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The Man
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

Never saw a Rumble match start out so good to just turn out so bad. I dont think ive ever seen a worst final 3 than I did last night. They protect Ryback so much, they knew he'd be huffing and puffing if he got a higher number so they have him come out last wow. W

The WWE Title match was good and im fine with Rock winning but just dont get why have the Shield interfere when the consequences were known.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

I'm still fuming today, fueled even more by Heyman's illogical performance review for tonight.

The world title match was okay but ruined entirely by its predictability and awful ending. Del Rio was always winning this. There was no really great spot other than the chokeslam through the table. Again, ADR was always getting up from it which kind've killed it. The ending was laughable, funny in a couple of ways, but mainly the wrong way.

The tag title match was a bit of a let down. Regardless of how Rhodes Scholars have been booked poorly again, it was a decent match but nothing anywhere near spectacular, very forgettable.

The Rumble had some great bits like Jericho's surprise return, which was the highlight of the night and that tells its own story of how bad the show was. Kofi's pathetic attempt to outdo last year was embarrassingly bad as well. The ending though, as predictable as it was for Cena's victory, they again continued to let down their push of Ryback. I thought it would be a real struggle with Cena at the end or The Shield would get involved. Instead we got neither and it was another weak ending, one of many in all the big matches. Other positives I can pick out are the elimination of Kane by Bryan to further their storyline. Ziggler getting a good run was also decent. Barrett's elimination by Dallas is something I can see both sides of but after his huge push recently I'm not very happy about it. Besides it seems that what will happen is Dallas will debut and lose to Barrett in a title match then fade into obscurity. Hopefully not but that seems to be the trend.

Punk/Rock didn't live up to the expectation. Rock was always most likely to win and when his mum was shown and he mentioned she beat cancer there was only one outcome. I didn't mind the false ending and the restart. It was the pathetic nature of Punk's title reign coming to an end via the People's Elbow, no attempt at Rock Bottom either. It was a good match but not a great match.

The Bret/ADR promo too was ridiculous, made no sense but to try and get ADR over by having Bret there.

Kane & Bryan's number chat was fine until Bryan entered at number 21. Seriously, WTF? Logic was shot last night.

Overall there was a massive sense of disappointment, and that was after going in knowing I'd be unhappy with Cena & Rock winning. I resigned myself to it but the weak endings in both title matches and the Rumble completely ruined it. At least there was some consistency to it.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

-Cesaro won
-Jericho's comeback
-Daniel Bryan

The only good things.
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

i found the del rio/show match to be the only well done match of the entire ppv except for the bad ending. everything else was fair to middling.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

This was a waste of good money. Why is it that the creative team always seem to fall short on imagination on these WWE extra money earners? I paid to watch Barrett, as did many Brits and European fans for a promotion which was sold world-wide, and we got re-fried Rock and more of John Cena. I sat through it and wished I hadn't bothered.
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

Alberto v Show was a fun match. Rhodes Scholars v Hell No was OK but i'm getting a bit bored of Hell No, it's about time they lost the Championships. Royal Rumble match was great until about #20 then it was pretty boring and predictable, Sin Cara coming out at #29 killed it, everyone then knew #30 was Ryback, then Cena won didn't see that coming.... Punk v the Rock just wasn't good at all... it should've been a 30 minute back and fourth match with both men hitting finishes, near falls etc, with a clean finish, instead we got a shitty fucked up ending, as soon as Punk won it was obvious what was going to happen... it was nearly as bad as Cena/Miz at WM 27.

6/10. Best moment was Jericho's return.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

4... the only good match top to bottom was the opening WHC match. The tag match was flat. The RR match itself was decent and fun, but the final three and the winner kill it and makes it unwatchable for a second time. The final match was good up to the ending... fine with Rock winning, but the way it happened was insanely stupid and just proves Vince needs to be shown the door. He's an idiot.

What's worse, this pretty much kills any and all momentum for WM and it's just the beginning of the RTWM... not good news at all.

Thanks for the wonderful memories Ultimate Warrior... happy you got to be recognised as the legend you are before you went. Rest in peace
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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

Originally Posted by obby View Post
Ryback would have been far superior to Cena, as Cena winning essentially guaranteed Cena Rock two, while Ryback would've just gotten the opening match like he already is going to be in.
No, Ryback would not have been better than Cena.

Cena was facing Rock NO. MATTER. WHAT. Had Ryback won the Rumble, they would've just done Punk vs Rock at the Chamber, in a rematch, Rock would've won, they would've done the Raw Elimination Chamber match for a title shot at The Rock, and John Cena would've won REGARDLESS.

This was happening ANYWAY, so Cena winning was fine. It is CERTAINLY better than Ryback winning, and then Cena vs Rock II happening anyway, because then, you still get Cena vs Rock II, but you ALSO give Ryback the Rumble, which he is not deserving of in the slightest. His career needs to die already, not take off.

Not only that, but the Rumble finally means something again because the winner is ACTUALLY main eventing WrestleMania this year, for the A title, not the B title. So that is something right.

Now I didn't want either, I'll be the first to admit it. My pick was never happening in a million years, so they made the right call between the two of these jackoffs.

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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

Everyone knew Cena's going to win the RR
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