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Re: Is there ANY chance Cena losses against the rock?

he could win isnt rock booked up for the next ppv. could rock lose two ppv's back to back ?
i dont think that will happen he will lose one but i cant see the rock losing the both off them.

its so obvious that cena is winning hence why i think the wwe may go the diffrent route. the wwe isnt daft they no its an obvious thing but surly there has to be some form off heel turn on cena's part. or the rock wins. its wrestlemania i cant see how they can base this whole ppv on it being so predictable. put it this way we want to hope the bookies take bets as its gonna be an easy way to make a few quid
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Re: Is there ANY chance Cena losses against the rock?

No cena is not losing vs Rock and nor he should lose. Cena deserves to beat the rock and this is coming from a true cena hater

Proud mark and supporter of Triple H. All of his wins are well deserved and he has earned his spot. Theres nothing you guys can do about it. Haters can suck it.

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10. Mick Foley

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Re: Is there ANY chance Cena losses against the rock?

Most predictable main event in a long time.

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Re: Is there ANY chance Cena losses against the rock?

Cena wins, which for me casts a huge shadow over Wrestlemania this year...

i have a friend who i got into wrestling recently and i had to explain to him you just ignore the ending to any Cena match and it will make PPV's and Raw more bearable, sad really

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Re: Is there ANY chance Cena losses against the rock?

I would love to see Cena lose and that connect to a storyline when he loses it and turns heel lol...but nah I have a strong feeling he isn't going to lose....I have a very strong feeling we will all be choking weekly after wrestlemania and for the rest of the year as WWE will be shoving Cena down all of our throats. I think Cena having a terrible year last year happened because WWE is doing what they did when Cena's career took off, he wasn't in a lot of high card stuff then, then bam he won the WWE title and that started years and years of Cena on now I think he will win at Wrestlemania like he did at WM 21 and then we will have to deal with years of Cena on high card storylines again.
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Re: Is there ANY chance Cena losses against the rock?

Why would people want Rock's lame title run to go on? Work rate will go up once Cena has the strap.
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Re: Is there ANY chance Cena losses against the rock?

Originally Posted by checkcola View Post
Why would people want Rock's lame title run to go on? Work rate will go up once Cena has the strap.
...........this is exactly why I didn't want Rock to win the title, we never see the WWE Champion in RAW matches now, Rock barely shows up for anything which I think is pathetic since he is WWE champion. I like Rock and have lots of respect for him, but The Rock now is not the same one that I grew up watching....the only thing he cares about now is making appearances for movie stuff and anything that boosts he ego.
The way I see it, its a win/win in my eyes for Wrestlemania. If Cena wins then the WWE title will become interesting again since it will be DEFENDED more, if he loses then it could open up an interesting storyline for him.

I'll give Cena one thing.....he definitely is a lot more loyal to entertaining us in the ring for more than just once every 3-4 months unlike The Rock.
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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

thought it was a great promo, the facial selling by cena at the end suggesting "man maybe i can't beat this guy" was so much money
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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

Just complete spit balling here but I thought up of two scenarios in my head, aside from the one WWE will probably go with, on how this will end that will make a lot of people happy and intrigued.

WWE's way: Cena wins a clean match and comes out on top with the WWE Championship.

What I thought of, and it's strictly thought up of, it's not me thinking this will happen or anything, just spit balling to make the most of Cena-Rock II.

Over the next few weeks, WWE continues building up that John Cena NEEDS to get his win back and Cena continues stressing that he will be anything to get that win back and right the wrong. The Rock continues playing up that he knows he can beat John Cena because he's done it before. He says he'll do it again at Wrestlemania 29. Rock says John Cena will go down as the man that lost to The Rock two times at two consecutive Wrestlemanias. The go-home show to Wrestlemania concludes with Cena snapping and Cena-Rock having a brawl to close Raw, which has the locker room try to separate them to close the show.

A) John Cena has his usual big Wrestlemania entrance in all black attire, black shorts, t-shirt, hat, etc... they wrestle a clean, respectful match for about 12 minutes until the referee takes a bump and chaos ensues. Tons of brawling in the ring, outside of the ring, and we start seeing glimpses of that "anything" Cena was referring to, as he low blows The Rock to get an advantage. Cena takes a steel chair and goes crazy on The Rock with it while the referee is down, a la WM17 Austin-Rock, and when Cena goes for the cover, it only gets a two. Cena has a "what the hell do I have to do to beat him" look on his face. Cena rips off the turnbuckle padding to distract the referee and it allows Cena to take the WWE Championship and nail The Rock in the face and pick up the victory. Next night on Raw - Cena stresses that he NEEDED to right the wrong and said he would do anything to do it and he did just that. It leads to a final encounter between Rock-Cena at Extreme Rules in a Last Man Standing match.


B) Cena-Rock wrestle a clean match for about 13-15 minutes when Paul Heyman suddenly makes his presence felt. Rock-Heyman would have a brief backstage segment on the go-home show for Wrestlemania (Rock-Brock foreshadowing?). Rock would turn his attention to Paul on the apron and drag him into the ring, but as the referee would try pushing Paul out of the ring with his back towards the action, Cena would grab a steel chain and nail The Rock in the face with hit. Cena-Heyman would stare each other down and lip "anything" at each other. Cena pauses in the ring and seems like he's getting flashbacks to Wrestlemania 28, and starts pummeling The Rock, beating him down. Cena picks up the victory and acknowledges Paul Heyman after the match in the ring. Leads to Cena-Rock III at Extreme Rules and plants the seeds for Rock-Brock at Wrestlemania 30.

Now, A equals John Cena REMAINS a babyface or at least, a tweener. He doesn't turn full heel, he just shows a different side to him, a desperate side to him, a more aggressive, edgy side to him. B equals John Cena turning full heel, and that's why it's NOT going to happen at all, at least not right now, because WWE doesn't want it. Like I said, just random thoughts popping into my head on the match and build. I feel like WWE needs to do something big to keep the fans interested post-Wrestlemania as Cena will be WWE Champion, but odds are they go with Cena winning a clean match and probably shaking hands with The Rock after it's all over. Just random thoughts.

Both scenarios would also lead to Cena-Taker at WM30, B plants seeds for Rock-Brock, so there's the double main event.

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Re: What does Cena gain from beating The Rock?

Either if he turns heel or not Cena must win the match...then he should challenge Taker for a match at WMXXX.
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