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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

Originally Posted by dxbender View Post
The Rock might have similar entrance that Cena had at WM23?

Jesus Christ. Nothing about that car makes me think of the Rock, aside from the lettering.
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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

it's an ugly ass color too. lol.
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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

Originally Posted by Stone Hot View Post
Rock vs Brock wont close WM 30. Vince and HHH wont let 2 part timers close the biggest show of the year and if Rock doesn't like it well to bad he can take his ball and go home and cry
even with your lines and posts u still live at another era HOT .. THIS IS ROCK'S WORDS TO STONE COLD not the other way around .. easy on yourself

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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

Hey @TheRock @WWE couldn't get my visa straight 4 panama but went to #NSCA 2day to #clean it 335lbs #RTime=NOW
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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

Only thing that can save this Rock-Cena feud is Cena's heel turn.However,I absolutely dread to think what if da superman pins Rock clean at Mania,remains face,and vows to break Punk's 434 day reign and continues to remain champion for two years.Who will save us from John Cena.When the Rock came back I really thought,his coming-The Second Coming, will save us from Cena's 'reign of terror',but now all hope is almost lost.Lets see what the WWE decides.

And LOL to people discussing about main event of WM30,even though WM29 still hasn't taken place.

THE ROCK: The biggest star and draw of pro-wrestling industry EVER.

1.Holds the record of drawing most major shows with 10,000+ attendance on top in one calendar year.[Broke Hogan's(1986) and Austin's(1998) record in 1999 and set a record of headlining over 100 shows with 10,000 plus people in attendance in year 2000.A box-office drawing record that is unsurpassed till date.]

2.Holds the record of main-eventing almost 17 PPVs that have got over 500k buys(again,a feat of inimitable drawing power that is unmatched by anyone in pro-wrestling history)

3.Drew the highest cable ratings during the AE.

4.Sold more merchandise than anyone active between mid 1999-2001.

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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

lol Cena
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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

this match is going to suck!!
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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

Where did that car pic come from?
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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

What I tell you guys before? Cena's turning heel, and I'm not some troll who claims to "know backstage stuff", I just looked at the proof and examined carefully with logic.

Key Points,

1. Cena never had the Opportunity to turn Heel Before,

Anything before 2010 doesn't count as 1, PG era was brand new and the current cena superman style character just started in 2008-2009ish and 2010 was about the middle of the pg era.

So we start with 2010.

in 2010 he beat batista and had nothing to gain(when he had the orange shirt), was at his height.

Nexus - it was 2010, PG era was new, they had nobody else, and wwe made it obvious that he wasn't turning(he was at his 2nd colored t shirt at the time, pg cena was fresh)

2011 - they were building to wrestlemania 28, impossibility

Embrace the hate, just a tease, if he was turning heel, we wouldn't have known, it would've been a surprise with minor hints.

Wrestlemania 28 - it was miami and rock just came back, no way was cena winning and no signs of him turning(he wasn't mad after the loss at wm 27, and wasn't as desperate, he was like rocky balboa in this match with the I need to win, etc)

However now he does.

Wrestlemania 29 - obvious heel stuff here from the evidence, cena is desperate, life has become ruin(in storyline), look at his face at the end, the rock exposed him, he's had a bad year, is acting like a whiner instead of the cena we know that dust himself off and tries again, this cena is angry about his loss, and had hate on his face when the rock told him how it is.

So there ya go he never had the chance to turn heel

2, In the promo on raw he was obviously angry and had hate on his face(not obvious tease like "embarace" the hate but for real this time, rock compares him to the phony lance armstrong, etc,

Originally Posted by SavedByChrist94 View Post
Look at the promo from raw and tell me he's not turning heel.

lets examine,

Lets start off in the beginning with fact that Cena says that Wrestlemania 28 sent his life into a tailspin, obvious if his life went down the drain because of that match he's going do anything it takes to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Then at 2:10 he says he's not throwing this chance away, hmm.

Then please look at 5:40 and on and please try to tell me he's not turning heel, this is uncharacteristic of cena, he usually laughs this stuff off, he has not just anger is his face but hate.

Remember Wrestlemania 17?

Look at the signs,

austin returned and tryed all throughout 2000 to get the wwf title and revenge, and when he finds the guy who masterminded it, he loses to him at no way out in '01, then look at the promo with austin/rock the day after no way out 2001,

Look at 8:43, it was the EXACT same promo at the end. come one guys cena is turning heel.

most likely vince wants to redo the austin heel turn because it failed in 2001, this time he wants to do it right.

