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MITB/World Title Match at Mania

What do you guys think is going to happen with MITB and the World title match for Mania? It would be pretty fucked up if Ziggler cashed in MITB only to not go in Mania as Champion. I'm still not sold on ADR going into Mania as champion. We've seen Ziggler/Orton and Ziggler/Fella a million times. I can see them doing Ryback/Fella at Mania for the World title in what would be a god awful match. There's reports of Orton/Fella, not really a fan of that either.

I'm guessing they switch the World title at Elimination Chamber. Then someone wins a match to become number 1 contender for the title at Mania. The best possible World title match is Ziggler/Jericho. Have Jericho win the title at the Elimination Chamber only for Ziggler to cash in immediately after. There's your World title match.

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Re: MITB/World Title Match at Mania

Ziggy wins #1 contender match at EC

Ziggy v Del Rio

Del Rio wins

Langston attacks DeL Rio after the match

Ziggy cashes in straight away on Del Rio and wins title
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Re: MITB/World Title Match at Mania

I think he puts the briefcase or the World title on the line vs. Jericho, either in a singles match or a Ladder match.

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Re: MITB/World Title Match at Mania

Ryback was the runner up in the rumble which usually means a WM Main Event for him too. Obviously its gona be Cena vs Rock II or Rock vs Brock vs Cena for the WWE Championship which means Ryback must either defend or challenge for the WHC. Ryback vs Sheamus vs Orton maybe. What that means for Ziggler? Im not sure. I imagine he'll face Jericho mid-card, lose to him then cash in MITB to win the WHC
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MITB Match for the WHC

I think it would be awesome if they would merge the MITB and the WHC match at Wrestlemania.

An 8 Man, Ladder Match for the WHC Title would bring it's stature up a level and closer to that of the Three main matches.

Sheamus vs Orton vs Ziggler vs Jericho vs Del Rio vs Big Show vs Ryback vs Bryan

Would be amazing.
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Re: MITB Match for the WHC

No just no. No mergers no unifications no MITB at mania. Go away.
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Update On WHC Match For WM 29

- As of Sunday, Randy Orton vs. Sheamus was still planned as the World Heavyweight Title match at WrestleMania 29.

if true I guess Orton or Sheamus is winning at Elimination Chamber.

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Re: Update On WHC Match For WM 29

Probably Randy will win the EC and the Mania match too. Orton isnt losing two stright WM matches


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Re: Update On WHC Match For WM 29

That's a shame. I was hoping Ziggler might be involved in the WHC picture by Mania.

I guess WWE won't pull that trigger for a while yet!!!

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Re: Update On WHC Match For WM 29

Well this is sleep inducing.

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