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TheStudOfEngland 01-21-2013 06:01 PM

Top 5 Worst WrestleMania's Of All Time?
What would YOU say are the top 5 worst WrestleMania's of all time, number 1 being your absolute worst, or if you don't want to order them that's fine, I'm not going to do that! Here's mine:

WrestleMania XI (11)

Awful show, pretty much like a regular WWF In Your House PPV. Michaels/Diesel was AWESOME though, should have been the main event over an American Football player!

WrestleMania IX (9)

A pretty lackluster 'Mania. Wasn't AS bad as people say but it's still in the bottom 5.

WrestleMania XXVII (27)

Even though I said I wouldn't rank these, this is definitely the worst WrestleMania of all time. Miz/Cena main eventing just completely screwed it over, awful event all in all!

WrestleMania II (2)

Pretty awful event, just before arguably the greatest WM ever. 20 man battle royal was the only highlight, even then!

WrestleMania XII (12)

Although the Iron Man Match was GREAT, the other FIVE previous matches were lackluster, and I caps locked the FIVE because let's face it, 6 matches isn't enough for a 'Mania!

Answer in poll what you thought was the absolute WORSE WrestleMania of all time!

Rusty Shackleford 01-21-2013 06:16 PM

Re: Top 5 Worst WrestleMania's Of All Time?
WM 27. Terrible show with an even more terrible main event. Even Triple H/Taker wasn't that good.Seemed like as the show went on, no one in the crowd gave a shit about anything except for when and how Rock was gonna screw Cena.

xdoomsayerx 01-21-2013 06:19 PM

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1. Wrestlemania 11. Awful just awful

2. Wrestlemania 27. Only one good match

3. Wrestlemania 2. Yawnfest

4. Wrestlemania 15. Only had rock/Austin.

5. Wrestlemania 9. Don't even get me started about the ending ....

Choke2Death 01-21-2013 06:30 PM

Re: Top 5 Worst WrestleMania's Of All Time?
Most of the WMs before 14 are probably terrible and I've heard only bad things about 15 but I can't make the choice until I have actually watched them. Out of those I have, WM27 is definitely the worst. Only one good-to-great match in Taker/HHH and there were three okay matches (Orton/Punk, Cody/Rey, Edge/ADR) while the other half of the card SUCKED. Not even The Rock could save that terrible show.

TripleG 01-21-2013 06:33 PM

Re: Top 5 Worst WrestleMania's Of All Time?


Basically, it was Vince's attempt to turn Wrestlemania into a bad variety show with so many bad backstage segments with The Rock as the guest host. It was pretty disastrous from that aspect. What about the wrestling? Well we had a weird and horribly executed main event in Miz Vs. Cena. We had a World Title match that opened up the show and nobody really cared about going into it. And lest we forget that absolute abomination that was Jerry Lawler Vs. Michael Cole, my pick for the absolute worst match in Wrestlemania history. It really showed where the brain trust was in the company when things like that were promoted as main events and championships were either bumped off the show or crammed into tag matches.

Saving Graces
- Taker Vs. HHH was very good. Not one of my favorites, but pretty much a show saver.
- Punk Vs. Orton was solid.



This card was just way too bloated. How many freakin' tag matches were there? And some of them didn't even make sense. Why were Kane & Rikishi a team? Why was Chyna paired up with Too Cool? Tag Matches made by mixing singles stars had pretty much become a staple of television by this point, so to have so many of them at Wrestlemania just felt excessive, especially since they had plenty of room to do more singles matches. It also didn't help that most of the matches they did were pretty boring, and that says nothing for that ridiculous Hardycore Title match where the title changed hands 10 times and they botched the finish. Big Show Vs. Rikishi in a Big Man Singles Match, Kane Vs. X-Pac in their final burnoff. There were other ways to go, and the main event absolutely should have been Triple H Vs. The Rock for the title one on one. Having all the McMahons involved and throwing Foley and Big Show into the mix only muddied the waters. The biggest slap in the face of the whole thing was that Triple H retained the title, creating probably the weakest ending to any Wrestlemania ever. When it was over, I was like "We paid all that money for this?".

Saving Graces
- Edge & Christian Vs. The Hardy Boys Vs. The Dudley Boys in a Triangle Ladder Match for the Tag Titles was great and one of the most influential matches of all time.
- Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho with both European & Intercontinental Championships on the line was a cool set up and a solid midcard match.



Aside from the main event and one other match, this was a pretty horribly booked show in terms of how it was booked. The IC & Hardcore Title matches had their build ups completely fucked up by switching Road Dogg & Billy Gunn for no reason. Triple H faced Kane in a regular match just weeks after they had a Steel Cage Match on Raw. Huh? And I think Undertaker Vs. Big Bossman in Hell in a Cell is one of the worst Wrestlemania matches of all time, and probably the worst match of Undertaker's career. And overall, the show just sort of played out like an episode of Monday Night Raw, and there were episodes of Raw at the time that were much more exciting.

Saving Graces
- Rock Vs. Austin in the main event was perfectly booked and exciting.
- Shane Vs. X-Pac for the Euro Title was exceptionally well booked.



