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View Poll Results: Last 4 men standing in the Royal Rumble
Kane 8 6.78%
Daniel Bryan 17 14.41%
Randy Orton 67 56.78%
John Cena 108 91.53%
Antonio Cesaro 20 16.95%
Dolph Ziggler 48 40.68%
Sheamus 59 50.00%
Ryback 88 74.58%
Wade Barrett 9 7.63%
Other 24 20.34%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 118. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Last 4 men standing at the Royal Rumble..

The only thing I know for sure is that Cena will be one of the Final Four. Whether he wins or loses, he will be in the mix.

That's when it gets confusing.

You have Ryback, who I have no doubt will dominate. I even created a thread saying where I think Ryback could beat Kane's record for most eliminations in one match. But then you factor in The Shield. The Shield's #1 goal in the match will be to stop Ryback from winning, along w/ their other enemies. I also believe (while there isn't a chance in hell Ambrose, Rollins, or Reigns wins) The Shield will be one of the major focuses of the match. In the end, I see Ryback and The Shield taking each other out of the match, it just depends when.

Then you have Randy Orton and Sheamus. The two seem to be building towards a potential feud. So I know they will have a hand in eliminating each other. My belief is just one of them will make it to the final four.

Then there is Kane & Bryan. I could see the two of them lasting til the near end, and then one of them eliminating the other to set up their break up. Or maybe one or both of them get eliminated by The Shield.

Then you have wildcards like Ziggler (especially him since he's feuding w/ Cena), Barrett, Kofi, etc. And of course the possibly of returning legends like Lesnar and Taker.

So, in the end my final four are

1. Cena

2. Bryan

3. Ryback

4. One of The Shield members

I've got Orton and Sheamus being taken right before the Final Four by The Shield.

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Re: Last 4 men standing at the Royal Rumble..

Cena, Sheaus and Ryback are definitely the top 3.. The 4th one can be anyone.. orton, Kane, DB or Shield member is highly likely.

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Re: Last 4 men standing at the Royal Rumble..

Cena, Ryback, Sheamus and Orton. Would be my total stab in the dark.

I exopect The Sheild to be involved in the Rumble finish in some way?

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Re: Last 4 men standing at the Royal Rumble..

Cena, Orton, and Sheamus seem like safe bets for the final 4. The fourth spot will likely go to Ryback, but I could see Barrett or Cesaro lasting until the final 4. I would like to see a returning Christian last until top 4 since I think that his character needs a strong showing to make him seem like a serious threat in his return, but I doubt that will happen.
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Re: Last 4 men standing at the Royal Rumble..

Orton, Cena, Sheamus, Ryback.

1. Orton eliminates Sheamus.
2. Ryback/Cena eliminates Orton.
3. Ryback eliminates Cena or Cena eliminates Ryback.
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Re: Last 4 men standing at the Royal Rumble..

Barret/ D. Bryan


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Re: Last 4 men standing at the Royal Rumble..

John Cena - Because they've built this up as being his year with the fact that last year wasn't. I believe the WWE will probably end up going down the road of having Cena win the thing and beat The Rock for the title at Wrestlemania, signifying an era of a Cena title reign, sadly.

Ryback - Because they have continued to push the guy down our throats. I have no idea what The Shields involvement will be though, I want them to interfere and eliminate him, but I think they'll do the old Shield all come in and Ryback eliminates them all one by one, probably by gorilla pressing Rollins out of the ring onto Reigns and Ambrose. Plus they probably want to create a future Wrestlemania moment by having Cena and Ryback go face to face like we've never seen it before.

Sheamus - Oh look, another guy they continued to push down our throats. He will no doubt be in the final four with the commentators bigging up the fact he won it last year and he is looking to become one of a few men who have won the thing two times on the bounce.

Antonio Cesaro - Because I happen to think the WWE are very high on this guy as am I. And for some reason they always have an outsider as one of the final four men. Plus they need a heel in there somewhere. He'd more than likely be eliminated first though allowing the three faces to square off and "split" the crowd.
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Re: Last 4 men standing at the Royal Rumble..

Cena (winner), Sheamus, Orton, Ziggler.
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Re: Last 4 men standing at the Royal Rumble..

Cena, duh.

Ziggler, as the last person eliminated by Cena and to keep a big heel in the mix towards the end.

Sheamus, because he is the other big babyface most of us hate but is getting pushed hard.

and I put Other just because it'll go to a heel as it is usually balanced out that way (two heels/two faces). It isn't always that way, but it is a safe bet usually. So yeah, Barrett, Cesaro, any heel.

Ryback is another possibility for the final four or even the winner, but I think The Shield will eliminate him from the Rumble.


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Re: Last 4 men standing at the Royal Rumble..


I doubt any of those men will win the Rumble. It's going to be a returning superstar, or a Superstar who is currently not involved in any sort of storyline but has been somewhat established over the last year. With Ryback's recent push, and losing title match after title match, it'd be a waste for him to win the rumble after failing in the main event numerous times. Cena doesn't need to win it as he can get a title shot out of no where.

My guess is someone like Christian, Lesnar, Orton (for a re-building of his character), or a non-title holder.
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