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Re: WWE Forum Championship - Presents Royal Rumble 2013

To answer some things posted by proc who seems to acting like some kind of visionary using MY old formats.

Divisions – love them. So do not try to put words in my mouth. If you remember seeing as you were apart of this game from the 1st ppv the forum championship has ALWAYS ran divisions. Again seeing as you have been here since the 1st PPV you will remember we used to get 80+ players per PPV. Then i brought in FOUR divisional titles to meet demand and everyone that lost matches and couldn’t win a title left. The game dropped to having just 44 members. Players like DJ2334, DXBender, who had also played every month left because the majority did not like the tables. Everyone wants to be able to have a chance to progress. Thats why from 4 full tables within 2 months we had tables with only 4 people showing up in each division. I brought in the seasonal division again high start point because if you lost you could be refreshed in a short while and again months 3/4/5 numbers dwindled. Which led us to the current format. Theres no game if theres no players.

4 month divisional score for the forum title. Win loss records currently ignored aside from having to win your previous match to be eligible for a title shot.

Now on the social aspect of the game whilst i fully enjoy people taking this game seriously and having some fun with it this is NOT AN E_FED. This is a PREDICTION LEAGUE. We do however cater for all players and players who post more as you can see from this month get matches on the main card to generate storylines. You only need to look at my last post to see the Open challenge to defeat McLovinIt. As it is a prediction league however players rarely get rewarded for posts with title matches. The majority of the posters DO NOT make promo’s etc... the majority simply play because the game adds a bit of interest to the PPV. Why should i punish 80% of players like Hordriss, SuperJabroni, KaneUK, Captaion Obvious, The Voiceless Sinjackal etc... just because they don’t want to pretend to cut promo’s.


The Title ‘Error’ came from a change of heart. As it is Elimination Chamber i decided i would have my Forum Title defended in an Elimination chamber match. – see how that makes sense with the PPV name. The competitors involved are ALL players who are ABOVE you in the rankings. Seems a good way to deserve a title shot doesn’t it out performing the current champion. Due to the error and due to the fact he posts alot i decided in fairness to allow NewGUy to keep the title shot i incorrectly said he could receive. (oh look what an i gave him a reward for posting alot) as Captain Obvious is above newguy it was also only fair to allow Captain Obvious to take part.

On the comments within the matches was also something i did as and when i had time so again not really a visionary dude just simply doing the same things that i do.

Also as explained numerous times – The prediction ends the second the bell rings. The bell rang the match was over. Anyone can see that. That has ALWAYS been the case in this game. We predict outcomes of ADVERTISED matches. Not last second rematches.

Also on your title ‘rematch’ you already used it. After you lost the belt to camaster your rematch was used the following month. You currently have 1 title defence to your name so if you lose at elimination chamber unless you are top of the rankings you will not be in a forum championship match as you only have 1 successful defence within this reign.
HOWEVER due to the length of your reign at Werestlemania should you lose you will face whoever the tables current number one contender is for the 1st title shot AFTER Wrestlemania. Gimmicky won the Royal Rumble and WILL receive a 1 on 1 title shot.

Wrestlemania 30 was awesome

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Re: WWE Forum Championship - Presents Royal Rumble 2013

I think I can't find 3 sentences in there I would agree with, but I don't care enough anymore to really search for them either. Your game, your rules do whatever you want I am certainly not here to harm the success of it.

I wasn't talking about changing your game, but starting a new one. Your rules simply wouldn't apply anymore. So it doesn't matter at all what you might think "used to be", or "always was" or what ever broken down saying you'd want to use. I don't want to argue you over this anymore. I would do it my way, you go ahead and do it your way I wish you the best of luck.

I like Wrestling.
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