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The direction of the WWE Championship..

Here is what I think will happen regarding the main event of Wrestlemania.

It's pretty much done now that we will be getting Punk/Rock at Elimination Chamber which I think is brilliant. The little build for Rumble was superb but to now continue that for a further three weeks is great as I think you would all agree. But for me, I think we will get a Punk win.

Why? You ask. Why would they have Rock win at Rumble only to hand it back to Punk at the Chamber and ruin his consecutive days streak? The Rock being the WWE Champion will no doubt bring in viewers and they hope that he will bring in some extra money, simple credibility perhaps, of course it will. CM Punk was the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era and the past 25+ years, he had nothing else to prove holding it.

We stroll into Elimination Chamber, it comes to the main event and we get CM Punk vs. The Rock. I have no doubt that this match will probably be better than the Royal Rumble match too, mainly because I don't think it will be as much of a clusterfuck and we will probably get some false finishes thrown in there, I'm not saying that they make a great match but I think it shows that the competitor wants it so much that they're not willing to give up so easy.

CM Punk kicks out of a Rock Bottom, he kicks out of a Peoples Elbow. The Rock kicks out of a GTS and withstands the Anaconda Vice. But eventually CM Punk manages to pick up the win, whether it's clean or dirty it doesn't matter. The next night on Raw, CM Punk is celebrating in his heelish way, saying that this is why he is the best in the world.

The Rock comes out and gets in the ring to go head to head with CM Punk. He says he has a rematch clause and they will meet at Wrestlemania as the camera pans so that both men are in the shot with the Wrestlemania sign. Then John Cena comes out to a chorus of boos and right there and then the triple threat match between the two is made for Wrestlemania. No Rock/Cena II but add Punk in there and it certainly gets a lot more interesting. CM Punk gets his Wrestlemania main event. He goes INTO Mania in fact the WWE Champion.

We then get to Mania and we all still pretty much know Cena is going to win. He already had his speech last night on how he has found CM Punk and The Rock impossible to beat as he hasn't beat Punk in years and the one time Cena faced The Rock in the biggest match of his career he lost.

Well that is just the "perfect" coincidence that John Cena walks into Mania AGAINST the two men he has found it impossible to beat. He would then beat Punk and Rock and become the New WWE Champion after "overcoming the odds" that only John Cena knows how.

Now I don't exactly want this to happen as I don't want John Cena anywhere near the WWE Championship unless he ends up putting over the champion. But I can see it now, John Cena is holding on to the belt long enough to pass it over to Ryback, whether that is at Summerslam or he holds it all the way to next Wrestlemania, I can definitely see that being the WWE's plan.
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