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Re: Anyone else have a problem with WWE NOT building the Rumble match?

Originally Posted by NoLeafClover View Post
It's a huge problem.

But then again, that is just how WWE does business these days. They don't seem to understand the need to promote things anymore. Just look at the Rock for instance - they have done a terrible job of plugging the shows he is going to be on, the week prior. It's as if they just assume that people know and should just know that this movie star (WHO IS NOT NORMALLY ON THE SHOW) will just be there.

With the Rumble, it's as if WWE gets lazy and thinks the name just sells itself. Just because it's an annual event, doesn't mean you don't treat it like it's a big deal. It's a HUGE deal, and basically all segments on the show, at whatever level of the card, should have to do with building towards it. Instead Raw just feels like the more canned shit we get week in and week out.
Yup. I don't like the excuse that the match doesn't "need to be built". Neither do a lot of matches. I mean, Michaels vs. Undertaker didn't really need to be built. Stone Cold vs. The Rock at WM 17 didn't need to be built either. Yet they were, and they were much better for it. It's just creative laziness. It's making the audience/viewer do all the work. "You should know it's a big deal; why should we have to build hype/tell you about it?" That's pretty much the attitude of Vince and/or creative right now. Notice how it doesn't require that they do jack-shit. All of the onus is on you, the viewer.

It's pretty sad that we've come to a point where one of the most basic aspects of pro-wrestling (if you treat something like a big deal, fans were think it's a big deal) isn't even practiced anymore, but hey, here we are.
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Re: Anyone else have a problem with WWE NOT building the Rumble match?

Besides for mentions of Cena, Sheamus, and Orton competing in the match, there have been no mention of it whatsoever.


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Re: Anyone else have a problem with WWE NOT building the Rumble match?

yes, it should have it's usual promos. I mean it's 3 long hours and they can't fit in a Royal Rumble promo? It makes the RR feel special and gets you hyped for it, right now it feels like just another PPV.

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Re: Anyone else have a problem with WWE NOT building the Rumble match?

I don't understand why guys just get to announce their involvement in the match now. How hard would it have been to label one of the matches Cena, Orton, Sheamus, etc. competed in a "Royal Rumble Qualifying Match". They win all the time anyway and it puts simple emphasis on the Rumble. It's obvious they would get in but at least it could be used to get each member of 3MB over, or any other mid-carder for that matter. Instead we get guys just saying "I'm gonna be in the Rumble". How fresh.

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Re: Anyone else have a problem with WWE NOT building the Rumble match?

They'll hype the whole show around Punk vs. Rock...The rumble match itself is the one match I always look forward too.

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Re: Anyone else have a problem with WWE NOT building the Rumble match?

Not sure why they gotta announce it. If they ain't in some other big match, we already know all the other main event guys are in the Rumble.

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Re: Anyone else have a problem with WWE NOT building the Rumble match?

I have said it for many years now. What I have said is, I am so sick and tired of the fast forwarding of the Royal Rumble match with nothing special happening. There are no qualifying matches or anything else. I would also have loved to see the drawing of the numbers.

They could do so many many things. For instance then they could have qualifying matches. Once all the entrants have been found, then they could have a beat-the-clock challenge or an over-the-top-rope challenge which would determine the order of which the wrestlers would draw numbers. It could for instance be he who got eliminated first get to draw a number last. They could also do two paper slips blank meaning those who pulled them would have to compete for the number 1 and number 30 entry, like the did in the late 1990'es.

But what do we get: A wrestler just simply stating he is in the Rumble withOUT even having the permission from the almighty powerfull decission making general manager. You may also have lost time after time and bare have any match whatsoever, and still just by saying so you are in the Rumble.
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Re: Anyone else have a problem with WWE NOT building the Rumble match?

At this point the Rumble should sell itself. It is what it is though, and to be honest, I could care less about the Rumble or who wins it because it's pretty much going to be someone I don't care for winning (Cena, Ryback, Sheamus maybe). The only thing I'm looking forward to is Punk vs Rock, so in a way they will get their money, regardless of whether or not they build the Rumble match, which is literally 8 days away! Also, pretty much everyone but the WWE and WHC will be competing..I don't know the roster off hand, but do they even have enough talent to make qualifying matches or to at least make it special somehow?
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Re: Anyone else have a problem with WWE NOT building the Rumble match?

As stated, I dislike that wrestlers are simply "entering the Royal Rumble" What happened to qualification matches, over the top rope battle royals for positions, etc. There simply aren't enough wrestlers on the roster anymore I guess.

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Is the Royal Rumble match not as important this year?

How do you guys feel about the fact that it seems like the Rumble match this year is not being made out to be as big of a concern to the superstars as in years prior? Seems like all attention is mainly and solely on CM Punk vs The Rock as the primary interest for the PPV, is this due to the fact that there is lack of star power on the roster or is WWE just fooling us and making this be as unpredictable as possible to pull off the biggest shocker at the Rumble?

Either way, its going to be interesting.
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