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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

-No America the Beautiful to kick off WM
-No Backstage Segments or anything to do with any WWE Legends/Hall of Famers
-Too Many Video Packages hyping WM 29, the Rock, and Cena
-Sloppy wrestling matches
-P Diddy performance that didn't need to be there
-No selling on the part of the commentary team. Lots of dead air during the main events
-No Wrestlemania Moments
-PPV ended 15 minutes earlier than it was scheduled for
-John Cena winning the WWE Title
-Anticlimactic PPV ending
-The Lack of effective finishes. Every finishing move was ineffective.

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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

Originally Posted by Mclovin it View Post
. It was scripted to be good??? WELL I SHOULD FUCKING HOPE SO. I would not want them to script a bad match on purpose.
You clearly misunderstood what he meant.

He means the commentators were scripted to say "OMG this match is amazing" regardless of whether it was actually good or not.

It's just another form of WWE trying to brainwash the fans.

"Imagine the worst situation - we lose Fabregas and Nasri. You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that. You cannot pretend you are a big club. A big club holds onto its big players and gives a message out to all the other big clubs that they just cannot come in and take [players] away from you." - Arsene Wenger
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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

EDITED: Lowering to 6/10 after re-watching and taking it all in. I still don't think it was a terrible Mania, just more status quo "business as usual."

WrestleMania 27 was terrible and WrestleMania 28 was good, but pretty so-so. I felt this year was a start to a return to form. If HHH didn't have to have his vanity match against Lesnar, I think it would be looked at more favorably.

I didn't mind Rock/Cena with all of the finishers hit, but I don't want to see that in every match, obviously. I feel like the main event of WrestleMania is the only time and place for that. But, really, Taker/Punk showed us all how it's done (although that had a lot of finishers hit, too).

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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

1 point to the Undertaker/Punk, 0 points for everything else so that adds up to 1/10.

Originally Posted by Agent17 View Post
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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

as a Mania- 6.5/10
including RAW (which i'll link to Mania years from now)- 8/10

- new belt defended/lost for the first time
- one of Taker's last Mania matches, and fairly different from his previous 4 vs. HBK/HHH
- Ziggler takes the belt finally
- craziest crowd in a long, long time (will be forever haunted by their Fandango Theme Chants lol)
- probably the peak of the Shield (both the build-up, Mania win, and post-Mania feud with BOD/Bryan)

i'd like to write an essay on combining WM29/RAW into one 'experience' and why that works this year/signals changes that have happened in the last few years in the business and, probably, where it's heading for the next while.

yeah, the Mania was below average. no, it wasn't the worst thing ever. just very aggressively average and unmemorable.

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Re: Rate WM XXIX out of ten.

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
worst thing is not just they sent 80k (if that is the real number) unhappy, but looking at the future

cena winning tonight means we get supercena for atleast another year, probably forever
i can already see his promo about respect tomorrow night cringworthy

and who cares about lesnar anymore, they buried this guy tonight to fill hhh's ego, why the hell did hhh beat lesnar tonight?????

tonights show proves this company is not changing, any hope for real change is gone, if anything it will get worse

my interest of any hope is gone for good, i barely watch wwe to begin with, now i will only pvr raw and wont watch unless i something major happens like cm punks shoot promo
Lol see you next Monday.

Charlotte Is The Future Wooooooo!

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