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Re: Best & Worst WWF/E PPVs Ever

Originally Posted by Carr1 View Post
How was Capitol punishment the worst ever? Punk going over Mysterio? Orton vs Christian, Cena vs Heel Truth (cant for the life of me understand why they turned him face!)
It wasnt the best, but the worst? camaaan
It fucking sucked. Punk v Mysterio was a totally pointless match, they didn't even attempt to have any sort of build-up, the reason given for them fighting was that 'they don't like each other' without any further explanation. And apart from that the entire thing was horrible. Every single match had a weird finish, they had two matches ending via knockout/referee stoppage(?), Ezekiel Jackson winning the IC title, that stupid angle with Christian's foot under the ropes. Constant ridiculous backstage segments with an Obama impersonator and then a horrible, drawn-out in ring segment with him and Booker T. A random Evan Bourne match added in the middle of the card without explanation, followed by numerous video packages which made it embarrassingly obvious that they didn't have enough content to fill the card. R-Truth buried by a child in the main event and then losing to Cena with one move after a 10+ minute beatdown. Absolutely awful PPV that somehow managed to be even worse than Over The Limit that had preceded it, which I didn't think would have been possible.

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Re: Best & Worst WWF/E PPVs Ever

What's the hate for 2012 PPVs, I thought a lot of them were pretty solid if I'm honest with you. As for my opinion:

Wrestlemania 17
Wrestlemania 19
Backlash 2000
No Way Out 2000
Summerslam 1992
Summerslam 2002

Cyber Sunday
King of the Ring 1995
December To Dismember 2006
Judgement Day 2004
Wrestlemania 11
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Re: Best & Worst WWF/E PPVs Ever


Royal Rumble 1999
Backlash 2000
Summerslam 2000
Summerslam 1998
Survivor Series 1998
Canadian Stampede 1997
Backlash 1999 (I enjoyed it a lot, at least)
No Way Out 2001
Fully Loaded 2000

I'll post Worst in a bit

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Re: Best & Worst WWF/E PPVs Ever

Best: WrestleMania x7
Worst: December To Dismember

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Re: Best & Worst WWF/E PPVs Ever

My least favourite is probably Judgement day 2008
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Re: Best & Worst WWF/E PPVs Ever

Survivor Series 2003 is one of my personal favorites... too many entertaining angles culminating... Austin/Bishoff, Kane/Shane, Taker/Vince goldberg/HHH

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Re: Best & Worst WWF/E PPVs Ever

10 Worst:

ECW: December to Dismember = A PPV so bad, it ended the single brand PPVs, ended Paul Heyman's time with WWE, & gave WWE their lowest PPV buyrate of all time. The show basically speaks for itself. It was a disaster.

Wrestlemania XI = The worst Wrestlemania of all time. No doubt in my mind. Lackluster card, horrible matches, audio problems all throughout. It was just a mess, and it was clear by this point that the magic of Wrestlemania was gone. Thankfully the Attitude Era rolled around a few years later. All I can say is that there actually exists a Wrestlemania where Undertaker, Bret Hart, & Shawn Michaels all underperformed in their matches, and that is striking.

The Post Wrestlemania Smackdown PPVs in 2004 = These PPVs were so bad, they were almost unholy. Judgment Day 2004, Great American Bash 2004, & Armageddon 2004 were so stunningly terrible, I couldn't pick just one of them for this list. Oddly enough, the saving grace of all three shows was the WWE Title match that included JBL & Eddie Guerrero. In fact, I often cited that as a defense for JBL because, well fuck it, in these shows, his match was THE ONLY good part. Other than that though, we had Booker T using voodoo magic, the Mordecai character's only two PPV matches with the company, the Concrete Crypt match, John Cena Vs. Jesus (for clarification, that's Hey-Zeus, not Jesus Christ), & Kurt Angle Vs. Santa Claus (no clarification needed here, you read that one right). For some reason, No Mercy 04 was the only one that was even watchable. That one wasn't so bad.

King of the Ring 1995 = So let me get this straight. You had a KOTR tournament that included The Undertaker AND Shawn Michaels, and you decided to go with Mabel Vs. Savio Vega in the finals? Yeah, fuck you. Oh and your main event was Diesel & Bam Bam Vs. Sid & Tatanka? Double fuck you.

