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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

Too many people hating. I thought it was a great promo and both of them performed. Actually looking forward to next week now, even though Rock isn't there.
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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

I thought it was uninteresting. Cena's time has been at the top since for six years plus now, and has been the guy since WM21. Really, Cena, your time is NOW after 10+ title reigns? Meh.

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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

Lol @ people saying ITS THE SAME OLD SHIT. Not the same as last year at all.
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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

I thought this promo was gold. Way better than both of them insulting each other and "shoot" comments and concerts and rap songs. This was a classic old school promo that did it's job.
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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

I don't think you will find anyone disagreeing that it's much better than last year between the two. A lot of people who don't like it is because we just got a Punk/Rock feud which was always going to blow any feud Cena is involved with out of the water, so it's like a step down in the promo and match department.

Am I looking forward to Cena/Rock? Hell no. I saw that shit last year and by shit, boy do I mean shit. No way in hell should that be happening again but Vince and his senile old fuck likes his rematches doesn't he.

I will say this though, I'm more interested in how they think they can top Mondays promo. They can't. They wasted the whole build of promos etc on that one. I hope to see a lot more intensity in Cena. I want Rock to push him over the edge so we get a vicious Cena who will do everything in his power to win that belt, beat The Rock.
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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

Pure gold promo: 10/10

Both dudes looked great.
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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

I would be fine if that was the only promo and real interaction they have with each other until WrestleMania. It would be perfect.
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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

I honestly can't think of what these guys have left to say to each other.

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Proof and Evidence that John Cena Will turn Heel at Wrestlemania 29

Look at the promo from raw and tell me he's not turning heel.

lets examine,

Lets start off in the beginning with fact that Cena says that Wrestlemania 28 sent his life into a tailspin, obvious if his life went down the drain because of that match he's going do anything it takes to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Then at 2:10 he says he's not throwing this chance away, hmm.

Then please look at 5:40 and on and please try to tell me he's not turning heel, this is uncharacteristic of cena, he usually laughs this stuff off, he has not just anger is his face but hate.

Remember Wrestlemania 17?

Look at the signs,

austin returned and tryed all throughout 2000 to get the wwf title and revenge, and when he finds the guy who masterminded it, he loses to him at no way out in '01, then look at the promo with austin/rock the day after no way out 2001,

Look at 8:43, it was the EXACT same promo at the end. come one guys cena is turning heel.

most likely vince wants to redo the austin heel turn because it failed in 2001, this time he wants to do it right.

John Cena is winning at Wrestlemania 29, but he ain't winning clean. if not then cena will once again... lose.

Cutting all the excuses, "he's too popular", austin and hogan were popular.

he had multiple chances, sure about that?

Nexus - it was 2010, PG era was new, they had nobody else, and wwe made it obvious that he wasn't turning(he was at his 2nd colored t shirt at the time, pg cena was fresh)

2011 - they were building to wrestlemania 28, impossibility

Embrace the hate, just a tease, if he was turning heel, we wouldn't have known, it would've been a surprise with minor hints.

Wrestlemania 28 - it was miami and rock just came back, no way was cena winning and no signs of him turning(he wasn't mad after the loss at wm 27, and wasn't as desperate, he was like rocky balboa in this match with the I need to win, etc)

Wrestlemania 29 - obvious heel stuff here from the evidence, cena is desperate, life has become ruin(in storyline), look at his face at the end, the rock exposed him, he's had a bad year, is acting like a whiner instead of the cena we know that dust himself off and tries again, this cena is angry about his loss, and had hate on his face when the rock told him how it is.

UPDATE 1, March 11, 2013 - via

"Cena said Perkins was right. "Mine eye and heart are at immortal war," he said. Cena said he watches Mania as a fan, so he will be caught up in the event, but his heart wants to whip The Rock's ass. So, he's at this war with himself because he wants to win the WWE Title at WM29. Cena said he will be there and his heart and soul will go into that match. He said, "I promise you, you won't believe your eyes." This drew applause from the crowd after WWE wow'ed the techies describing how an entertainment brand is incorporating social media into the fabric of their company. "


Preview to Rock/Cena II Wrestlemania 29 ends with the picture in my signature(Cena with a heel face),


New John Cena T-Shirt sells before mania, if he was turning heel they'd try to sell as much merch while he's face.


the segment with Prime Time players, he proves a heel turn,

watch 3:45 Darren Young says he's going to make Cena "cry" like at Wrestlemania 28 and look at Cena's face and reaction.

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Re: Proof and Evidence that John Cena will turn Heel at Wrestlemania 29

I appreciate your effort into the analysis, but I still don't believe it.

Too much money is being made out of him being the face of the WWE today.
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