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Royal Rumble Winner: How would you book it?

I was curious to see how you all would book the Royal Rumble match this year. Who would win? Who would dominate? I have my own idea that I think would be awesome to see. Let me know what you guys think and detail how you would book the Royal Rumble.

First off, if I were to pick the winner of this year's Royal Rumble match, I would have to go with someone who has yet to win it before. I also wouldn't pick a main event superstar with multiple world championships. That means no John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, CM Punk, Big Show, etc. The Royal Rumble match is the absolute perfect way to get someone over with the fans and give that superstar an instant push into the main event status in WWE. I would book an upper mid card superstar with a lot of main event potential to win.

There are two names who instantly came to my mind when I thought of this: Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler. Wade Barrett in 2010 could have been World Champion. He was the leader of the Nexus and the Corre. He has a lot of charisma and has the "look" that I feel a main event star should have. Unfortunately, Barrett had his momentum killed over time and it got worse with his most recent injury earlier in 2012. When Barrett returned, he was forced to regain his momentum (which I believe he has done quite well thus far.) However, Wade Barrett recently became the new Intercontinental Champion and is currently having a run with that title. It is for that reason that I feel Barrett must further establish himself as a dominant upper mid-carder before moving onto the main event. Perhaps a future Money in the Bank win is in order for Barrett.

That leads me to who I would book as the winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble match: Dolph Ziggler. Anyone who has been paying attention to the career of Dolph Ziggler will tell you he is ready to break out at literally any moment. Ziggler when he made his debut was thought of as a nobody. Someone who would never get over with the crowd and would never make it to main event status. Ziggler has become one of the absolute best talkers on the mic, and he has become much more confident in his abilities (which really shows during his matches and promos.) Ziggler had a very good 2012, and I feel he crossed the barrier into semi main-event status with his feud with John Cena. Ziggler can hang with the best in WWE right now, and the Royal Rumble would be the absolute best place to solidify him in the main event scene for years to come.

Having Ziggler win the Royal Rumble presents one of the most interesting scenarios in recent memory: Ziggler would then hold two World title shots. One for the World Heavyweight title and another one of his choice (presumably the WWE Championship)at Wrestlemania. I would have Ziggler win the Royal Rumble. Go on to Wrestlemania as the number one contender for the WWE Championship, cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on a weakened World Champion after his Mania match and win the World Championship. Ziggler would then have yet another match in the main event of Wrestlemania against The Rock or CM Punk (The Rock is most likely and that would be a very interesting feud between Ziggler and the Rock) and win the WWE title as well. This would make Ziggler the first Undisputed Champion since roughly 2002 and with the brand split pretty much dead already, it makes perfect sense to unify the titles. Ziggler would then become the top guy in the WWE, and a new main event star would be born.

What do you guys think of my idea? What are some of your ideas?

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Re: Royal Rumble Winner: How would you book it?

Barrett wins by Bull Hammering Ryberg over the top rope and goes on to knock off Del Rio at Mania.

We don't need to give Ziggler any more presents, he's been handed enough things he didn't earn, particularly that briefcase which makes the Rumble win a waste for him whether you think he should get it or not.

Ziggler would then become the top guy in the WWE, and a new main event star would be born.
And the WWE would go out of business.

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Re: Royal Rumble Winner: How would you book it?

While your idea is well thought out it's a terrible idea.

Rock vs Ziggler for the WWE Championship? Guys like Rock and Lesnar aren't being brought in to feud with heels of the day. They're not here to elevate non Main Eventers. People want to see high profile matchups and Ziggler is years away from that not a card that looks Backlash.

With MITB already in his possession it's pointless to give him a Rumble victory.
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I won't bash you like everyone else in here. It's a pretty unique idea booking wise but I don't think we'll see a unifying of those 2 belts, if anything the IC and US titles should be unified but that's just my opinion.

I see this years rumble winner being Ryback (if the shield don't bounce him at the Rumble to continue the feud) or Super Cena once again to set up for a Rock v. Cena Mania rematch for the title or my personal dream match of a triple threat for the belt at mania Punk vs. Rock vs. Cena

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