberto Del Rio
Damien Sandow

Winner of the Match is COO and loser must leave WWE. Also Cena wins WHC and Orton wins WWE Title and they face each other at Survivor Series for a Unification Match
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Re: Survivor Series Match

Um no why would you include so many top stars in 1 match.
Also none of those teams have nothing in common.

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Re: Survivor Series Match

I like the idea of having a HHH vs HBK match at the top of the card and YOUR DAMN RIGHT the top stars should be in the tag match. THATS WHAT SURVIVOR SERIES IS ALL ABOUT FFS!

I would also add another 5 man tag match with it being Steph Mcmahon vs Dusty Rhodes

Stephanie team:
Wade Barratt
Antonio Cesaro
Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose

Dustys team:
Cody Rhodes
Adrien Neville
Kassius Ohno
Sami Zayn

Ive included the NXT boys because obviously Dusty was the GM until a couple weeks ago. This would be a fantastic angle to get them over. Obviously having Cody and Goldust in this match would mean adding others to the main event tag match.

Edit: Oh and the next night on raw, all members of the tag team matches in a 20 man over the ropes match to name the new number one contender for the WHC. .

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Re: Survivor Series Match

Those teams don't make sense :P If John Cena won Del Rio is entitled to a rematch.

My best guess is either

Team HHH

The Shield

Team Show

Big Show
Rhodes Brothers

With a John Cena vs. Del Rio rematch and the final match between Orton and Bryan.

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Re: Survivor Series Match

Higher card match:

Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose


Big Show
Cody Rhodes
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso

I don't know about the lower card match but heels like Cesaro, Swagger, Sandow, Barrett & Wyatt vs. some of Mysterio, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Evan Bourne, Kalisto maybe, Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville or Los Matadores would be a good guess.

Spoiler for Luchas of the Year List 2015:




-Flamita, Hijo de Fishman, Skyman vs. Fenix, Pentagon Jr. & Hijo del Fantasma (1/1/15 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Estado de México)

-Rey Cometa vs. Cavernario (1/19/15 Fantasticamania Day 5)

-Prince Puma vs. Fenix (1/14/15 Lucha Underground)

-La Sombra vs. Máscara Dorada (1/19/15 Fantasticamania Day 5)

-Máscara Dorada vs. Negro Casas for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship (1/10/15 CMLL)

-CMLL Pequeno Reyes del Aire 2015 (1/6/15 CMLL)

-20-Man Aztec Warfare Match (1/7/15 Lucha Underground)

-Komander & Gigga vs. Rey Astral & Perfil (1/20/15 Arena El Angel Reynosa)

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Re: Survivor Series Match

I was thinking it would be Team Triple H vs Team Bryan or Team Big Show but I like your idea better. If that were to happen, this would be my teams.

Team HHH
Triple H
Randy Orton
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose


Team HBK
Daniel Bryan
Big Show
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
w/ Shawn Michaels

Thus ending the feud with Punk and Heyman, and the WWE Championship will not be on the line at Survivor Series. I would have put Lesnar on Team HHH but these two just had a feud a few months ago and it would be odd if these two teamed up. It would be cool to see though. You could replace him with Orton so he can defend the title if he wins and with Punk on Team HBk, he can his revenge on Lesnar.

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Re: Survivor Series Match

I think I've got ideas better then all of yas.

Team Corporate vs Team Bryan
Triple H./Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns/Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan/Big Show/Cody Rhodes/Goldust/Dolph Ziggler

At H.I.A.C. Randy Orton defeats Daniel Bryan with help of Triple night on RAW Vince returns and rehires Big Show under the stipulation, that unless it's an authorizied match he cant place his hands on anyone, he also congradulates Orton on his victory, and gives him the P.P.V. off FROM DEFENDING his title, instead he will captain a team againist Daniel Bryan.

World Title anything goes Street Fight
Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena
At H.I.A.C. Cena almost wins the title, but just comes short, when Del Rio attacks with a steel chair, thus leading to this anything goes Street Fight this is where Cena gets the title in his hometown

Total Divas vs W.W.E. Divas 5 on 5
Natalya/Brie Bella/Nikki Bella/Naomi/Eva vs A.J./Tamina/Cameron/Aksanaa/Alicia Fox
Well with the breakup of the Funkadactalays,Camereon turns on Noami, when Tons of Funk turn heel. She joins them while Noami joins the Uso's.

Team Heyman vs Team Punk
C.M.Punk/ Uso's/Santino Marella/Kofi Kingston vs Curtis Axel/Ryback/Brodus Clay/Tensai/Damien Sandow
This storyline starts off with Tons of Funk getting frustrated with not getting anywhere, then when their schedueled for a match againist Ryback/Curtis Heyman reminds us that Tensai was once A-Train, and he was a Paul Heyman member, and maybe they should come back. At first Cameron is hesitate, but then attacks Noami this leads to the Uso's coming and running everyone out. Santino defeats Axel for the I.C. Title and then gets attacked by the Team Heyman.

Kane vs Bray Wyatt

Preshow if Kane's Team wins he gets Bray Wyatt at the P.P.V. if he loses he joins the Wyatt Family
Team Kane vs Wyatt Family
Kane/Miz/R Truth./Prime Tyme Players vs Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper/Eric Rowan/Antonio Cesaro/Jack Swagger

yo its sasso
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Re: Survivor Series Match

Survivor Series:

Opening match: Team Punk vs. Team Heyman
CM Punk, Usos, Big E. Langston, Kofi Kingston vs. Ryback, Curtis Axel, Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, ?

Divas title match
AJ Lee vs. Natalya

Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz

The Real Americans vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

World Heavyweight Championship match
John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

5 on 5 elimination match
The Shield, Randy Orton, & Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, & Goldust

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