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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

7/10, pretty much on the same level as 28.

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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

The crowd were completely dead/drained after the Punk/Taker match.

Undercard was OK and I enjoyed the Triple H/Lesnar match, Taker/Punk was great.

The main event/ending was just

Overall 6. Marginally better than XXVII


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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

Originally Posted by Oxitron View Post
This WM was literally worse than the average RAW show.

No one should pay 70 dollars for that.

No one should even pay any more than 5 dollars for that shit.
It WAS an average Raw show. I mean if you're paying nearly 100 bucks you should expect to be wowed.

Aside from 3 guys no one had a cool entrance, no cool attire, no big moments, no real stand out matches, no shockers and nearly every winner or loser was obvious.

This was a normal Raw with an extra hour for more vid packages and two performances.

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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.


None of the matches were awful, but the show just felt so disorganised:

No backstage stuff
NO pre-match interviews (I find that shocking in itself)
Rock-Cena promos littered all over the place EXCEPT before the match itself
Matches booked in wrong order

Undertaker-Punk was a fucking belter, but everything else ranged from mediocre to just good. Just seriously lacklustre. Still miles better than the worst WM of all time though (WM 11).

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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

Originally Posted by RKO_THUG View Post
I enjoyed it most of the people bitching streamed so they don't even count.

Very predictable but good.
So do you have proof of this?? I started a topic about this statement in the "general wwe" section today. You people throw this around as if it's fact

Seems like you are just talking out of your ass. How do you know the people who loved this ppv didn't stream it?

Originally Posted by Skeff View Post
thank god the rocks back and he is so awesome *swooon* the 2 wins against the skinny guy are nothing compared to what he's going to do at wrestlemania, defeat John Cena, introduce the new wwe satelite championship and be the reigning, defending via satelite champion whilst filming hercules this summer, I'm marking out already.
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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

Originally Posted by THE TEACHER View Post
It's a 9/10 for me. I didn't want Cena to win like that, neither did I want Rock to win. So it'll have to do. BUT THAT TAKER/PUNK MATCH WAS so it's acceptable.

Rate fellas
Are you serious? You call that a main event? LOL... it was a below average show... nothing out of the ordinary... 5/10 max...
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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

Originally Posted by doinktheclowns View Post
Anyone who voted less than a 5 is either pissed off that Punk didn't end the streak or The Rock lost the title.

Predicable maybe but still some great matches.
I hate Cena more than anyone here but I was happy he won the title.
I am neutral on Punk and I would have legitimately stopped fucking caring about anything in WWE if Punk ended the streak.

It was a shit PPV.

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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

4/10. One match was great (Taker/Punk), some were average (Brock/Hunter) and others were flat out terrible (the main event, Henry vs Ryback).

Nothing of note happened, no characters changed, the ending was cheesy, way too predictable...just not eventful, and really a letdown by WM standards.

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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

a lot of doo doo feces......if you paid for that.....i giggle at you
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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

I rated it 4/10. My review/ratings here:

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
My WrestleMania ratings and review:

The Shield vs Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Big Show - ***
Ryback vs Mark Henry - *1/4
Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston - **1/2
Fandango vs Chris Jericho - **1/2
Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger - **3/4
CM Punk vs The Undertaker - ****
Brock Lesnar vs Triple H - ***3/4
John Cena vs The Rock *

I was very underwhelmed by this show, the first half of the show might as well of not happened.

The Shield puts on their worst match to date, but it's still one of the better matches of the night.

Ryback/Henry was to slow and dull, went on longer than it should, and the wrong guy won. Highlight being Ryback shellshocking Henry, I was very surprised he was able to do that.

Hell No vs Ziggler and Big E was whatever, I liked the tease spot at the start with Ziggler kissing AJ and then Bryan kicking him. Big E got too much in-ring time, and they didn't give Bryan and Ziggler a chance to put on a good match, I didn't really care about the result as I was hoping for a Ziggler cash-in later in the night, but it didn't happen... :/

Fandango/Jericho wasn't really good. A unnecessary big ass entrance for Johnny Curtis and the match ends in a roll-up...

Undertaker vs CM Punk was the match of the night, and a very good match, but in comparison to other streak matches, it wasn't close to the best. I got into the match very much surprisingly after I had virtually no hype for it after their terrible feud, and it delivered well.

Triple H/Brock Lesnar was a decent encounter and it was very good for the first half of the match, but the dead crowd and all the Kimura Lock focus during the end part of the match really brought down things for me. I was dissapointed to see no blood. Triple H winning was also unnecessary, but I liked the finish with the Triple H sledgehammer shot and pedigree on the steel steps.

The Rock vs John Cena was AWFUL. I was so bored in the first 10 minutes that I turned on my laptop for the first time and came on here. It wen't too long, was so dull for the first part of the match then turned into a over the top finisher fest in the second part. Cena wins in perfectly clean fashion to become a 11 time WWE Champion, and Cena and Rock shake ends while the New York crowd boo them in a terrible but very predictable finish. Worse than their WrestleMania 28 match easily.

Overall this WrestleMania gets a 4/10 from me. 2 good matches and one decent one, and that was it, the rest of the matches were below average. Overall poor crowd. Lackluster announcing. And no Ziggler cash-in, which I was most looking forward to happening fucking sucked. Just like last's year WrestleMania I end up feeling letdown by the show honestly, could of been much better.

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