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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013


Rumble itself was far better than the others we have had in recent years but the booking was predictably awful and all the other matches were meh.
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

I went with 8/10 because I enjoyed the fuck out of the show. Perhaps I was just in the right mood last night. It probably helps that I was already resigned to the fact that Cena was winning the Rumble and Punk was dropping the belt. Basically, my expectations were low as far as match results.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

6 for me. First two matches were both 9's. Extremely entertaining.

Rumble was 5. Entertaining and really good to see Jericho back, but he should have won and Cena winning was the most obvious and worst outcome there could have been.

Rock / Punk was a strong match over all save the ending and Punk coming out before Rocky.
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

7 out of 10.

The Del Rio vs Big Show match was just Meh.
The Tag Match was just Meh
The Royal Rumble was quite good in my opinion, it was a nice solid Rumble. It doens't affect me who wins so i always enjoy watching people moan
The Rock vs Cm Punk was decent.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

7/10 it was entertaining enough even if I don't like the winners of the the rumble or main event, thought it wasn't a good way for Punk to lose the title and I fail to see what "The Shield" will do now as well

Tag match was a solid match, Heavyweight Championship match was decent enough ending a bit shit though, Rumble was good, not bad, not great and the main event bar a few cock ups was decent
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

Originally Posted by CharliePrince View Post
-ADR's LAst Man Standing chokeslam spot will be remembered forever
sorry, i missed what you mean with this. when did that happen, coz i cant remember, that something like that happened, maybe i just overlooked it.

Thankful for CM Punk making me watch WWE again.
6/27/11 is same important as 6/23/96

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Not removing until:
[] Raw or SD makes again a 6.5 or even a higher rating
[] AJ Styles wins Royal Rumble
[] CM Punk wins Royal Rumble
[] CM Punk and AJ Styles main eventing Wrestlemania in an iron man match (and so creating epic stuff as e.g. misawa and kawada did in their matches)
[] WWE pays tribute to Mitsuharu Misawa

Punk holding the title for 434 days was epic. it was the greatest reign in the history of wrestling (but not the way the reign ended):

AJ Styles is GOAT (period)
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

World Hvt. Championship - Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show - This match was the surprise of the night for me. There were some nice spots, Big Show going through the barricade and Del Rio going through that table when they were clambering about on the set. Del Rio his looking fantastic as a face too. The finish was a disappointment, although this was a recurring theme throughout the entire PPV.

Tag-Team Championship - Hell No vs. Rhodes Scholars - As corny as it has been at times, Team Hell No has had some really good character development and it's always nice to see the mid-card get some attention. The match was solid, it was good seeing Bryan get the win for them too.

The Royal Rumble Match - I loved the build-up Ziggler was getting throughout the night, he's looking like a real major player now and seems comfortable in the role. His mic work has improved ten-fold. Jericho's entry as number 2 was the highlight of the match, the biggest pop we've seen since MITB 2011. Cody Rhodes stood-out in the match again, especially during his back and forth with Goldust.

Unlike the last few years, there seemed an abundance of star power in the match; Cena, Jericho, Sheamus, Orton, Ryback, Ziggler, Kane etc. The ending again was rather anti-climatic, the match itself was fun and entertaining, it's a shame about the winner however.

WWE Championship - CM Punk vs. The Rock - The quality was disappointing, Rocky has really declined in the ring, although its expected in fairness. I thought it was a massive shock when Punk pinned Rock for the three-count. After Vince came out I thought the result would be obvious though. Feel good finish for the fans in attendance and a new champion after 434 days of Punk (which I've thoroughly enjoyed).

Overall - It was a good show with a real big-fight feel throughout the whole event. Definitely one of the better PPV's in recent memory. I think the John Cena/Rock results have left a bad taste in peoples mouths as they don't want a rehash at Wrestlemania. As a stand-alone PPV though I thought it was great. 8/10.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

4/10, disappointing.

Miz vs Cesaro: It was great until Miz got injuried and Cesaro hit his finisher just because the match had to end.

Del Rio vs Big Show: That was the best match for me, even if it was obvious that Del Rio was going to win again.

Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars: Nothing that we haven't seen a lot of times on TV.

Royal Rumble: The return of Jericho was amazing, but the rest was forgettable. They could have done a lot of things with that, like 3MB working together and actually eliminating someone, Maddox entering the Rumble without being an official entrant just for the lulz, Kane or Khali eliminating... someone, something with The Shield... and Cena winning? He needs another title, yeah. I also expected the return of Christian.

Punk vs Rock: With Cena winning the Rumble, the end of this match became very obvious. And the botched moves didn't help.
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

I'll give it a 6/10.

Very solid match to kick things off between Del Rio and Big Show. Although the finish was somewhat a let down, it was entertaining. I really love how Del Rio and Ricardo are working together.

Not so high on Tag Team matches these days, but it was a good match nonetheless. Btw, how many times have the Rhode Scholars lost to Team Hell No already? Get them new contenders FFS!

Rumble match was one of my fav parts of the night. Legit marked out like a kid when I heard Jericho's music. Think everything was played right from the match to the eliminations etc, but it could be better if there were more surprise entrants. Not complaining though. Cena winning it was expected so nothing to fret about even though I wanted someone who never won it to win.

Would love to see Pyro's reaction when Bo Dallas eliminated Barrett. He was the first person to come to my mind.

Rock vs Punk was nothing spectacular. A good match with an awful ending plus the table botch didn't help it either. That would have ignited a spark in the match had he hit the Rock Bottom on the table and not the floor, looking somewhat absurd in the process. Rock winning the title in the end was one of my best moment of the night up there with Jericho's return.

So yeah, 6/10 from me. Would be more but Cena winning the Rumble and the awful ending to the WWE Title match didn't help.
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

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