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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Maelstrom21 View Post
The WWE is a public company and Cena-Rock will give them the biggest buyrate, so I get it. I just wish the ending of Rock-Punk was booked a little differently. I don't get all the rage. There's always something to look forward to on these cards.

Honestly, I'm most engaged in what will happen to Punk now? Where is his road to Wrestlemania leading? I kind of don't buy the Undertaker stuff because something tells me he is too banged up to wrestle. Either way, let's see where he goes from here.
The problem with this is that the "Once in a lifetime" thing was the major selling point, and it was Rock's first singles match in nearly 10 years at that point. The rematch (if it takes place) will surely draw, but not as much as the first match. The buyrate will only be higher if the overall card is stronger. You'll surely have Brock on there, there's potential for this year's card to blow away last year's

As for the rematch, the WWE might be taking a chance for their payoff of turning Cena heel and revealing him as part of the Shield. That alone would make up for the seemingly pointless rematch, and it'd make Cena's next title reign one of the most memorable in recent years.

If Cena turns heel now, they could even build him up as an unstoppable monster heel and have him face Taker at Wrestlemania 30 in Taker's "last match". Possibilities are endless, and i'm very excited for it. Unfortunately, some people have no patience to let shit play out.

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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

Wish I'd have played EVE Online instead

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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

Stop the trolling. Thanks.
Originally Posted by Arcade View Post
Actually I thought that this was one of the best Rumbles in awhile. It felt like that there was more depth in the Royal Rumble in this year than there was in past years like the horrible 2011 Royal Rumble, where many of the wrestlers in the match were no namers from Nexus. Match quality of this year's Rumble was better than last year's Rumble, and this year's Rumble helped Cody Rhodes gain some heat. The crowd was pissed as fuck when Rhodes eliminated his own brother Golddust, and when Rhodes eliminated Kofi after his creative way to get back in the ring. The markout moment for me and probably for many others was when Jericho returned. He lasted a good while in the Rumble, until he got eliminated by Ziggler. Godfather's return was nice, but I think we all knew that he wasn't going to make a significant impact in the Royal Rumble match. Also, the final three can't really be shit if the top three faces of the company are the final three. WWE should've had Ziggler in the final three with him eliminating Cena, and Ryback should've won the Royal Rumble.
That doesn't even make sense. You had a bunch of jobbers/wrestlers/no names that had no business being in the rumble. Goldust, Brodus Clay, Tensai, Khali, and who fucking cares about Bo fucking Dallas. And the guys who were in the rumble all sucked apart from the real star power.

The final three sucked because all of them sucked, and sucked as choices to win the rumble. You can be the face of the company and still suck.

I doubt that many people pay attention to the match quality of a rumble match. I mean really.

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Re: ***ALL Royal Rumble Reports & SPOILERS go here (No other threads)***

Originally Posted by Artisan44 View Post
Fucking lol.

That was great i LOLed for about 10minutes
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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

It wasn't even a bad Rumble, but nobody really wanted Cena to win. Ziggler, Ryback or a returning guy needed that win. Rck win, Cena/Rock Once in a Lifetime Part Two I Get My Win Back are nothing exciting. Both of Rock's single matches since his return have been nothing special. The Rock clearly doesn't have the cardio and ring savvy to be in ring shape. He got blown up very quickly and Cena and Punk had to scream spots at him.

I wouldn't resent it as much if The Rock came back and just blew me away with some HBK/Taker or End of an Era level stuff but it just wasn't there. I know the main event status at a Big 4 ppv with big names helped, but neither of The Rock's return single matches were anything too special. Furthermore, he went over both Cena and Punk clean, which clearly undermined this current era.

Royal Rumble did not make a true new main eventer nor establish a new person through the Rumble match. I think it fundamentally failed as a PPV.
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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

Triple H will be Lesnar's opponent. It's almost in stone.

Taker will take on Punk.

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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

This collective bukkake Rock marks are having is weird.
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Re: ***ALL Royal Rumble Reports & SPOILERS go here (No other threads)***

Was that the "Rockbottom" that ended the match? Is that how he won the belt?
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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

if you think its bad now just wait for some goofy cena-rock promos AGAIN and then cena winning the title a wrestlemania and holding it for all of 2013...john cena will be champion for all of 2013 . i think after wrestlemania my days of watching wwe are over .fuck john cena and vince McMahon for ruining wwe

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Re: Official Royal Rumble PPV Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
I am certainly not a Rock hater, but, I can't stand this bullshit of letting him win. He came, he went, the torch was passed, yet, because he shows up once in a blue moon and is THE ROCK, he wins the title?

WWE needs to get the fuck out of here with that garbage. If it were something like Ryback vs Punk for the belt and Ryback won, I wouldn't be too happy about it, being a Punk fan, but, still, they are passing it on to someone new, someone fresh being pushed.

Instead, we get someone who shows up so little, he can't even be called a part timer, he is a '1 hour combined in 365 days a year' type of guy coming back and winning a title he has no business at this point in time being anywhere near.
i couldn't agree more, when you couple that with the fact of Cena winning the rumble...It's all turned incredibly predictable for me. We will have to see what happens but there isn't many angles for them to take now, even a triple threat with punk would surely result in a cert Cena win after Punk has had this title reign.

I'd probably rather see ROck drop it at Elimination Chamber after a screw job that sets him up for a WM feud but that won't happen. I don't think giving him the belt full stop was a good idea. I'm not a fan of Ryback but god knows where this leaves him now, he's had a fairly big push but has lost any semi-important match that has come his way.
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