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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

I give it 7.

There were disappointing winners (Cena...) but there were a lot of great moments too (returns of Jericho, Goldust etc.) + decent quality of matches.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

Was pretty annoyed, tired at 4am this morning, but on reflection, it wasn't too bad.

i'm going to go for a 6.

At the time I think I was annoyed because I'd told myself it would be rubbish if Cena and Rock both won. Actually though, it was obvious and I should never have even HOPED for anything different.

The only real negative was Punk losing his streak to a people's elbow and the whole "let's please the kids" vibe that whole ending gave. If there had been no streak for punk, that ending wouldn't have bothered me; if it had been a Rock Bottom and not a spinebuster, it wouldn't have bothered me either. Just meh.

The actual Royal Rumble I thought was really good! Khali is always disappointing to see and not as many 'surprise' entrants than there has been in the past but the match was high quality. It too ended pretty poo - would have liked to have seen different to a simple bundle over the ropes but hey ho.

In terms of where the WWE is heading this year though, is disappointing unless something changes. The first half of the year AT LEAST is going to be all about Cena. Until he turns heel, it just doesn't interest me in the very slightest - and I worry how Punk will be used now.
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

First things first, the night opened with the DR vs BS LMS match. Which was okay, nothing special but okay. Until the ending, when DR did the exact same thing to BS that Cena did to Batista a few years ago. So...a rehashed method, that basically ended the match quick and that was it. Personally the WHC hasn't been something I cared about in quite sometime, it almost feels on par with the ICC/US title, just thrown around and treated like crap.

So the next match was the Tag Team Match, which might I ad was nothing special. Daniel Bryan has a lot of potential to be up there with Dolph, Randy, and those others going for the WHC/WWE title. WWE has so many mid/low tier carders sitting around doing nothing, while Bryan/Kane take it. I love Team Hell No, but Bryan has a great future in the solo field, and Kane is retiring soon I'd assume. Regardless of that, the match was nothing special, something we'd see on Smackdown/Raw.

Next we continue to the RR the match I was hoping for. Going into this match...I feared one thing, and one thing only...and that's Cena winning. I knew if Cena won...that it would set in place Rock vs Cena rematch. So much for "Once in a lifetime" right WWE? I was happy to see Jericho, was really excited to see Ziggler last so long, heck I wouldn't have minded seeing Rybak got another massive push with a Rumble win to his name. But no...instead the overpushed Cena is already given another Main Event handed them him, and another Rumble win...as predicted. This basically setup a overly predicted main event.

So the main event...started off okay. I noticed the same thing I noticed with Rock/Cena last year at WM...Rock just gets tired WAY TOO fast. A lot of the match consisted of Punk just carrying the Rock. The match ended up with some nonsense black out shield attack which already made me facepalm...then I thought at that moment it was SAFE. Punk would win, and Rock/Cena would not be set in stone, but no Vince comes out with some dumb speech only to get interrupted by The Rock. Superman in this case to say "NO I'LL TAKE IT FROM HIM" and good golly gee the match is restarted. And similar to about 99% of the matches with Cena, the Rock takes a massive beating then kicks out, only to get 1 God Mode counter on CM Punk and pin him with one peoples Elbow. Congratulations.

5/10 (Not interested in Rock vs Cena #2...) "ONCE IN A LIFETIME JK TWICE IN A ROW!!"
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

Terrible outcomes, and Punk Rock was dead. But, ADR/BigShow was good, and the RR was fun I guess. The crowd were really into it.

I give it a 6.


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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

A solid 8.

Rock and Hell No wins did it for me.

I wish Cena would not have won the RR... but overall good show.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

I didnt watch the pre show match miz vs cesaro so cant say anything bout that one.

Del Rio vs Big Show - Average. A little too much(what is it called in wrestling terms when a guy stands and wait for a move to long?) spotting(I call it that now) where Big Show stood far to long to many times waiting for Del Rio to make his move. The match loses all credibility with to much of that imo.
Another thing. People arenīt really cheering for Del Rio, people are cheering Ricardo.

Team hell no vs rhodes scholars: Just average too. Nothing really special happened. Felt like just one of the other matches they had weekly.

Royal Rumble match: One of the best in years if you ask me. Nice surprise with Jericho(made me mark a little). I actally didnt really know who would win this one but I had my feelings it would be Cena, Ryback or Ziggler. Ziggler being out there the longest was awsome, should give him some momentum. A nxt rookie being out there so long + eliminate Barret was awsome. Three faces in the end with Cena, Ryback and Sheamus was actually great, made it a little more uncertain who would win. Sheamus winning wouldnt surprise me because they could put Cena and Ryback in mania anyhow. I really thought Ryback would win it when it was just them two left.

I wouldnt mind if they had 1 more surprise entrance.

I really have no clue what they are doing with Ryback. PPV lost after PPv lost isnt good. Cena winning at least one more rumble made sense if you thinking about it. Cena should be up there with Hogan, Michaels etc with 2 rumble wins.

Rock vs Punk - wasnt really anything special either, but what can you expect with an ringrusty Rock?(was it just me that thought he looked more out of shape then wm28?). With that end I knew Mcmahon would come out.

I actually hoped that Brock would come out interfering with Rock vs Punk, make Rock lose setting up for Rock vs Brock at Mania and Punk vs Cena for the title.
Now we get Rock vs Cena II as the main event...I dont want the same main event dammit, not now when its obviously Cena winning the title back.
I really really hope they are putting any other match as main event. Give us a big match with Taker or something that could main event.

Sidenote: Is Paul Heyman king or what? I lol'ed hard when he reached out his arm to show Punk his clock.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

Gave it a 2. One point for the product and one point for Jericho
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013


Saw my first PPV live so I might be a little biased. But the pops were crazy in the arena. Y2J was epic and Rock won the title. Worth my money.
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

1/10 .
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

I went for a 6 but I already alluded to as why in another thread.
If Jericho wasn't there I'd have bumped it down a point or two lol
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