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Re: Best PPV of all time?

No Way Out 2001 - Best WWE/F PPV ever. On a card with 7 matches, you essentially had 5 matches that were at least 3 stars and above, including a surprisingly good women's match. The 4-way IC title was really good with Jericho, Benoit, Guerrero, and X-Pac. The main event was great with Angle-Rock and you still had the MOTY candidate with Austin-HHH in 3 stages of hell. The only match that sucked was Richards vs Lawler but that was kept relatively short.

Others for me that were also amazing PPV's:

WrestleMania X-7 - Best WrestleMania ever. You had everything from 2 classics in Rock-Austin and TLC II. Throw in some fun McMahon drama that played out well with Vince-Shane, a solid brawl with Taker-HHH, and a very good Angle-Benoit match, this card had it all.

Royal Rumble 2001 - huge starpower for Rumble match, Benoit-Jericho, Angle-HHH

WrestleMania XIX - Angle-Lesnar, Austin-Rock, Hogan-McMahon, HBK-Jericho

SummerSlam 2000 - Rock-HHH-Angle, Benoit-Jericho, original TLC w/Dudleyz-Hardyz-E&C

SummerSlam 2001 - Austin-Angle, Rock-Booker, RVD-Jeff Hardy, Jericho-Rhyno

They were seriously on a roll in 2001, especially at the beginning of the year.

Live Shows Attended
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5 - SmackDown - 11/30/99, 3/13/01, 8/07/01, 3/25/03, 6/03/03...
5 - House Show - 6/30/94, 7/29/94, 7/17/99, 7/08/00, 1/06/01...

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Re: Best PPV of all time?

Wrestlemania 17 is deffo up there as well for me BUT

how in thee Blue HELL has no one considered this:

greatest return ever
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Re: Best PPV of all time?

Wrestlemania XIX
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Re: Best PPV of all time?

for me it must x7, not only because of the great matches and storylines, but also because i was watching it with a lot of ppl from my school days, something that never happened again

Thankful for CM Punk making me watching WWE again.
6/27/11 is same important as 6/23/96

A legend never dies: June 18, 1962 - June 13, 2009

Not removing until:
[] Shelton Benjamin makes a comeback
[] Charlie Haas makes a comeback
[] Kenny Dykstra makes a comeback
[] Raw makes again a 6.5 or even a higher rating
[] John Morrison becomes WWE champion
[] CM Punk wins Royal Rumble
[] CM Punk and Daniel Bryan main eventing Wrestlemania in an iron man match (and so creating epic stuff as e.g. misawa and kawada did in their matches)
[] WWE pays tribute to Mitsuharu Misawa

Punk holding the title for 434 days was epic. it was the greatest reign in the history of wrestling (but not the way the reign ended):
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Re: Best PPV of all time?

Easily X7 for me as well. Great card top to bottom well apart from Chyna vs Ivory.

Really enjoyed 18, 19, 22 and 24 as well but X7 is still top dog.
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Re: Best PPV of all time?

@kwab - I seriously consider 2001 to be the best wrestling year in terms of match quality. Not that everything else was bad, it was a fantastic year. But the matches that year were always rock solid and hugely entertaining.
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Re: Best PPV of all time?

My personal WWF/E favourites:

Royal Rumble 1992 (mostly for the classic rumble match main event)
In Your House 6: Rage In The Cage (1996)
King of the Ring 1996
Survivor Series 1996
In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede (1997)
Summerslam 1997
WrestleMania XIV (1998)
In Your House: Over the Edge (1998) (more for the angles, but it had a terrific main event)
Survivor Series 1998 (for the angles, not the wrestling)
Royal Rumble 2000
Backlash 2000
King of the Ring 2000
Fully Loaded 2000
Summerslam 2000
Royal Rumble 2001
WrestleMania X7 (2001)
Backlash 2001
King of the Ring 2001
Summerslam 2002
No Mercy 2002
WrestleMania XIX (2003)
WrestleMania XX (2004)
Baclkash 2004
WrestleMania XXIV (2008)
MITB 2011
Extreme Rules 2012

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Re: Best PPV of all time?

Slammiversary 2012. Than Wrestlemania X7 in second place but still way behind Slammiversary 2012.
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Re: Best PPV of all time?

PPVs worth considering IMO:

Canadian Stampede
NWO 2001
Mania X-7
Mania XIX
Summerslam 2002
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Re: Best PPV of all time?

best PPV of all time IMO is summerslam 2002

the best
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