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View Poll Results: The Biggest Superstar in history of Wrestlemania?
Hulk Hogan 29 38.16%
Shawn Michaels 6 7.89%
Undertaker 41 53.95%
Voters: 76. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: The Biggest Superstar in history of WrestleMania?


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Re: The Biggest Superstar in history of WrestleMania?

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
1. Undertaker
2. Shawn Michaels
3. Hogan.

Whoever doesn't have taker #1 is a fucking idiot.

1.Hogan headlined WM 1
2.Hogan vs Andre
3.Mega Powers collide
4.The Ultimate Collision
5.USA vs Iraq
6.Icon vs Icon

Nothing Undertaker has done will come close to what Hogan has done.
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Re: The Biggest Superstar in history of WrestleMania?

OP already opened a similar thread a few months ago. Anyway, my answer from that thread:

It's between The Rock, Hogan, Undertaker and HBK.

Rock for beating 3 faces of the industry at one time clean at WM in what you can argue were the biggest matches in the history of the industry. Biggest you can ever do in the borders of kayfabe. Along with plenty of classic matches and is second in terms of selling WMs with 7. Rock also broke and hold every record in the history of the PPV.

Hogan for pushing the WM brand to its feet in the first decade, without him, it's NEVER getting as big as it is/was. Along with that, had Top 10 biggest matches in the history of the business almost every time. Andre, Savage, Warrior and Rock, should be on every Top 10 when you talk biggest matches. Add to that that he's holding the record for selling the most WMs with 10 PPVs.

Undertaker obviously because of an unbelievable 20+ years streak on the PPV. To me, it's not about kayfabe record, it's about the fact that he did it for 20 years, almost year after year. What's holding him back a little bit is that he wasn't THE main focus and attraction a lot, and a lot of his matches and opponents weren't "first line" in terms of importance and quality by the time he wrestled them. Still, strong contender.

HBK, stealing the show time after time, main eventing, selling the matches, big attraction for a lot of them. Mr. WrestleMania.
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Re: The Biggest Superstar in history of WrestleMania?

it's Hogan, this guy headlined 11 WMs as the main selling point, like him or hate him he is the original mega-star of wrestling

IMO there are more deserving guys on the list than Shawn, not that it's a knock at him but as far as headlining mania goes well..

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Re: The Biggest Superstar in history of WrestleMania?

Hulk Hogan is the one that identify with Wrestlemania. He is the star that helped to build it from its early days and was a large reason the show gained its larger than life, can't miss spectacle reputation that it has today. For that, I gave him the vote.

Shawn Michaels has the best collective body of work of any worker for sure. Whether or not the Wrestlemania itself was good and whether or not it was a big or special Wrestlemania, Shawn did all he could to deliver the best match possible year after year. More often than not, he succeeded.

The Undertaker has the Streak, which is probably the best running storyline throughout all of Wrestlemania's history. Not all of the matches were great or even good, sure, but the Streak has been a great added attraction for the biggest show of the year.


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Re: The Biggest Superstar in history of WrestleMania?

Hulk Hogan!

Without him, Wrestlemania doesn't become the biggest wrestling event in the world. People bought tickets just to see him. Even the name "Wrestlemania" is a derivative of "Hulkamania."

I understand the whole thing about Shawn Michaels and Undertaker having good matches, but $$$$ comes before that. WWE is a business first.

Only hardcore fans will ever put Shawn Michaels and Undertaker over Hulk Hogan.
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Re: The Biggest Superstar in history of WrestleMania?

Originally Posted by CharliePrince View Post
I voted for him too

as much as marks want to pretend otherwise, there's a reason that people were split when it came down to Icon vs Icon

and keep in mind this was against THE ROCK quite possibly the most mainstream succesful wwe superstar in history

Hogan is tatooed in everyone's hearts and memories
Just adding, there is no "quite possibly." The Rock IS the most successful mainstream wwe superstar in history, there's no debate about it. Only Hogan compares and that's on a name value level. In terms of mainstream success the rock trounces every WWE superstar. Record SNL ratings, number one blockbuster movies, one of hollywood's highest paid, he's starting his own franchise based off a drawing,is producing a reality show, he has more top 40 hits then John Cena ever had (1). His movies alone have grossed billions worldwide, some of them where he's the main star. Just saying. The only other wrestler on a mainstream level that compares to that is Hogan and even he failed in the movie department.
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Re: The Biggest Superstar in history of WrestleMania?

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Re: The Biggest Superstar in history of WrestleMania?

Hogan or Undertaker.

Hogan started the whole thing and Taker is a huge draw since Wrestlemania 20.

J.R:"Everybody claims to be an icon and claims to be something special,and maybe they were in their day
None will Ever surpass the Undertaker in my view"
Kurt Angle:"He is our leader, and I consider Undertaker the best ever"
Shawn Michaels:"Wrestling against Undertaker was the best professional experience of my life."
Triple H:"He is The Greatest Legend in the history of this business"
Michael Cole:"The biggest Smackdown and WWE superstar of all time,the legendary Undertaker".
Mark Henry:"it's hard not to put The Undertaker in the same breath as Hogan and Rock because not only has he served more years as them, but collectively, I'm sure he's sold out and made more money than all of them."
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