In Your House May 1996: Beware of Dog = The reason for this one being bad wasn't WWF's fault, but it still happened. Mother Nature reared her ugly head and caused the PPV feed to be lost for a majority of the show. Lights went out at the arena and by the show's end, we only got the opening & main event matches. To WWF's credit, they gave us a re-do of the PPV for free two night's later, but the first go-around was still a pretty shabby PPV experience. I remember sitting there watching a blue screen with "WWF In Your House will be right back" for a majority of the show.

Survivor Series 1991 = It is funny because this show is actually remembered as being a historic event since that was the night Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF Title. That was a huge moment. No doubt about it. However, the complete show was wretched. It was only the second PPV I had ever seen live and I remember being so happy with Summerslam 1991 just a few months earlier. To turn right around and get hit with this show, I was like "What?". And keep in mind, I was 6 years old back then. To disappoint a six year old is pretty stunning. The show was just a mess. The Survivor Series matches featured on this show were some of the most forgettable you'll ever see, minus the Team Flair Vs. Team Piper match which had one of the dumbest endings to any match that I have ever seen. Hogan Vs. Taker was only the third match on the show, done probably so that fans wouldn't be left disappointed with a Hogan loss at the end, but it felt like the show peaked in the third match. The main event? Big Bossman & LOD Vs. IRS & The Natural Disaster. Fucking WOW! It was so uneventful, I thought something big was going to happen at the end, but nothing did. It also hurt that there was speculation that Randy Savage & Jake Roberts would captain the two teams, which would have made it awesome, but no. They kept it a six man. In hindsight, Tuesday in Texas less than a week later almost feels like an apology for this horribly put together mess.

Royal Rumble 2006 = How do you fuck up a Royal Rumble event? Seriously, the Rumble match itself takes up over a third of the show. There is no excuse to have a bad event. Well, they did! With JBL Vs. The Boogeyman & Ashley Vs. Mickie James as your undercard, the ghost of Eddie Guerrero lingering over Rey Mysterio to encourage him to win the Rumble, and two of the worst World Title matches in company history, and I'd say you've got a pretty shit show. How Kurt Angle Vs. Mark Henry got to close the show, I will never understand. And don't even get me started on Cena taking the title from Edge only three weeks after Edge won it.

No Holds Barred: The Movie, The Match = Does this even count? I dunno, but I'm doing it. Basically, if you ordered this little gem, you got No Holds Barred the movie on PPV AND a bonus match of Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake taking on Randy Savage & Zeus in a steel cage match. Fortunately, this was the end of the over-promotion that went into Hulkster's big film. Also fortunate, they haven't tried to do this with any of Cena's movies...yet!

Invasion 2001 = Any hopes of a full fledged, true blue, WWF Vs. WCW Vs. ECW angle were dashed by this show's conclusion. Did you hold out hope for any big surprises like The Outsiders, Goldberg, or Sting? Sorry to disappoint ya! What we got instead was Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mr. Monday Night Raw WWF Poster Boy, being revealed as the leader of the WCW/ECW faction. FAIL! Actually, that's a double fail because what the fuck are WCW & ECW doing together in the first place?

Hell in a Cell 2009 = The Smackdown brand died at this event, and CM Punk's career almost got taken down with it. I hated the idea of having 3 Hell in a Cell Matches on one show and I still do. But Smackdown was on a bit of a roll at that point, so I let it slide. Well, then they opened up the card with CM Punk being defeated by Undertaker for the World Title, and it all went down hill from there. From there began the awful domino effect where Morrison, Ziggler, & pretty much every young talent on SD found themselves with no direction all because nobody could move up to face CM Punk and we were back to same old same old. This show also almost killed the legacy of Hell in a Cell with three of the most ordinary HIAC matches ever brought to us.

I'll do a Top Ten Best list later.


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Re: Best & Worst WWF/E PPVs Ever

Best: Wrestlemania 19
Worst: Must be Over the Edge 1999 although thankfully I've never seen it.
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I agree with everyone of ur choices.

The Best
The Undertaker
Ric Flair
Ultimate Warrior R.I.P
Hulk Hogan
Stone Cold
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Re: Best & Worst WWF/E PPVs Ever

best in-ring show wwe have ever done overall is summerslam 2002

mitb 2011 is probably the only show wwe have ever done that i can remember everyone was happy with the outcomes, mania 17 there was alot of folks not happy with austin turning heel in texas

worst show probably king of the ring 1995, rock bottom 1998 or december to dismember, all horrible shows
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