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Re: Swagger will win the Elimination Chamber

I think Henry is going to win it.

But nothing would surprise me with WWE.

Swagger loses like 100 matches in a row, then they bring him back, no longer slick his hair, give him bangs, and give him a racist hillbilly gimmick, and we're supposed to believe he's legit.
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Re: Swagger will win the Elimination Chamber

everyone can see it's happening... Del Rio is a Mexican hero and now Swagger is an American patriot.
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Re: Swagger will win the Elimination Chamber

I think ADR vs. Swagger will happen, but not for the WHC.

Your choices are three guys who just returned after long absences, two guys who are more likely to be defending the tag belts at WM, and a superstar walking on eggshells with the Wellness Policy. I would immediately cross off Swagger (not enough heat) and Hell No. Comes down to Henry, Jericho, and Orton. I'm thinking Henry wins it, ADR retains at EC, and we have ADR vs. Henry in one WM match, Jericho vs. Ziggler in another WM match, and then Ziggler cashing in on ADR.

An alternative would be to have Jericho win EC, have Show win back the belt and face Jericho at WM, with Jericho winning the belt only to have it spoiled by Ziggler. But I'm thinking the company will want to keep the ADR push going and have him hold the belt until WM. (Sorry for going into fantasy booker mode but I see all kinds of ways they can play this). Have ADR invoke his rematch clause against Ziggler the following Raw, Langston and AJ barred from ringside, and have Swagger interfere and cost ADR the match, setting up the feud for a match at Extreme Rules. Then give Orton a title shot in his hometown of St. Louis vs. Ziggler at Extreme Rules.

Watch none of this play out even remotely close to this, but it's fun to imagine the possibilities.

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Re: Swagger will win the Elimination Chamber

Jack Swagger gets his 2nd chance so next pls push Drew McIntyre
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Oh my god that would be shit. Jericho or mark Henry to win. No way should jack swagger go into mania and wrestle for the world title

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Re: Swagger will win the Elimination Chamber

Swagger winning would be a trainwreck. Henry or y2j have to win

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Re: Swagger will win the Elimination Chamber

He'll be the strong participant who goes close but comes up just short. It'll either be Henry or Jericho who win the chamber, and Henry would make more sense. ADR (c) vs Henry @ WM, ADR wins to get that WM moment, Henry destroys him post match, Ziggles cashes in after beating Jericho in a singles match, and he leaves New York as the champion. Opens up a potential Ziggles/Jericho title feud, or Ziggles/ADR feud.
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Re: Swagger will win the Elimination Chamber

I can see the chamber going like this(6 is eliminated first and 1st wins)

1.Jack Swagger
2.Daniel Bryan
3.Randy Orton
4.Chris Jericho
5.Mark Henry

Kane gets eliminated by Mark Henry and not long after Henry is eliminated after everyone uses there finishers on him. Chris Jericho will be eliminated by Orton, It'll be similar to the Rumble he manages to knock everybody left down before he gets eliminated. Orton would then dominate the match until Daniel Bryan makes him tap, Orton is about to leave the chamber but then turns around and give Bryan an RKO and Swagger pins Bryan for the win.

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Re: Swagger will win the Elimination Chamber

The only person I can see Swagger eliminating is Kane. They should've left him out of the chamber and given him a singles match against someone

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Re: Swagger will win the Elimination Chamber

Originally Posted by DesolationRow View Post
But the heat on Swagger needs to be increased dramatically in a very short timeframe to make it really work. We'll see.
Which will not happen. Not only it takes time to actually build up a character, but it takes even more for a heel to gather proper heat, especially a guy like Swagger, who isn't a really good mic worker nor is he a charismatic individual.

Take into consideration todays WWE and the main public and yeah, I can't really see something like that happening!

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