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Re: The Shield's opponents at 'Mania

I'm a bit torn as to which Shield member to split off into a singles match between Ambrose and Reigns. Ambrose because he's the most well rounded and Reigns because he could match up better due to his size.

However I think it's likely going to be:
Ambrose/Reigns & Rollins vs Team Hell No
The other person not in tag match vs Sheamus/Ryback

One needs to win the Tag Titles off Team Hell No and while I could realistically see Reigns going over Sheamus, unfortunately I could also see Ryback/Sheamus going over Ambrose.

Originally Posted by AlienBountyHunter View Post
Good point. Would they even enter through the crowd at 'Mania? That entrance might take even longer than Undertakers.
The Undertaker will make sure to take a few seconds longer.

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Question Shield vs Evolution at WM?

After seeing the Orton/Shield segment tonight the idea of Shield facing Evolution at WM29 started to manifest in my head as a plausible possibility. Does anyone else think this could happen, and does anyone want it to happen? It doesn't seem like there's a concrete role for the Shield at Wrestlemania with all of the pieces falling into place right now and i'm semi-expecting an old faction to face them. With Randy in mid-card limbo and the recent Flair appearances I think that faction may very well be Evolution.

They got Flair and Orton on board already and I'm sure Batista won't be that hard to find for a one-off. Do you want Evolution at WM29?

you want this fade plehboi?
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Nope, know this pathetic booking it'll probably be Orton/sheamus/ryback

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Re: Shield vs Evolution at WM?

Theres no way Evolution is ever coming back

Spoiler for PWA:


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Re: Shield vs Evolution at WM?

It would be cool but the likelihood of it happening is very low. Batista isn't coming back especially.
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It would be awesome but I agree more than likely it will be orton/sheamus/ryback

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Re: Shield vs Evolution at WM?

They got nothing for Ryback, Orton and Sheamus so it's likely them facing Shield at Wrestlemania.

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Re: The Shield's opponents at 'Mania

If it's another simple six man tag between them and a combination of 3 guys they've faced in the past, I will be disappointed. I like the idea of them vs. Evolution but don't see it happening. Since it's WM, the best bet would be them vs. any old school stable. I'm thinking DX of X-Pac and the NAO since they've been popping up recently.
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Re: The Shield's opponents at 'Mania

ideally the shield against taker, orton and sheamus would be a great match.

the positives -

if they are going throw the shield against 3 wrestlers it has to somehow outdo the team of cena, sheamus and ryback, and taker is the one man that can help along with sheamus and orton be billed as strong if not stronger than that team

taker losing his streak would be at great risk against an unstoppable and so far unbeatable group, this would add some unpredictability about the match

if the shield did lose with taker getting the pin over one of them, they would still look strong when u take in account that they got beaten by a legend with a legendary streak at wrestlemania.
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Re: The Shield's opponents at 'Mania

Its interesting to think of the credible faces in the WWE and what they seem to be up to, to work out who will go against the shield. I'd be suprised if anyone, even Vinnie Mac himself knows right now though.
Kofi - seems to be feuding with Team Rhode Scholars, I believe the shield have beaten him down at some point
R-Truth - also seems to be feuding with Team Rhode Scholars, though seeing as both tag teams have officially split (or so I thought) it seems odd for these 4 men to be a in feud all the way to Mania.
Orton - seems the safest bet based on Raw, attacked the shield and nothing else
Sheamus - Seems to be fighting both the shield and Wade Barret... odd. Can't see him challenging for IC title at Mania though, big step down.
Miz - its hard to care what the miz is up to, suffice to say I'd rather he jobbed to Cesaro than was involved with the shield.
Jericho - doesn't seem to be doing anything but has been pinned by the shield on raw, I wouldn't mind him being involved, but probably not my first pick
Undertaker - seems a safer bet he'll be going against punk for the title, I can't see this happening, though it would be cool I guess.
Ryback - is an obvious option, but I really feel he needs to move on and have a 5 minute squash match where he destroys big show with a couple of entertaining power moves.

Ryback - Orton - Sheamus seems the most likely option at the moment, one would hope not in a straight tag match as much as Elim Chamber and Raw was fun I feel this needs some over the top spots to make it a Mania Classic.

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