You want to talk about a show that had no direction. The lead in to this show had no direction. I guess Shawn Michaels "Losing his Smile" and dropping out of the main event scene was what caused that, but it still served to make a rather lackluster event. IC Title match was Rocky Maivia Vs. The Sultan. Ugh! There was a time when I looked at The Rock and said "Fuck this shit" and didn't watch. Tag Title Match was Owen & Bulldog Vs. Mankind & Vader, heel vs. heel, so nobody got invested in it. Triple H Vs. Goldust was just a shitty match. How about that four corners tag match with The New Blackjacks, The Headbangers, The Godwins, & Furnas/Lafon? I guess depth doesn't matter if nobody cares about the teams involved. The Legion of Doom seemed to be wasted as they were just used as Ahmed Johnson's partners in a street fight with The Nation of Domination, a match that I still don't quite get. So was EVERY member of The Nation a legal participant? What was the deal there? And then you had one of the worst Main Events in Mania history as Taker took the title from Sid, a match that had little to no backstory or build up and only served to be a snoozefest when it was all said and done. Event Undertaker's title win was fucked up. This was a dark age for Wrestlemania and it really felt like the magic was gone when this show came out.

Saving Graces
- Bret Hart Vs. Steve Austin in the Submission Match is one of the greatest matches of all time and the only part of this show that is even worth a second look.



Just a disaster. Plain and simple. We actually have a Wrestlemania where Bret Hart, The Undertaker, & Shawn Michaels all wrestled in different matches on the card and NOBODY delivered. Bret Vs. Backlund was such a far cry from their Survivor Series match that it makes me sad. Taker Vs. Bundy was awful and boring. Diesel Vs. Michaels for the title was sloppy, had a shitty finish, and it was clear that the fans were not buying into Diesel as champion. And then of course there was the main event of LT Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow which was just awful. LT was a great New York Giant, but he ain't no wrestler. But hey, at least that match was interesting to check out which is more than I can say about the rest of this fucking card. The best match was probably Razor Vs. Jarrett for the IC Title, but quite honestly, if you've seen one Razor/Jarrett match, you've seen them all, so I can't even recommend that. Also the match ended in a DQ, so fuck it. This show was an utter disgrace and I think the WWE would have to try to produce a show as bad as this one ever again.

Saving Graces
- I was happy when it was over.

Cactus 01-21-2013 06:34 PM

Re: Top 5 Worst WrestleMania's Of All Time?
1. IX
2. XI
3. XII
5. 2

TrentBarretaFan 01-21-2013 07:08 PM

Re: Top 5 Worst WrestleMania's Of All Time?
WM27 was terrible.

And what does WM25 on that list?

JAROTO 01-21-2013 07:29 PM

Re: Top 5 Worst WrestleMania's Of All Time?
I confess I'm a big fan of WM9. It was the first WM I knew about. I was so amazed about the importance of the event while reading about past WMs and thought was magical they had the event in Las Vegas. I wasn't able to see it live or even watch it on PPV, but was so excited to know what happened in it. I was surprised about Hogan winning the title and being honest I thought it was really cool... wasn't able to follow Hogan's career in his early years and I thought it was awseome to have him as champion. I remember playing over and over the Wrestlemania 93 theme song from a vhs recording lol. I know it was far from being a memorable WM, but it brings me so good memories. My life was perfect during those days. I wish I was there live.

TripleG 01-21-2013 08:19 PM

Re: Top 5 Worst WrestleMania's Of All Time?
Some other ones that are close:

Wrestlemania 2: I am forgiving of Mania 2 mainly because the format for how Mania was done hadn't been fully realized yet. Both this and Mania 1 were just standard wrestling cards presented nationally and with celebrities. And the three separate venues idea was kind of cool.

Wrestlemania IV: The tournament was kind of a mess at points, and they missed some opportunities to make it better. But Savage's rise to the top and the awesome ending made up for it.

Wrestlemania VI: Kind of a one match show. There were a couple bright spots on the undercard (Jake/DiBiase for example) but if it wasn't for Hogan/Warrior, this one would be a dud.

Wrestlemania IX: I never thought this one was that bad. OK, the ending was a crock of bullshit. But Steiners/Headshrinkers was really good. I liked Hogan/Beefcake Vs. Money Inc quite a bit. I liked Luger Vs. Perfect. Tatanka Vs. Michaels was a good opener. And you know what? Fuck it, I enjoyed Taker Vs. Gonzelez. And the Roman Set up, well, it kind of fit. I mean they were in Ceaser's Palace. I am not saying it is the greatest Mania ever. Not by a long shot, but I never disliked it, again, except for the ending.

Wrestlemania XII: Why is this one even on the list? I mean the Iron Man Match takes up so much of the show and was so good, I thought that would give it enough of a pass. I liked Piper/Goldust and Taker/Diesel too.

Wrestlemania X-8: This was one Hogan/Rock match away from being a train wreck. OK, Taker/Flair was pretty good too, but most everything else fell flat and the main event was a disaster.

Wrestlemania XXV: Again, Taker/Michaels kind of saves this one, and Hardy Vs. Hardy & Money in the Bank were good too. Everything else though kind of sucked, especially the two title matches, with a double especially on the main event.

Wrestlemania XXVI: I dunno, aside from Taker/Shawn, this one didn't really click with me. There was some really bad stuff (Bret/Vince) and alot of the other matches just fell flat to me, and there were some major disappointments too like Edge/Jericho. Wisely, they let Taker/Shawn close, so at least it closed in a big way.

The Pied Piper 01-22-2013 03:44 AM

Re: Top 5 Worst WrestleMania's Of All Time?
In particular order:


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