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Re: Royal Rumble drinking game.

Drink every time Michael Cole says "and there's the power of..."
Drink if the commentators force their laughter for the inevitable comedy wrestling shenanigans that occurs in every Rumble
Drink when someone skins the cat
Drink when a legend enters the Rumble
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Re: Royal Rumble drinking game.

Whenever someone gets eliminated because they were too busy gloating at the guy they just eliminated.
Whenever someone saves someone else from getting eliminated even if they have no alliances with that person whatsoever.
Whenever a tag team/stable have the "every man for himself" staredown.
Whenever Cole or Lawler use the phrase "every man for himself, " "no friends/partners/allies" or "BOTH FEET must touch the floor."
Whenever a wrestler does the spot where they throw someone over the top rope and make them land on someone else.
Whenever someone gets on the top rope (double if they get eliminated because of it).
Whenever someone gets eliminated directly or indirectly by someone who isn't legally in the match.
Whenever the jobber spot happens where they get eliminated almost instantly after entering the ring.
Whenever someone enters as a joke entrant (a legend who obviously won't be around after the Rumble, a commentator, a celebrity)
If the final two are a face and a heel.
Take several shots if there's a "whose feet landed first" spot at the end.

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Originally Posted by xZeroSleep View Post
Drink every time Lawler says something stupid.

I don't want alcohol poisoning

Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)
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Re: Royal Rumble drinking game.

Drink every time someone points at a Wrestlemania sign.

Marking For - Dean Ambrose, Cesaro & Daniel Bryan,
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Re: Royal Rumble drinking game.

Originally Posted by xZeroSleep View Post
Drink every time Lawler says something stupid.
Whoa, come on, we don't want to hospitalize people.
Originally Posted by Rocky Mark View Post
it seems people on here only know how to complain...
punk wins the title at mitb, complain
triple h returns , complain
zack ryder gets a role that garuntees he'll be on tv on a weekly basis , complain
punk goes over cena AGAIN , complain
kevin nash returns , complain
jennifer aniston gives you a blow job , complain
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Re: Royal Rumble drinking game.

Got fairly tispy but not wasted,if only Cena had entered the rumble earlier...

We Want Edge

Current Fave Five: Orton, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Neville
All Time Fave Five: Edge,The Rock,Undertaker,Kane, Shawn Micheals
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