3, The Rock will be at extreme rules, having him lose twice cleanly is impossible, there is nothing to gain and it's damaging so, only 2 possibilities.

1, Cena wins uncleanly via heel turn at wrestlemania, then at the rematch in extreme rules, loses again uncleanly(like wrestlemania 17 and night after)

2, The Rock wins again at wrestlemania and cena wins the rematch

if the rock loses he then has to face Cena again, he cannot face someone else because of the wwe title rematch clause, so those are the only two possibilities, the latter is most likely not happening and all the evidence points to 1, therefore watch out because john cena is turning heel and remember I wasn't looking for a heel turn, I thought cena would just win cleanly at mania, but with promo on raw and The rock being at extreme rules, cenas turning heel.

you disagree? then you must refute each point, saying he's the golden boy means nothing because austin was the golden boy in 01 yet they turned him heel for no reason, when the rock was leaving after mania 17 and with no other babyface on par. with cena there is no excuse, he will sell more t shirts as a heel(nwo), and his kid fans are probably teenagers now guys, my 15(going to be 16 year old brother was a cena fan in 2003/2004(thugnomics) as kid, now hes entering adulthood and he doesn't even care about cena,

the kids from 2009-2011 are probably also now 13-17

EDIT: Even more proof, wwe's june ppv will probably be called 'payback',

come on guys, never before has cena had evidence for a heel turn, never, only because people wanted it or "felt" it, now that it's evident, everyones saying "impossible" etc, vince got you all, that was probably why he waited so long for a heel turn so you wouldn't expect it.

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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

Originally Posted by Shazayum View Post
It makes sense for Cena to turn heel but I don't see him turning heel at a filler Mania.
wwe won't do a big heel turn at wrestlemania 30, no way we're leaving wrestlemania 30 without a celebration, so it's heel turn now or wait til 2015, the latter is unlikely, therefore he's turning heel at this mania.

Originally Posted by Stone Hot View Post
I say this with all the cena heel turn threads. Ill see it to believe but to the people who say hes never turning well never say never cena will be heel one day before he retires. Back on topic i like the comparisons to Austin back in 2001 the question is if cena does turn heel at WM 29 how does he do it?

Remember last year at wrestlemania 28, during rock/cena near the end, cena looked like he was contemplating something? I honestly at that very moment thought cena was turning heel, however he took his wrist pads to mock the rock and lost the match.

well cena has that exact face, he can't win, and he ain't losing his life again like 2012, so what does he do? he either snaps and cheats, or gets re-enforcement.

what I would do is this, make him snap at mania 29 and let him beat rock via heel turn(low blow), yelling "I can't do it", get a chair etc, shield comes out of the blue, lights go off, referee gets knocked out, shield holds rocky while cena hits him, and referee counts earl hebner style, cena wins the wwe title for the first time since 2011 via heel turn, cena starts yelling and screaming, "I did it! I'm back, and what?" etc, tells the shield "i love you guys"

vince mcmahon(promoter and rockys boy) comes out and says "what is this", and cena hits him too(will get extreme heat for hitting vince), rock gets up and gets rock bottomed, attitude adjusted, mocked, etc, they show cena and his boys go up the ramp, while jerry lawler stays speechless, michael cole says this is the worst night in history, the end of an era, career thrown in the trash etc. everybody takes their headsets off in disbelief.

they show the rock being assisted by medical personal, rock leaves and then they show the empty ring with the crowd screaming(or booing), fade to black, wwe logo, and that's it end of the pg era and cena era, it ran it's course.(2008-2013 for pg era is too long,(ET era was 2002-2007 and AE was 97-01),cena era was 2005-2013(way too long, look at hogan, he became the man in 85 but lets be real wasn't big til wm III, 87 was the year so 87-96, 9 years, however after 92 the boom was over so more like 85-92 or 87-92

cena has been the guy since 05, that's already passing hogan(if you count realistically from 87 to 92 would be 2 more years than hogan) or at least equal to hogan(from 85 would be 8 years to 92 making them even)

cena's turning. after that they can do all kinds of stuff. maybe instead of shield joining cena, randy orton(rumored to turn heel) actually joins his arch rival john cena in the john cena heel turn against the rock, setting wm 30 to be randy/rock.

who knows how they'll do it, but all evidence and logic(such as the promo where cena looked like a heel and rock exposed him, and cena being angry and desperate, cena having no one to face throughout the year, rock being at extreme rules, rock not losing twice to cena, rocks not going to look stupid etc)

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