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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

I want to see Cena or Rock accidentally hitting each other with a chair while saving each other. They used to use that all the time with two faces back in the day.

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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

No, they booked it right.

If Cena beat Rock last year they would have jobbed out his momentum in a manner of weeks. Most of you guys would have jobbed him out to Lesnar. Or he takes the title off Punk's hands and ends his momentum and further incites his detractors. Not only are you squashing Rock's return but the environment really wasn't there for Cena to retain his momentum.

Cena beats Rock for the title and now he can have a lengthy title run that probably ends around Summerslam putting that guy over huge.
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Re: What does Cena gain from beating The Rock?

Originally Posted by itssoeasy23 View Post
I agree. Even though is makes sense to have Rock win his first match back in what? 8 years. It still didn't make sense to have Cena loss. Now their doing rematch and people are acting like it's so predictable, when last year they swerved everyone with Rock going over. This year though, Cena has to win. There is no way, no how that they should have their top face job to a guy two years in a row. Much less 3 years in a row. Cena is still the top face of the company the last time I checked, so if they don't put Cena over Rook I have NO CLUE what their doing with Cena.

Seriously, there's going to come a point when Rock is going to have to take a pin, right? He has to lose eventually, they can't have him win every single match. He lose to Cena this year, than will face (and beat) Lesnar next year. Than he'll either leave, or work WM 31. Either or, it wouldn't make sense in the slightest for WWE to put The Rock over Cena. Again. Even though I didn't agree with Rock going over Cena the first time, it made some sense of the fact that they didn't want to job Rock out right away.

If Cena doesn't win, than I have no clue what WWE is doing with their top face. Cena going over The Rock makes all the sense in the world. One, it's adds to Cena's legacy. Two, it puts him over huge and adds potential fuel for a storyline with Taker at WrestleMania 30. He's beaten them all, h's done it all. But there's one thing he hasn't done yet, and that's take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania. It writes itself.
The one scenario were it makes sense for Cena to lose to Rock is if a heel turn is set in stone at WM 30. Doesn't have to be clean either. Let's say Orton interferes. Sets up Rock v Cena v Orton were Rock drops the belt.

You still have Cena failing to beat Rock twice and now his back is against the wall to end the streak. Cena turns from the pressure. Then you can have a heel Cena squash Rocky once and for all.

That being said I know Cena is winning.

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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

They didn't swerve EVERYONE last year. Plenty of people thought Rock was gonna win. Geez, they were in Miami and it was Rocks first singles match in almost a decade.

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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

Cena Heel Turn or Rocks Just going to Put Cena over after the match. The ladder would be so Cringe Worthy watching, and the former is all but confirmed to not happen. We are back at status quo, Punk's going to Job to Cena after the PPV, and it's early 2011 all over again. They are going to TRY to make stars to feed the machine in John Cena.

Dolph Ziggler, Antonio Cesaro, The Shield, they will all be run through by Cena. This Company's going no where and there ratings will plummet more during this year.

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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

I would have felt Cena's speech more if it was actually true. Cena trying to convince us that losing to the Rock last year bothered him this much when we saw 1st hand him come out all smiles after he lost. He's going with the " I need to win" speech again. He would be all smiles again if he lost this match also.
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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

This thread is just full of Punk marks and Punk haters trolling each other, it was a decent promo certainly better then anything they did last year but it wasn't as good as the punk/rock promos and don't buy into the redemption story of Cena one bit and he's still grinning like an idiot at times.

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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

Originally Posted by The Main Headliner View Post
I call BS as well. One of the most overlooked things about The Rock is that if any star can not be hurt by a loss..It's THE ROCK. His charisma and crowd control is what put him over in the first place. He didn't need to get the superman pushes like Hogan/Austin/Cena. Rock's lost most of his big time title matches, yet was the most popular man on the roster.

Now what would make SOME kind of sense is if they FINALLY turned John Cena heel during this match, after a loss or after a Rock win. The NYC crowd will already be booing the hell out of him. Might as well pull the trigger on the turn and have Cena win via heel turn, wreck havoc for a year and then lose to Taker at mania 30.
If that happend I would go mark out like crazy and the whole trip there would be worth the 1000s I'm spending

Won't happen though
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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo.

Originally Posted by mblonde09 View Post
I never said the promo was horrible, but simply that it didn't match up to the Rock/Punk stuff. That being said, the build up would be ten times better, if Punk was involved, because he's able to elevate everything, and more importantly he's able to elevate Cena's motivation.
What stuff? The only good thing about Rock/Punk is their first 1 on 1 promo.

...but I do agree with you on one thing..Punk deserve to be in the main event(Triple threat). I think, overall, he's the best superstar in the world today, literally.

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Re: The Rock vs Cena Promo

It was a straight up on script promo used to get over what the theme of the feud is about which is redemption for Cena

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