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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

here's the video his woman posted after if yall missed it:

if it's not a work i'm guessing she took a severe beating tonight. someone should prob call the authorities if they recognize this guy.

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If someone hates you for no reason give that motherfucker a reason
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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

lol she's not the only one laughing at him.

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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Deandre Cole View Post
Next time, don't PM me after I give you a red rep.

Because thats what this whole argument stems from, me giving you red rep, as I had no interaction with you, nor did I even know you exist.

Marks are hilarious. Because bottom line, you are a mark. Reason being you calling someone a "hater" just because you feel they should like a certain superstar. That is called their opinion, and my opinion is your butt hurts from their comments.

Why is everyone on this forum a douche?
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Tryna find these lil marks and smoke 'em!!!
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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by clamj00ce View Post
Why is everyone on this forum a douche?
Why the fuck you asking me?

Another thing I've been thinking about, as I've predicted in the past, is the prospect of Cena somehow losing his Wrestlemania title shot and Punk actually getting it instead, somehow, only for it to be made a triple threat match.

Not the best idea but I can't help but feel bad for CM Punk. He got pushed to the side for no beneficial reason.

And just want to throw this out there but something in Del Rio tonight reminded me of Eddie Guerrero and made imagine how good a program with those 2 would be. Del Rio has really stepped up and that was MOTN for me. I didn't see the title switch on Smackdown but was the Rumble match better?

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Is not Amused
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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

That's the Angry Grandpa's son. So of course he has some rage in him

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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

I have seen some HILARIOUS reaction vids to match outcomes before. The Fuck You Phil Brooks vid, the kids crying when Rock beat Cena, the drunken frat boys that threw a chair into the TV to celebrate Rock beating Cena, and now this one. Just priceless.

Anyways, I was reading one of the reviews over on PWtorch and I found this comment:

Cena tells the cameraman he's going to New York City. Which is awesome, because WrestleMania is in New Jersey.
LOL, that true? Did Cena really say that? If so, I'm sorry I missed it because I would have laughed my ass off.


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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

Royal Rumble thoughts:
-Most of my predictions were correct. This PPV was easy to predict. Got the Tag Team Titles match wrong because I really want to see new Tag Champs. I think Team Hell No could be losing its course soon now that they "graduated."

-ADR/Big Show match was decent. I do noticed that Big Show was looked very weak in these matches. Compare it to his matches against Sheamus and you got a different person. ADR is making Sheamus look weak when Sheamus was the one who constantly beat ADR. Loved Ricardo marking out when meeting Bret Hart though.

-Loved Chris Jericho coming back as the #2 entrant. Huge ovation he got and well deserved. Loved seeing Goldust return and get to face his brother Cody too. These two really need a match at Wrestlemania. But no, Vince thinks we want to see some crappier matches. Did Godfather break the record of being the quickest entrant in the Rumble? If not, he still made his presence felt. Glad to see the Hoe Train with him too. Oh wait, this is a PG show. They can't be called the Hoe Train because the little kids might learn that phrase. What happened to Shelton Benjamin and Carlito? Thought they were gonna be in the match.

-Cena wins. Yipee. I'm a Cena fan and I'm not even excited to see whats going to happen for the next two months. How sad is that?

-WWE Title Match was decent. I enjoyed it. Thought the finish was a little crazy though. What about a clean finish? But yeah, Rock being the WWE Champion will have serious ramifications (good and bad). The good is for ratings and that it got us talking. The bad is that a part-time wrestler can still be Champ and not have to do much work. Also, house shows will now have no WWE Title match until Rock is no longer Champion.

Overall rating: 7/10

Chrono's Current Fave 5 (Active stars only):
1. John Cena
2. Seth Rollins
3. Dean Ambrose
4. AJ Styles
5. New Day

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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

Before Rumble match I said myself that the worst rumble would be if Sheamus, Cena and Ryback will be the last 3 members... And Cena winning again just lol..

Current favorite wrestlers



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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

I really enjoyed the show. The return of Jericho in the Rumble was a huge surprise. Glad that, for once, a return was not spoiled by the internet. Caught me completely off-guard. Cena winning the Rumble, however, did not catch me off-guard. I think everyone expected that. I'm fine with it, though. At least now we know that the Royal Rumble winner will actually be in the main event at WrestleMania, in a match for the WWE Championship. That's a major plus, in my opinion. Finally, it was great to see The Rock's WWE Championship victory. I legit thought that Punk had stolen it after the three count. I was in shock. Great ending with Rock wanting to take the title from Punk instead of the title being stripped.

It was a bit disappointing to see Punk's reign end, but I have to admit it, seeing The Rock with the title was immediately refreshing. Not that Punk's reign was growing stale to me, but once it ended and Rock had the title, it was nice to see someone new with the title. Don't think Punk fans have anything to be upset about. The guy had a 434 day title reign. In today's WWE, that's nothing short of a miracle.

He had a great reign with the title. Let's see where WWE goes from here.
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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

as a whole i enjoyed the ppv, seemed numbers kept coming in, i did want brock, undertaker, carlito, benjamin, christian, mark henry, heck a suprise batista but meeeh, chris jericho was class, croud was awesome, the royal rumble wasted few spots like on godfather, ryder, otunga, i really thought bryan had a chance of winning if they dropped titles or ziggler or chris could have won...

I was hoping lesnar would interfere, when lights deemed i thought it was taker, but no the shield again ... however its good to see a new champ, i dunno where punk goes from here, or how undertaker is having his build, 15 worth it? maybe it was better than other ppv's but some of you over expect, cena winning the rumble can fuck off if im honest, i really wanted randy/ziggler/jericho to win, when ziggler said about unifying belts i beleived it could happen.

final note, why wasnt langston ringside? And im suprised big show wasnt in the rumble...
They need kane eliminate for people his only like 3 of the alltime list of eliminations.
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