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Re: John Cena vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Championship

I predict Henry will hit Cena with the World's Strongest Slam, Cena barely kicks out. He ends up picking Henry up on his shoulders, but Henry quickly reverses it into a second Slam and gets the pin.

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Re: John Cena vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Championship

Cena retains,no way Henry wins the title ( maybe he get a Count-out victory).
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Re: Can Mark Henry beat Cena and become WWE champion?

Originally Posted by chrisburr View Post
he will beat Cena for the belt

Henry will turn face

Cena will turn heel

this should have happened at Extreme Rules and payback!
There is NO WAY this is going to happen.

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Henry could pull a dirty victory. Weirder things have happened. Once upon a time the shield beat the three biggest faces in the company. No one though they'd pull that off.

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Re: John Cena vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Championship

I HATED, HATED, HATED the finish to this match. Overall it was an ok match, nothing special. But Henry tapping our clean? Fuck that. He deserves so much better. He pulled out what was perhaps the best promo this year on RAW a few weeks back.

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Re: John Cena vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Championship

The annoying Cena overcoming the odds for the 2532089 time by tapping out Henry clean is just stupid. They made Clubber Lang look much to weak towards Rocky Balboa. Other then that overrated Cena winning, it was a good PPV though.
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Re: John Cena vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Championship

Add me to the "Fed-Up-With-Cena-Constantly-Winning-All-The-Damn-Time" camp.
I thought the ending of the Cena vs Henry match was crap.
Come on Vince / Triple H / Stephanie / whoever ... have the guts to NOT make it fucking Cena all the damn time.

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Re: John Cena vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Championship

Mark Henry should have retired when he had the chance. He got greedy and tried to win the wwe title (a title which he has never won in his 17 year career) and he ends up tapping out.

What a bitch.

Cena is still the #1 guy in the business
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